Design brings power to Bursa

Organized by BTSO, Bursa Chamber of Trade and Industry, and BEBKA, Bursa Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency, on the theme of “A world full of inspiration, design and innovation”, Design Summit has convened business people, academia, students and designers in Bursa.

Deputy governor of Bursa, Ahmet Hikmet Sahin emphasized on the industrial power accumulated in the city in several fields and said, “Bursa is the leader in textile, automotive and furniture industries in Turkey. Export powers of these industries are also rising steadily. We aimed to keep and maintain our leadership in the future, as well. ” Deputy chairman of BTSO, Ismail Kus, said in his address to the guests, “We started with a slogan that says “if Bursa grows, Turkey grows”, with an aim to compete in international markets. Innovation and design are prime tools for the development and production of higher value added goods.”

Design Summit was held for the second time in Merinos Center of Congress and Culture, representatives of the companies, academia, students and designers participated in the event. Anon Pairot was the key speaker and several designers addressed to the guests, including Nicoline Dorsman, Percy Emmelt, Prof. Alper Ay, Engin Ayaz, Ezra&Tuba Cetin, Dr. Cigdem Kaya, Sami Savatlı, Adnan Serbest, Emre Evrenos, Gokhan Karakus and Raf Stesmans.koltuklar Guests and speakers visited the Textile design and technology exhibition and Fashion exhibition of Anatolian Regions during two days event.Designers have exhibited their new and innovative products, such as fiber dresses, butterfly bridal, prototype bags that change its color, Anatolian dresses made by combining the traditional and the modern.son#Bursa #Design #DesignbringspowertoBursa #power #BTSO

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