Karaca Home brings glow of summer to homes


Nelya and Zilonis duo of Karaca Home embellish homes with the most charming elements of spring season

Putting a new face on homes with its unique products, Karaca Home helps you meet every day of the year with its energetic and impressive bedlinens. Combining peaceful light of the sun and flower or elephant motives, Karaca Home introduces cozy atmosphere of your home to the fresher effect of blue and white.

Taking its part among the choices of those who prefer to use a refreshing and calming color in the bedroomswith coming of the summer season, the Nelya and Zilonis Summer Set groups sparkle with their cuddlesome texture.

Aiming to add a different atmosphere to your warm life in your home, Karaca Home helps you to complete your bedroom chicness with its blue, green and powder color Zilonis Summer Set groups. Karaca Home, which has an alternative color range to attract all attention in summer, brings the freshness and vitality to the houses with its double Nelya Summer Set group, which combines the integrative effect of blue and white with floral designs.


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