Berkay, a good source for upholstery fabrics

Berkay Tekstil is a reliable supplier of upholstery fabrics. We interviewed Mr. Ahmet Goren of Berkay about their success story. Full text of the exclusive interview follows:

Would you brief us about the history of Berkay?

Established in 2002 our company has been focused on production and sales of upholstery fabrics. Since we are conscious of the need to increase the quality and quantity in our country we have been continuing with various investments we had made before rather than making new investments.

Can you tell us about your product range and your capacity?

We are specialized and concentrate only on production of upholstery fabrics. We have an annual capacity of 2 million meters.

Can you inform us about your production facilities?

We have a flexible production understanding using our own production line as well as the wide range of production facilities that work for contract businesses in Bursa. We use them when needed.

What about your existing export markets and target markets?

We have currently been exporting to Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, a lot of Middle Eastern and North African countries and many European countries.

What would you say about your customer satisfaction policy?

The level of satisfying customers has been heightened very much on our time. This has brought some more burdens over the producers. I believe there are a lot for Turkish industrialists to do or not to do.

Do you participate in international fairs? What would you say about the importance of the fairs in the sector?

The fairs are definitely very important and useful but it is impossible for all companies to exhibit. We are participating in the fairs in Istanbul but visiting the international fairs in recent years.

Do you have certain targets already set?

Our major target for 2014 is to improve our automation talent to superior level and to increase customer satisfaction and our market share.

Anything you would like to add?

My final remark is that the life never stops and works never end. We should stride what we are supposed to do fast and eagerly. The rest is up to the Will of the Creator! I wish a good new year for everybody.

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