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Aydin Textile enters new markets

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2Delivering its products to 60 countries, Aydin Tekstil targets to penetrate into new markets with trust and confidence.

One of the leading brands in the mattress textiles industry in Turkey continues to emphasize in exports. Having sales in 60 countries from America to Middle East the company aims to increase its number of markets. Sales manager of the company Berhan Kaya informed about their products and expressed his views on production and export activities in the mattress industry.

Will you furnish us with information about Aydin Tekstil? What are your major activities?
3Aydin Tekstil produces quality, technologic and natural products on high technology machinery in its integrated factory. Having a total quality concept, our company invests in human resources as well, keeps an eye on technology, and has deep-rooted assets for running in the future. It follows the latest trends and designs and develops its own style in the field of fabric production for mattress industry. The company also is sensitive to the ecology and human health. Its vision is to keep its leadership by being a distinguished firm and having high level of competitive advantage and to produce value both for the industry and national economy. Our values and human resources are our most valuable assets. We respect the rights of labor and have an organization composed of encircled teams from department to department and from individuals to individuals. It is important to pay their due rights to all people in teams, it is necessary for success to be shared by everybody in the firm. We are focused on solutions by sharing all problems that we have met.

How do you evaluate recent developments in the mattress industry in Turkey? As a manager of one of the leading companies in the sector, would you share your views in this regard?
4Mattress industry in Turkey is growing fast. 95 % of the products sold in Turkey are spring type, other 5 % share are foam type. Annual growth rate in the market is 7 % on average and the annual sales of the industry is about 69 million dollars. More than half of total exports are delivered to Europe and Middle East, including France, Germany and Holland. According to the data released by some representatives of the industry, about 3 million mattresses are sold to individual buyers and 1 million mattress are sold in bulk to hotels, hostels and hospitals. There are hotels and hospitals investments having about 800 thousand beds capacity, and these are regarded as a symbol for continuous development of the industry in the future.

IMG_4849What is your opinion about differences between designs and developments in Turkey and in the world? Is Turkey in a position to set the trends in fabrics for the mattress industries?
In a world that global competition gains momentum, it is important for any country to be successful in R&D activities and be a leader in the market. R&D is a job for those disciplined entrepreneurs who have curiosity and inspiration to make changes, and a high ability to act on their own aims. In this matter, education and eco-system for innovations are needed. There are an increasing demand for flexible, disciplined, hard working, and expert people in R&D markets. Countries and companies are trying to be distinguished in the market by having innovative and differentiated products to run ahead of their competitors. Activities in R&D and innovation fields in Turkey are improving at fast pace than the activities in other countries.

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To which markets does Aydin Tekstil export its products? Are there any new markets in the horizon?
All markets and countries are our target in the world, as Turkey becomes a global player in the world. We have been exporting for many years. By now, our products have been sold in 60 countries. We aimed to enter new markets and to offer our brand and thrust to the people in these markets. England, America, Italy, Middle East, Poland and Russia are our major markets for exports.

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Contract fabrics from Akarca Textile

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Akarca Textile produces fabrics for decorative draperies, having its own designs and works with authoring companies in abroad.

Products that were designed by the company on the patterns purchased from abroad are reinterpreted and than sold to 70 countries for draperies. Irfan Bahadir, General manager of Akarca Textile, located in Bursa, informed about his company and his views on COHO fair.

Birol BahadırWhat is your position in the contract business as Akarca Textile?
We produce mainly fabrics for decorative draperies. Our product range covers varieties such as fabrics for background, for blinding and other kinds demanded by contractors. Actually, we produce fabrics for authoring companies in the world. They offer their collections as a book, and then we make annual contracts with them. We export to 70 countries in total.

How do you develop your products? Do your own patterns interpret in house?
Supply and demand is important in this matter. Mostly we buy patterns from abroad and interpret them in our design studio. The motives are then colored before offering to our buyers. Some of the authoring firms demand us when they saw our patterns in fairs. We may re-interpret some of our motifs for our buyers. We adjust the sizes, colors and structures of patterns as requested.  We do coupon works.

_DSC1171 _DSC1216 _DSC1269 _DSC1274

How are your activities in export markets?
Exporting is a must in our business. You have to follow developments in foreign markets and seek for new motifs, qualities and yarns to produce new offerings for your customers. Our products are exported to European markets, Russia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and Thailand, totaling to 70 countries.

_DSC1305 _DSC1309 _DSC1353_1 _DSC1361_1

Which markets do you want to enter?
We also were affected negatively by the problems in other sectors in the world. However, our business was not so bad. We headed to American and Canadian markets, rather then European markets. We keep our studies in these markets. But, European market is the most important. Fairs and visiting buyers are important in this regard. We have been in abroad at least three months each year.

_DSC1375_1 _DSC1387_1 DSC_2072

What do you think about the future of your industry?
The sector will maintain its position in the future. Especially our proximity to Europe is important. We can produce every product that has been produced in Italy. We make quality fabrics. The image of Made in Turkey has been settled.

DSC_2119 DSC_2128

What do you have to say about COHO fair’s impact on your industry and the future of the fair?
At this first step, we do not expect much but it should be emphasized that the fair will make great strides in the future. It is especially beneficial for businesses in Bursa, because demand in contract business sector is on the rise. I think that, technical fabrics will be on the agenda more in the future. Customers are demanding special fabrics, having certificates for certain specifications, such as flame-resistant, anti-bacterial etc. We are now able to produce these kinds of fabrics in Bursa. So, this is another plus point for this fair. We are going to take our place in COHO fair with our special products used in the hotel industry.


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VOLENKA, innovation for lovers

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As an exporter of chic and quality products Oran Textile has been building up two brands namely Merzuka and Volenka.

Bu şekilde kesilmiş daha uygundurLocated in Denizli, Oran Textile has been successfully producing quality home textile products. Musa İNAÇ, General Manager of Oran Textile, detailed their operations.

Can you brief the history of your company and your activities?
Oran Textile is a family business founded in Denizli in 1994 to produce private brand textiles, towels and bathrobes that are sold both in the country and in abroad. Having its own brand Merzuka and a new one Volenka, we produce new product lines of pastel colors, unique patterns and chick accessories.

About export markets and targets of the company?
We are aware of the importance of exports both for our company and for national economy. Products having Merzuka brand is exported to Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Algeria and near and Middle Eastern countries. We try to overcome the problems caused by recent recession in world economy by developing new and different 1products. We keep trying to find new markets and new customers.

What is your policy of customer satisfaction?
It is the key for success, besides other words quality, service and price. Customers seek better products and lower prices. They also seek for instant opportunities. Customer satisfaction is to understand what the buyers’ needs and expectations are. We are keen on our quality, sales and after sales services, on reasonable prices.

On importance and participation in national and international fairs
We emphasize on both local and international trade fairs. They offer great benefit for us and for our customers. In regard, we are going to take part in İstanbul textile fairs and world fairs (İstanbul Home & Tex Fair and Algeria Decor Expo Fair)

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Targets for the year 2016
We created in 2015 Volenka brand quality service and reasonable price approach has been appreciated by our buyers, prospective distributors and customers.. we reached 80 distributors by the end of 2015 under Volenka brand. We plan to reach our brand in 200 stores in 2016

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Additional comments on the sector and activities
Textile industry is as important for Denizli as for the national economy. However, recent slow down in global economieshave affected to several industries including the textiles.We are trying to overcome the situation and turn it to ourfavorable advantage.

General Manager of Oran Textile Musa İNAÇ

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“We produce technologic machinery for our customers”

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Recently we have visited to the factory of Has Group in Corlu and have been informed about the company and its activities by Tamer Hasbay, chairman of the board.

2On general organization of the Group and its activities
By the year 2102 we have been operating in the market as Lafer Textile Machine company, a partnership with Italian partners. We as Turkish shareholders, we bought the shares of Italian’s and founded our company Has Group in 2010. Has Group started to produce machines by combining design, project, sales and after sales services under its umbrella aiming to become a technology based manufacturer. Our team and staff have been organized with an objective to be known as a technology company. Lately, we have been registered as the 250th R&D center in Turkey supported and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
In this direction, we applied and accepted to be a member of VDMA, the Federation of Textile Machinery Producers in Germany. We established Has Group Academy that aims to train and educate about 10 young graduates for their managerial positions in our company in the future. Their education in their field of expertise will take four years to finish.

3On the relations with Lafer company
We have been thinking about redesigning our activities for becoming more professional in the business since 2005. We were employing professional advisors and board members since then. Lafer earned great profits in its activities in Turkey from 1995 to 2005. We have also learned a lot about the markets and businesses both in the country and abroad. We as Has Group wanted to be not only a local company but also a firm that is able to sell its machinery in export markets as well. Thus, we disengaged with Italians.
Presently we hit almost our targets. Our aim is to reach exports share from % 52 to % 60 at the end of the year.

4On the company’s export model and strategy in foreign countries
We assigned several countries to our representatives in America, Europe, Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia and Far East. Our representatives managed by regional sales manager, are active to find customers, provide trainings, support for maintenance and educations of labor in the companies that uses our machinery. Similar activities have been carried out in Bangladesh, in Brazil and in South Africa.


5On R&D and P&D activities
Research activities must be grouped into two: Research&Development, and Product&Development. We basically are after P&D. We try to find new ways and solutions for better machinery that will consume less energy, less water, less steam, less labor while producing more product. Updating our machinery to adapt them more to the demand of customers depending on the use of different fibers, yarns etc. In my opinion, industry should be after more production, more sales and more profits, so they have to develop products and processes for this aim. This is a social responsibility for them, as well.

6On new textiles and new projects and investments
We established a separate department to deal with technical textiles and carpets in our organization. We have got a good way in developing technologies for carpet and tarpaulin covering. We have serious projects in technical textile field.

8On fairs and fair activities in ITM2016
We participated all editions of ITM fairs. In my opinion, ITM has taken the place of ITMA that is held in several locations in Europe. ITM is more international than the other. We exhibited our R&D studies and promoted the machinery that we plan to produce in the future. We focused on our latest product that we developed with Scheider that can by managed online with a simple iPhone from any part of the world. It can be started, tested and its performance be gauged and measured from far away points. A brushing machine and a rope unwinding and cutting equipment, a filtering solution for chimneys has been showed in the fair.
_BDR9452We use every possible tools and media to promote ourselves and our products in several events including seminars, conferences and sponsorships. Lately we sponsored a seminar organized by IAV held in Kahramanmaras.

7On the activities and sales of Has Group after the separation from Lafer
About 210 machinery that we have produced by now are in the operation both in Turkey and in the world. 200 of them in Turkey, and the rest in abroad are active today. During a period of 20 years from 1996 to 2016, that is the year that we started our products in our facilities following the separation we have produced 1500 finishing machinery, thousand of them are working in Turkey. Breakdown of our sales and machinery used in several countries are being updated in our web site continuously.


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Better House stands for better sleep!

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2Better House is a Bosnian passion for home textiles and home fashion. It has very elegant products for those who care for lovely homes. We have recently conducted an exclusive interview with the manager of the company about their success story. Full text of the interview follows:

3Will you brief us about your company?
Better House was established in Bugojno city in Travnik Canton, Bosnia Herzogovina with an aim to be a producer of textile products in 2015. And started to produce in its factory of 3,000 sqm on a 5 thousand sqm land by employing more than 50 people.

4On product categories and production capacity
We basically have quilted cotton bed covers and embroidered bed covers in our product portfolio, which is expanding continuously. We also have sleep and linen sets in our product line. We are able to produce 200 thousand bed covers annually and it will be more in the future.5

On the production facility
We have ten units of 60-needle quilt machine, 30 units of electronic stitching machinery, cloth cutting platforms, spaces for storage, packaging and shipping area in our factory.
There are other facilities for the workers and staff such as dressing and dining rooms, etc.

On export markets and targeted countries
Presently we sold our products to the customers in Turkey and some Arab countries. In the future we aim to enter European and Russian markets.

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8On customer satisfaction policy of the company
Its basis is to be “customer oriented”. In line with demands and expectations of our customers we improve our processes continuously and aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers. We also keen on responding their needs and expectations fast and completely. We emphasize on keeping up to date about developments in our industry and keep product quality high. By working hard and planned we maintain the continuity of quality management system in the company.

9On the targets for 2016
Our aim for the year 2016 is to increase our capacity and quality by investing in R&D activities. We targeted 30% growth in 2016.

On additional comments
In parallel with the growing purchasing power of the people, demand for home textile products is also growing fast. Those who produce attractive products that aim to get their preferences will be successful in the market.


HJ-5-(716)-2 HJ-5-(1230)


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TLC, a respectful name in curtain business

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TLC Tekstil Mefruşat is an experienced name in the drapery business. We have recently interviewed Hızır Alpaslan Pozam of TLC to get details of their success story. Full text of the exclusive interview follows:

Can you brief us your company?

We have 35 years of experience in the sector our own company has been in the business for 18 years.

What does your product portfolio include and what is your capacity?

We have been manufacturing roller tulles, roller fabrics, screen fabric and blackout fabrics. We have an annual capacity of 600-700 thousand meters.

Can you inform us about your production?

We have been ordering and outsourcing our products at certain standards.

What about sales in domestic market and your exports?

We have a good place in domestic and retail sales. In addition, we are selling our product to Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Turkic Republics in Central Asia. Our new target markets are Europe, Africa and Russia.

How is your quality policy?

We are very strict on quality. Our first priority is to offer the best quality and to guarantee unconditional customer satisfaction by following up the latest technologies and by utilizing them.

Do you participate in fairs?

We don’t exhibit directly but we showcase our products through our dealers. We are planning to participate in directly in the years to come.

What targets do you have for the short and long runs?

We always have the aim of reaching more markets and to develop our products by concentrating on research and development studies.

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Proposte stands for excellence!

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As an attendee to 23-year old Proposte for 11 years I know a lot about this specialty show but I wanted to have the most accurate information for our readers. For this purpose I interviewed Mr. Massimo Mosiello, general manager of Proposte, on Friday 2016, the last of the show this year.
What makes Proposte unique when compared with other fairs?
There are many factors which differ Proposte from other shows. First of all we are very strict on accepting a company as an exhibitor.


What are your criteria for accepting exhibitors?
First of all, it has to be a manufacturer. No matter how quality sample they submit, we don’t accept importers or traders. Secondly we take their samples and check for quality. We care for their capacity, manufacturing facilities, number of employees and their customer portfolio and profile.
Is it important to know their clientele?
Yes, it is a factor for us to know if they are selling to prestigious companies. Their clientele shows us their quality and respectfulness.

As a European-only show you wouldn’t accept any other companies to the show but since last year you have some none-European exhibitors including three Turkish brands? How has this happened?
In fact those three Turkish brands are the only non-European exhibitors but we made this decision last year. When you look at those three names, Vanelli is a world brand. It has many innovation awards from even European organizations. Marteks has an excellent collection. Penelope is the same. We may accept companies from other countries, too.

What about the International Observatory scattered around?
They are very good for Proposte too. They add more value. Everything is for visitors and buyers. When they come for Proposte, they have more choices because there are some high-end companies among them and there are middle level quality manufacturers. Some of the buyers need middle level rather than top level quality. So, this is very good for everybody. There is another important factor: having many companies at International Observatory section gives us the opportunity to evaluate for having them inside Proposte in the future. We see their collection, we know the company better and we make our decision easier in accepting or refusing their application.

Do you have a plan to open the show to the world? A Proposte Shanghai or New York or Istanbul, for instance?
That could be in the future. We have similar organisations in my other profession at a Milan-based exhibition company. We make apparel shows in Shanghai and New York. Proposte may also consider similar openings in the future but it is not on our closer agenda.


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VATEKS excels in toweling


Vateks is a respectful company operating in bathrobe and towel business. The company recorded a great success in recent years. We asked their success story to Yücel Bayam, general manager of Vateks.

Could you brief us about your company?

The company established in 1994, before this date it was working as subcontracted company since 1980’s. At the beginning our turnover was under USD 1 million but in 2013 it became USD 15 million by producing high quality products, fast service and competitive prices.

Can you tell us about your product groups and production capacity?

We have 8 units of dobby and 12 units of jacquard weaving machines producing a monthly capacity of 110 tons of towels and 75 tons of bathrobes. The product groups include terry, velour towel, bathrobe, poncho, cuddle down, bibs, gloves, sauna wraps, loincloth, etc.

35What would you say about your production facilities?

The factory production area is 6400 m2. We have been making sizing, drawing, weaving and confection processes and works at our facilities. Dying and embroidery services are subcontracted.

What about your export markets and target markets?

Our main markets are EU countries. We are already working with biggest hotel and laundry services in the UK, Germany and France. The company is very specialized on hotel toweling products. We are also working with biggest chain stores in Sweden, Finland, Norway and France. We are also producing for famous brand names products in Italy. Our aim is widen customer potential in USA, Dubai, Arabia and other countries.

How is your customer satisfaction policy?

We have always been supporting our customers by providing new samples with good quality and competitive prices. We are very careful about making proper shipping and correcting if there is any missing part in the shipment.

How do you evaluate participating in fairs?

Exhibitions are very helpful for finding new customer and showing the products of producing companies.

Do you have any targets set for 2014?

We are targeting to reach wider customer potential.

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Evteks press conference concurrently with Heimtextil in Frankfurt

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Evteks organizers organized a press conference at Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt Heimtextil days and promoted the event to world media

Turkey attends Heimtextil, the largest home textile fair of the world, very actively with a great number of exhibitors on the one hand and develops its own fair on the other. Almost every single company of the Turkish industry refers Evteks with words “our fair” and contributes to the promotion of the fair which is growing fast on the way to be a world brand.

CNR and TETSIAD (Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association), the two names behind the success of the fair, jointly organized a press conference in Marriott Hotel which is next to Messe Frankfurt where Heimtextil is held.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Yasar Kucukcalik, President of TETSIAD, described the fair as a growing event with parallel to the Turkish home textile industry, stressed that Turkey has become a trendsetting country and a brand in world competition. “We are a trendsetting country in the home textile industry. We are determined to develop our case better. We will promote the fair more efficiently in countries such as China, India, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and some African countries,” Kucukcalik noted.

Pointing out that these kinds of important fairs are supported by states Kucukcalik complained the problem in Turkey at this regard and said, “The government and local authorities should do their best to help our fair and industrialists to grow. This should be a national issue but only two non-governmental organizations are doing this job. We should take pride in the fact and success that we are only a producer but a service-rendering supplier. Having these two at one place is of extremely importance. This strength should be further developed with the help of our State and by local authorities.”

Speaking on her part Mrs. Ceyda Erem, Chairwoman of CNR Holding, outlined the success of the fair and thanked TETSIAD for the major supported they provide. Erem also highlighted their plan to promote the fair abroad and said that they would enlarge the fairground by 20% in 2014 to host more companies which are on the waiting list.

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Berkay, a good source for upholstery fabrics

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Berkay Tekstil is a reliable supplier of upholstery fabrics. We interviewed Mr. Ahmet Goren of Berkay about their success story. Full text of the exclusive interview follows:

Would you brief us about the history of Berkay?

Established in 2002 our company has been focused on production and sales of upholstery fabrics. Since we are conscious of the need to increase the quality and quantity in our country we have been continuing with various investments we had made before rather than making new investments.

Can you tell us about your product range and your capacity?

We are specialized and concentrate only on production of upholstery fabrics. We have an annual capacity of 2 million meters.

Can you inform us about your production facilities?

We have a flexible production understanding using our own production line as well as the wide range of production facilities that work for contract businesses in Bursa. We use them when needed.

What about your existing export markets and target markets?

We have currently been exporting to Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, a lot of Middle Eastern and North African countries and many European countries.

What would you say about your customer satisfaction policy?

The level of satisfying customers has been heightened very much on our time. This has brought some more burdens over the producers. I believe there are a lot for Turkish industrialists to do or not to do.

Do you participate in international fairs? What would you say about the importance of the fairs in the sector?

The fairs are definitely very important and useful but it is impossible for all companies to exhibit. We are participating in the fairs in Istanbul but visiting the international fairs in recent years.

Do you have certain targets already set?

Our major target for 2014 is to improve our automation talent to superior level and to increase customer satisfaction and our market share.

Anything you would like to add?

My final remark is that the life never stops and works never end. We should stride what we are supposed to do fast and eagerly. The rest is up to the Will of the Creator! I wish a good new year for everybody.

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