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Mina Tekstil Stands for Atrificial Leather and Fabrics

Serving the upholstery sector for five years Mina Textile Company has been at the service of manufacturers with its quality products and services. We asked the success story of the company to Hakki Şahinler of the company.

Would you tell us about brief history of your firm?

Our firm Mina Textile was founded in 2012 to produce knitted fabrics and imitation leathers for several industries. Now we have been producing about one million meters of products annually in our factory of 5 thousand sqm. as one of the major suppliers in Turkey.

What are your main product groups and production capacities?

Addressing to varying demands of producer companies Mina Textile has been producing polyurethane based imitation leathers and fabrics for upholstery.


What can you say about your existing export markets and your targets for the future?

Mina Textile has a wide range of distribution network extending from Middle East to the Balkans. Its aim is to cover more markets in the future.

How is your customer satisfaction policy?

Customers and their satisfaction are important for us. We try to do our best with an aim to provide them with high quality customer services. So, our customers talk about us positively.

Do you participate in fair events? Are fairs important for your business?

Yes, they are important while seeking new business contacts and following the developments and trends in our field.


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TENCEL® – next generation ecological fiber

Lenzing is launching a new TENCEL® fiber made from cotton waste fabrics to drive ‘circular economy’ solutions in the textile industry.

The new generation of lyocell fibers will be the most ecological wood-based fiber on the planet – combining cotton waste recycling with Lenzing’s pioneering closed-loop TENCEL® production on a commercial scale. Lenzing is pushing new frontiers in ecological innovation and circular economy.

FasernLenzing achieved another milestone in its innovation heritage in the textile industry by developing a TENCEL® fiber based on cotton fabric waste. Lenzing is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer such cellulose fibers incorporating recycled materials on a commercial scale. TENCEL®, already a market success as an eco-friendly fiber, is now achieving another key milestone by creating from natural resources what is likely the most sustainable fiber. TENCEL® from cotton waste fabrics will further build Lenzing’s reputation as a leader in the field of environmental technology and will push new solutions in the textile industry towards circular economy by recycling waste. “For Lenzing, developing circular business models in the fashion industry ensures the decoupling of business growth from pressure on ecological resource consumption. It reduces the need to extract additional virgin resources from nature, and reduces the net impact on ecological resources,” says Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO of Lenzing.

TENCEL®, the most ecological fiber from nature, now featuring circular economy
TENCEL® has already been awarded the EU award for the most eco-friendly production process based on 99.7% closed loop circulation in the production and use of bio-energy. The renewable raw material of wood from sustainable forestry is another key advantage in terms of sustainability for TENCEL®. The latest next-generation TENCEL® fiber combines the best of two worlds – recycling cotton waste fabrics and using the most sustainable TENCEL® technology – to create one of the most ecological wood-based fibers on the planet. The recycling of cotton waste fabrics into virgin textile TENCEL® fibers offers a practical solution to enable circular economy in the apparel industry.

New approaches to marketing
The new TENCEL® fiber introduces an innovative approach to marketing. The fiber is not sold directly to yarn or fabric manufacturers. It will be exclusively offered to leading retailers and brands that in turn could produce their garment collections in the most sustainable way by engaging the right value chain partners. This ensures close co-operation and transparency in the entire textile value chain.

NachhaltigkeitA new type of identification procedure is employed to guarantee transparency for the TENCEL® fiber. This allows Lenzing to assure retailers that the TENCEL® fibers in the garment are indeed the most eco-friendly wood-based fibers.

At the current time, the fiber is being tested with selected brand manufacturers and retailers and is at the point of being introduced to the market. “Close cooperation with the sustainability leaders in the retail business gives us the chance to find common solutions to overcome sustainability related challenges in the fashion industry and effectively implement circular economy concepts,” van de Kerkhof explains. “The next generation TENCEL® fiber is revolutionizing the fiber industry and has the potential to significantly change consumers’ behavior,” van de Kerkhof continues.


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Contract fabrics from Akarca Textile

Akarca Textile produces fabrics for decorative draperies, having its own designs and works with authoring companies in abroad.

Products that were designed by the company on the patterns purchased from abroad are reinterpreted and than sold to 70 countries for draperies. Irfan Bahadir, General manager of Akarca Textile, located in Bursa, informed about his company and his views on COHO fair.

Birol BahadırWhat is your position in the contract business as Akarca Textile?
We produce mainly fabrics for decorative draperies. Our product range covers varieties such as fabrics for background, for blinding and other kinds demanded by contractors. Actually, we produce fabrics for authoring companies in the world. They offer their collections as a book, and then we make annual contracts with them. We export to 70 countries in total.

How do you develop your products? Do your own patterns interpret in house?
Supply and demand is important in this matter. Mostly we buy patterns from abroad and interpret them in our design studio. The motives are then colored before offering to our buyers. Some of the authoring firms demand us when they saw our patterns in fairs. We may re-interpret some of our motifs for our buyers. We adjust the sizes, colors and structures of patterns as requested.  We do coupon works.

_DSC1171 _DSC1216 _DSC1269 _DSC1274

How are your activities in export markets?
Exporting is a must in our business. You have to follow developments in foreign markets and seek for new motifs, qualities and yarns to produce new offerings for your customers. Our products are exported to European markets, Russia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and Thailand, totaling to 70 countries.

_DSC1305 _DSC1309 _DSC1353_1 _DSC1361_1

Which markets do you want to enter?
We also were affected negatively by the problems in other sectors in the world. However, our business was not so bad. We headed to American and Canadian markets, rather then European markets. We keep our studies in these markets. But, European market is the most important. Fairs and visiting buyers are important in this regard. We have been in abroad at least three months each year.

_DSC1375_1 _DSC1387_1 DSC_2072

What do you think about the future of your industry?
The sector will maintain its position in the future. Especially our proximity to Europe is important. We can produce every product that has been produced in Italy. We make quality fabrics. The image of Made in Turkey has been settled.

DSC_2119 DSC_2128

What do you have to say about COHO fair’s impact on your industry and the future of the fair?
At this first step, we do not expect much but it should be emphasized that the fair will make great strides in the future. It is especially beneficial for businesses in Bursa, because demand in contract business sector is on the rise. I think that, technical fabrics will be on the agenda more in the future. Customers are demanding special fabrics, having certificates for certain specifications, such as flame-resistant, anti-bacterial etc. We are now able to produce these kinds of fabrics in Bursa. So, this is another plus point for this fair. We are going to take our place in COHO fair with our special products used in the hotel industry.


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MoOD & Indigo Brussels satisfied

2Everybody had some questions about MoOD & Indigo Brussels 2016 before the events was held at its new venue but the show surprised exhibitors as well as visitors. The new location in Tour & Taxis turned out to be a brilliant move. The boutique show is a fact. Both visitors as well as exhibitors expressed their excitement about the new concept of the exhibition.3

Uniform stands at Tour & Taxis live up to their task
The new urban venue Tour & Taxis involved a radical new stand concept. Smaller and more uniformity, but above all, more room for experience. And that was exactly what the organization was aiming for. It turned out to be a calculated risk that primarily created new opportunities. Managing Director Patrick Geysels: “Change is taking risks. It is part of entrepreneurship. And we were aware of that, but we went all-in and created opportunities. We still had to convince a lot of companies to accept this change. But the reactions were already very positive during construction. The ‘boutique’ character we had envisioned was profoundly apparent. And the visitors also felt right at home. I am satisfied and I have a good feeling again about what the future will bring.”

Too hot …but cool times ahead!
At times it was quite hard to catch a cool breath of air during the three days of MoOD and Indigo Brussels, Brussels had to cope with an exceptional heatwave. But cooling is underway: Tour & Taxis have put their plans on the table as it comes to investing in air-conditioning facilities in the near future.


Numbers confirm positive reactions to new location and concept
MoOD & Indigo Brussels were attended by 4020 visitors. They mainly came from Europe (80%), followed by Asia. Over half of the 230 exhibitors already filled in the satisfaction survey during the exhibition. 80% awarded the new location a score of 6/10 or higher. 76% even gave a score of 7/10 or higher. No less than 70% of the exhibitors gave a positive evaluation concerning the quality of the visitors: 7/10 or higher. The new stand concept at MoOD scores along the same lines. 81% of the exhibitors award the new concept 6/10 or higher. 74% gave it 7/10 or higher. The change was therefore successful and necessary.

5 6 7

Producers are more focused
This year the offer was again provided by producers who own their collections. The quality was good. This was reflected by the Blue Drop 8selection and awards. Niek De Prest, trend coach: “The entries were stronger than previous years. Exhibitors sent in less fabrics, but they were obviously of a higher level. The jury was unanimous about the nomination of the award winners. Creativity and technicity, two priorities for the selection, turned out to be quite complimentary this year. Noteworthy trends are heavier fabrics and more focused collections. What I mean to say is that the exhibitors were more successful in creating a uniform image of their collections. Such focus can only be encouraged of course”.

Epic editionNDFNS
In line with the trend theme EPIC, MoOD & Indigo Brussels were looking for more experience. The Blue Drop entries were given a stage in the three EPIC trend boxes. They were categorized based on the trend theme they were closest to.Additionally, visitors could enjoy an Epic Journey through the inspiring history of the Wagons-Lits, also known as the Orient Express. Nowadays these trains are still a source of inspiration for writers, filmmakers, designers and artists. Lalique, one of the top designers from the 20th century was amongst those who designed wall coverings, upholstery and floor coverings for the Simplon-Orient Express. But above all, these luxury trains have changed the way we travel. They formed the basis and the origin of the first luxury hotels.

Modernization and innovation
MoOD and Indigo Brussels have created the largest Innovation Platform ever this year. Many exhibitors and visitors were particularly interested in this. “The cross-pollination between MoOD, Indigo Brussels and the innovation is still working and better than ever,” according to Patrick Geysels. But we also had a fresh young wind blowing through the exhibition. This was the result of the Launch Pads, selected by Jennifer Castoldi. These starting entrepreneurs made their first introduction to the market at MoOD. Two times the number compared to last year. And what is most important, most of them went home with an assignment.

The next event will be held on September 6, 7 and 8 in 2017, same dates, other days…

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New Brentano Fabrics Draw from Fine Artists

Artistically rendered contract textiles employ eco-conscious performance features

Wheeling, Ill. — The works of art that inspired Brentano’s spring Studio collection evoke strong reactions (“If you don’t react, how can you feel and create?” says Design Director Iris Wang), but the artists run the gamut — artists Brentano’s designers have always loved, recently discovered or know personally

Drawn from the work of watercolorist Raoul Dufy (Autumn), sculptor Naum Gabo (Construct), portrait painter Han Holbein the Younger (Holbein) and the Precisionism movement (Precision) — among many others, Brentano’s new contract textiles perform with eco-conscious finishing and contents. Woven with 43% to 66% post-consumer recycled polyester, Autumn, Construct, Holbein and Precision all offer GreenShield finishing and abrasion resistance ranging from 50,000 to over 75,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck). The former three are also bleach cleanable for contract and hospitality interiors

Precision, a stripe, and Autumn, Construct and Holbein, all playful, mid-scale patterns, join the Brentano Green line of eco-friendly fabrics.

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