Bilge Home Textile excels in bed, bath and kitchen products

Bilgi Home Textile Company offers a wide variety of home textile products but it has more in bed, bath and kitchen textiles.

It was formerly a domestic company but especially after the disperse of the USSR, Bilge started to export products to the CIS countries, Russian Federation and Ukraine regions and has established a recognized brand name in those markets. We asked the success story of the company to Ahmet Bilge.

What is the brief history of your firm?

Our company Bilge Textile has been active in domestic market since its foundation in 1976. Since after the breakaway of Soviets in 1993, we have been keeping our commercial relations with our customers in CIS countries, Russia and Ukraine. In 2010 we established a firm, Karna, in Moscow through which we offer our products and services in these countries.

What are your product varieties?

We produce a wide range of home textile products including towels, textiles for kitchen, bed covers, bed linens, pillows, quilts and table covers.

Will you inform us about your export markets and targets?

We mainly sell to Russian market, besides, in others, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus. There are other target markets. We study the marketing opportunities in South Africa and in Iran.

What about your customer satisfaction policy?

We pay great attention on this matter. It is a must to satisfy the customers. We know that we do not sell only products we also offer services besides. This is an important issue.

Do you have any activity in fairs held in abroad?

We have been participating in Heimtex Russia for six years without break. We will be in Central Asian Fair in Kazakhstan and HomeDeco fair in Ukraine in 2017.

What do you want to say about targets for 2017?

Following a period of three years which was full of problems, we are hopeful about 2017. The early signals seem promising. We want to increase our market share in the countries we are already in by 50 % by producing qualified products and selling them with right strategies.

Do you have any additional points to mention?

Turkey has a powerful position in home textile markets in the world, however, it is not enough to be a supplier for brands and other companies operating on lower profits. We have to sell our products with our own brands, not of others. 70 percent of our production is now sold under our brand name and we are so happy about this.


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