Özkayaoğulları excels in innovative curtains and fabrics

Producing a wide variety of home textile products and selling professionally in domestic and foreign markets with “ÖZPER” brand, Özkayaoğulları has its strict rules and principles for guaranteed success and customer satisfaction.

Özkayaoğulları is a family business established in 1990 to operate in the construction industry. Later the company stepped into the textile sector in 2004. Producing competitive home textile products under its respectful brand of Özper, the company has been continuing to develop its production and activities.

The jacquard textile factory of Özkayaoğulları in Bursa is one of the leading facilities operating in the tulle, organza curtain-fantasy production. Total production area of the factory is 1000 square meters where an annual capacity of 400 thousand meters of fabrics is produced. The plant is equipped with the latest model weaving machinery to respond to customer demands more quickly. The company attaches extra importance on quality as well. Another factor which Özkayaoğulları prioritizes is innovation. Thanks to its R&D team the company produces highest quality level of innovative curtains and fabrics.

Özkayaoğulları has been operating in all areas of production technology, design and service addressing to the values of every culture and nation.Talking about their current situation and goals, Yılmaz Özkaya of the company outlined, “If you set your plans properly the success follows. If you believe in a discipline, team spirit, love and respect, the success will definitely follow. Our company team has been working with the highest level of motivation and determination to provide customer satisfaction. This is the essence of our success. Customer satisfaction should be the first priority to ensure the quality of an organization. We care for this and I believe we got it properly. We are a flexible organization to produce the best, to deliver in the shortest time and to follow up after the sales. We always get positive feedbacks. If there is a problem at any of the processes, from production to sales, we spare no effort to solve it immediately. Our high quality principles are efficiency, punctuality, intensive teamwork, discipline, honesty, fairness, customer focus and most importantly to give importance to social values.”


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