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International Home Textile Magazine – November’17


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International Home Textile Magazine – September’17


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Sustainability in the textile industry – properly assess the global supply chain with OEKO-TEX®

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Social and environmental concerns will soon play a greater role in public procurement. Although the aim is simple, the implementation may prove to be difficult.

Given the global supply chains within the textile industry, even experts face numerous challenges when evaluating the sustainability of uniforms and protective clothing. Due to its international nature and the sheer volume of third parties in the production chain, responsibility is increasingly placed on those releasing new textiles onto the market. Public procurement stipulates that clothing must be safe, produced in environmentally friendly production facilities and under decent working conditions. Yet how can procurers gauge whether the supplier complies with these provisions? Thanks to public procurement regulation, the adherence to such sustainability requirements can now be determined from labels. Labeled textile products offer guidance and help consumers make responsible decisions when purchasing work wear. Yet when bombarded with hundreds of worldwide labels and certificates, selecting the right one is by no means an easy feat, so much so that the phrase “label labyrinth” was coined.

In pursuit of a suitable label, it makes sense to draw on those tried and tested designs. Since 1992 OEKO-TEX® has been developing various solutions for environmentally friendly and socially responsible textiles. The guiding principles of OEKO-TEX® are based on transparency, traceability, credibility and trust. Now available on the market, OEKO-TEX® certificates and labels allow textile manufacturers to prove compliance with environmental and social regulations in their production chains. Whether it is the use of chemicals in production, the continuous improvement of the supplier’s working and production conditions or the safety of the final product – it can all be independently and credibly verified with the help of the various products developed by the OEKO-TEX® Association.


With the label MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®, for example, procurers can even trace the production process of the finished garment. Through a bar code or the product ID on the label, the different stages of production can be viewed. On the website, the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development commends the transparency that the MADE IN GREEN label offers consumers, classifying it as a “very good option”.

Likewise, if the new legal status wishes to make procurement procedures simpler, then sustainability regulation requires a new approach. Relying on a trustworthy partner is certainly advantageous. For 25 years, OEKO-TEX® has offered easy solutions, enabling procurers to successfully overcome the increasing demands of the market; ensuring everything from chemical management, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and fair working conditions to labels clearly displaying product performance. The OEKO-TEX® system provides the optimal basis for this as it continually refines its standards and always focused on current market developments.

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Popular colors make a comeback while new pops of color expand design Palettes


Wheeling, IL. – Brentano’s tenth annual color forecast highlights refined colors from Brentano’s collection, to new, more edgy color selections that are here to stay. Three new vivacious colors (Red Rocks, Citron and Periwinkle) add personality and excitement while evolving colors (Midnight, Almost Black and Peacock) highlight timeless glamour.

“Classic colors continue to be popular in the industry but they have begun to evolve in a way that makes them more dynamic and interesting,” says Brentano’s Senior Designer Aaron Mensik. “As a company, we have grown and in doing so our color palette has become more enriched and diverse.”


Color Forecast 2018Midnight – Romantic and elegant, Midnight has continued to be a prevalent color throughout the years. This exquisite jewel tone accommodates a tailored look making it the optimal choice for opulent interiors.


Peacock – Celebrating a diversity of color, Peacock showcases a sensational teal with hints of majestic blue. A staple among Brentano Fabrics, Peacock enhances palettes with its serene nature and dimensional characteristics.


Almost Black – A new classic, Almost Black offers an alternative to jet black with subtle shades of grey. Assertive without being overbearing, Almost Black provides a foundation for complex color schemes. Used habitually in the contract world, this hue has also become a force within residential markets.


Red Rocks – Channeling rust colored sandstone cliffs; Red Rocks brings a warm western richness to any professional or residential space. Subdued but exotic, Red Rocks showcases spicy orange hues highlighted by subtle ocean coral bringing a tangible beauty to modern design.


Citron – A new color within Brentano’s collection, Citron provides bright and energetic accents to any interior. Charming and fun, Citron is earning new deserved presence in the marketplace with its unique blend of yellow and green.


Periwinkle – Periwinkle is stylish, invigorating, fresh and vibrant. The interplay of light purples and muted blues give Periwinkle a romantic but versatile personality that’s welcoming and cool in every sense of the word.

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Sustainable in many different ways: recycling at Trevira

On the 4th October 2017 a new brand was introduced at Trevira: Trevira SINFINECO®. This label may be carried by all textiles that contain sustainable Trevira products. Sustainable, innovative, high-value and responsible – these are the values the new brand stands for.As an industrial enterprise, Trevira is conscious of its special responsibility for an intact environment and has long advocated the recycling of valuable raw materials and waste products. Trevira CEO Klaus Holz: “We at Trevira wish to preserve the environment and at the same time work to create value. These are the criteria of our sustainability concept.“

res1Creation of the new brand is therefore only a logical step, one that enables customers to label their sustainable Trevira products as such. Trevira is known for the high quality of its products. In every way recycled products are as good as the original materials in terms of quality and performance.

Two vital elements in Pre-Consumer Recycling and an important concept in Post-Consumer Recycling form part of the sustainability strategy of Trevira to conserve resources and maintain value.


res2In the area of Pre-Consumer Recycling, on the one hand, residual materials resulting from the manufacture of polyester fibers and filaments in Bobingen and Guben, dependent on the manufacturing step, are processed in the agglomeration plant and restored to become serviceable primary material. The recyclates are then fed back to our fiber and filament spinning mills, to be made into new top-quality products.

On the other hand, in fiber production there occurs in the manufacture of tow a small proportion of tow that cannot be used for converting and has to be cut out. Instead of selling this material as waste, it is cut up, pressed into balls and then carded / combed by a partner, resulting in a 1A quality product. The GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard) is requested for this. As with converter tow from new material, the recycled tow is mostly incorporated into polyester wool blends (55 % PET / 45 % wool), which are used primarily in corporate wear and uniforms.

res3In the area of Post-Consumer Recycling, Trevira offers filament yarns consisting of 100 % recycled PET bottles. Our parent company Indorama manufactures very high quality recycled chips from PET bottles. Since only transparent PET bottles are used in Thailand, the flakes and chips are of a particularly good and very uniform quality. The recycled chips, fibers and filaments from Indorama bear the GRS certificates (Global Recycled Standard) and RCS-NL (Recycled Claim Standard). Trevira processes the regranulate made by Indorama from bottle flakes into filament yarns consisting 100 % of recycled material. The filament yarns are available in titres 167 and 76 dtex normal polyester. Alongside technical applications, they are used in the automotive and apparel sectors. In addition, many promising developments with the recycled material are on their way.

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International Home Textile Magazine – October’17


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Innovations Designs vinyl grasscloth



* Summer collection includes new vinyl interpretation of sisal wallcovering


New York City — For their summer collection, the Innovations Design Studio asked, “What is architecture … is it form or function, shelter or art?” The eight new wallcoverings explore how Innovations fits into the broader architectural project with practical colorways and constructions. Among them, Prairie is Innovations’ most convincing vinyl interpretation of grasscloth to date.


Modeled after a variegated sisal wallcovering, Prairie offers a natural aesthetic that’s both affordable and easy to maintain. The 54-inch, Type II vinyl fits into every design situation—hospitality, commercial and even residential projects—with 12 nature-inspired colorways and rugged durability.


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Joint booth with 18 top clients – Trevira implements a new approach at Heimtextil ’18

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BOBINGEN – At Heimtextil, which is to be held in Frankfurt from 9 to 12 January 2018, Trevira GmbH will be represented together with some important Trevira CS clients in Hall 4.2 at a 1,305 m2 booth. The core of this joint booth will be a Trevira exhibition. Participating clients will present their latest Trevira CS collections for home textiles and commercially used textiles at individual stands around this core exhibit. The joint stand is located in close proximity to the new exhibition “Interior. Architecture. Hospitality. EXPO” of Messe Frankfurt. “We are delighted to be able to make a significant contribution to the new thematic focus of Hall 4.2 with our trade fair concept for next year. It enables us to offer a platform to our clients allowing them to reach important decision makers. In addition, visitors to the trade fair will appreciate being able to find such a large number of Trevira CS novelties and collections in a one-stop-shop,” says Anke Vollenbröker, Head of Marketing at Trevira GmbH. Trevira CEO Klaus Holz is pleased that the idea of a joint stand has been so well received by their clients. “The high level of demand shows that our concept of a comprehensive partnership with our clients pays off. Our long-standing clients appreciate that we not only offer them high quality and sustainably produced fibres and yarns, but that we also support them with our technical expertise and in marketing their Trevira fabrics.” The following clients will be represented with a large selection of their beautiful and modern Trevira CS fabrics at the joint booth in January: Baumann Dekor Ges.m.b.H., Engelbert E. Stieger AG, FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano S.p.A., Jenny Fabrics AG, Johan van den Acker Textielfabriek B.V., Mattes & Ammann GmbH & Co. KG, Pugi R.G. S.R.L., Spandauer Velours GmbH & Co. KG, SR Webatex GmbH / Getzner Textil AG, Swisstulle AG, Tessitura Mario Ghioldi & C. srl, Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche S.p.A., Torcitura Lei Tsu S.r.l., Vlnap a.s. / Wagenfelder Spinning Group, Wintex S.r.l., Mersem Teksil San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti, Teksko Kadife Kumas San. Ve Tic. A.S..

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International Home Textile Magazine – August’17


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Happylife Offers Lovely Kitchen Textiles

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Offering a wide variety of products Happylife Tekstil contributes to the elegancy of homes.

Seeing a window of opportunity in kitchen textiles in the market, the company started to produce items of kitchen textile in 2000. Then, in line with growing demand for the category, it now produces waterproof kitchen aprons and other varieties, including aprons for kids, handling textiles and kitchen gloves. Production and sales of design product volumes have been increased three folds in and out of the country. A dynamic and visionary organization, Happylife Tekstil tries to be one of the major participants contributing to national economy with its investments and activities. The company maintains its innovative and leading position in the market. The mission of the company is to be a locomotive company with its policies in the field of human resources, market planning, technological development, research and development, systemic and customer oriented activities.

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