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International Home Textile Magazine – August’17


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Happylife Offers Lovely Kitchen Textiles

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Offering a wide variety of products Happylife Tekstil contributes to the elegancy of homes.

Seeing a window of opportunity in kitchen textiles in the market, the company started to produce items of kitchen textile in 2000. Then, in line with growing demand for the category, it now produces waterproof kitchen aprons and other varieties, including aprons for kids, handling textiles and kitchen gloves. Production and sales of design product volumes have been increased three folds in and out of the country. A dynamic and visionary organization, Happylife Tekstil tries to be one of the major participants contributing to national economy with its investments and activities. The company maintains its innovative and leading position in the market. The mission of the company is to be a locomotive company with its policies in the field of human resources, market planning, technological development, research and development, systemic and customer oriented activities.

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Celik Tekstil Sticks On Quality For More Exports

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Selling a wide variety of home textile products to Caucasus, the Balkans, North Africa, East Europe and Middle East, Çelik Tekstil eyes more in world markets .

Manufacturing a wide range of home textile products Celik Tekstil has been supplying quality products over two decades. The company has been exporting to eastern and western markets and aiming at diversifying its markets. We asked their success story to Isa Celik, general manager of the company. The interview follows:

Will you brief us about the past of your company?

Founded in Istanbul in 1996 to take Turkish home textile products at better positions in the world markets, Celik Tekstil started to export it products. Having their own original patterns and motives on their products, now sells its products in more than 300 stores in the country and in 200 stores in 35 countries in abroad.

On product groups and production capacity

We produce fabrics for bed covers, digital pressed bed sets, towels, bathrobes, tablecloths, etc. Our monthly capacity is 1.4 million meters.

Info about exports and target markets

We have been already in Caucasus, the Balkans, North Africa, East Europe, and Middle East. Central and south Africa, Middle East and North America are our target markets for exports.Untitled-1

On customer satisfaction policy

The best way to satisfy the customers is to know more about them. It means having knowledgeable about the traditions, fashions, culture, living standards, and market conditions in related countries. Also we have to offer them the best products produced on Turkish standards.

On participation in international fairs

We participate in many international fairs. There are several efficient fairs held in North African region. Besides the trade fairs are organized in European countries in which we find opportunity for either direct or indirect contacts with professionals representing supermarket, shopping malls, stores and tradespeople.

On your plans for 2017

In 2017 we, as Celik Tekstil, aimed to reach wider markets in the world through our powerful and global network.

Do you have any additional comment on your activities and about the industry?

Textiles have been regarded as second class industry in the development of countries. However, we believe that having value added products and powerful brands are more important to close the gap of foreign currency balance in national economy.

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Mina Tekstil Stands for Atrificial Leather and Fabrics

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Serving the upholstery sector for five years Mina Textile Company has been at the service of manufacturers with its quality products and services. We asked the success story of the company to Hakki Şahinler of the company.

Would you tell us about brief history of your firm?

Our firm Mina Textile was founded in 2012 to produce knitted fabrics and imitation leathers for several industries. Now we have been producing about one million meters of products annually in our factory of 5 thousand sqm. as one of the major suppliers in Turkey.

What are your main product groups and production capacities?

Addressing to varying demands of producer companies Mina Textile has been producing polyurethane based imitation leathers and fabrics for upholstery.


What can you say about your existing export markets and your targets for the future?

Mina Textile has a wide range of distribution network extending from Middle East to the Balkans. Its aim is to cover more markets in the future.

How is your customer satisfaction policy?

Customers and their satisfaction are important for us. We try to do our best with an aim to provide them with high quality customer services. So, our customers talk about us positively.

Do you participate in fair events? Are fairs important for your business?

Yes, they are important while seeking new business contacts and following the developments and trends in our field.


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International Home Textile Magazine – May’17


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International Home Textile Magazine – April’17


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International Home Textile Magazine – March17


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Design brings power to Bursa

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Organized by BTSO, Bursa Chamber of Trade and Industry, and BEBKA, Bursa Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency, on the theme of “A world full of inspiration, design and innovation”, Design Summit has convened business people, academia, students and designers in Bursa.

Deputy governor of Bursa, Ahmet Hikmet Sahin emphasized on the industrial power accumulated in the city in several fields and said, “Bursa is the leader in textile, automotive and furniture industries in Turkey. Export powers of these industries are also rising steadily. We aimed to keep and maintain our leadership in the future, as well. ” Deputy chairman of BTSO, Ismail Kus, said in his address to the guests, “We started with a slogan that says “if Bursa grows, Turkey grows”, with an aim to compete in international markets. Innovation and design are prime tools for the development and production of higher value added goods.”

Design Summit was held for the second time in Merinos Center of Congress and Culture, representatives of the companies, academia, students and designers participated in the event. Anon Pairot was the key speaker and several designers addressed to the guests, including Nicoline Dorsman, Percy Emmelt, Prof. Alper Ay, Engin Ayaz, Ezra&Tuba Cetin, Dr. Cigdem Kaya, Sami Savatlı, Adnan Serbest, Emre Evrenos, Gokhan Karakus and Raf Stesmans.koltuklar Guests and speakers visited the Textile design and technology exhibition and Fashion exhibition of Anatolian Regions during two days event.Designers have exhibited their new and innovative products, such as fiber dresses, butterfly bridal, prototype bags that change its color, Anatolian dresses made by combining the traditional and the modern.son#Bursa #Design #DesignbringspowertoBursa #power #BTSO

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Heimtextil: the most important platform for textile design

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Creative hotspot: key players and newcomers present their designs .

Heimtextil once again presents itself as the most important platform for textile design: in the “Design live” area in hall 4.2, renowned design studios and talented young designers will showcase their creative designs for house and home textiles from 10-13 January 2017. With record participation levels of around 230 exhibitors from 28 countries, visitors will find the world’s largest range of textile design on offer here. The high-quality designs by the studios are shaped by various influences and styles and together produce variety of the kind that can only be seen in one place at Heimtextil. Companies can find fresh designs for their new collections here and also make new contacts with the creative minds in the industry. The up-and-coming generation of designers also has its own platform in hall 4.2 where young talented designers from European higher education institutions will present projects related to the “Young Creations Award: Upcycling” and “Heimtextil CAMPUS”. Good designs are what really make a collection attractive’, says Sabine Scharrer, Manager of Heimtextil: “They are the first thing a customer sees. We’re proud of the continued growth in exhibitors and the international variety amongst the textile designers presenting here.” The top players who will be presenting their designs for house and home textiles at “Design live” include Art Cottage Ltd (United Kingdom), Alvisi e Alvisi di Fulvio Alvisi (Italy), Atelier Mineeda Co Ltd (Japan), Björkforth AB (Sweden), Blom Liin Maria (Finland), CJHM Verbeek (Netherlands), Diane Harrison (United Kingdom), Kosak Wolfgang (Austria) and many more.


Newcomers and tomorrow’s talent

The studios exhibiting in the design area also include participants in the Heimtextil development program “new & next”, that is, aimed in particular at promising start-ups. The creative newcomers’ companies have only been in existence for a maximum of five years and will be presenting at Heimtextil for the first time. Those attending include Connie Luisa’s Home (Taiwan), Format Raisin (France), Lösbrock Design (Germany), Marjoleinodink (Switzerland), Martina Teepe Design Berlin (Germany), Naghsh Negaran Pendar (Iran), NuPrimary LLC (USA), SC Touch (Austria), Shinrindo LLC (Japan), Studio RIIS (Denmark) und The Pattern Boutique (United Kingdom).


Young Creations Award: Upcycling

Right next to the “Design live” area, participants in the “Young Creations Award: Upcycling” will be presenting their innovative textile projects made from recycled materials. This competition will take place for the fifth time during this year’s Heimtextil and is aimed at students and graduates of European higher education institutions in the fields of interior design and design, as well as young masters and master students of interior decoration. The projects show how high-quality objects can be developed for interiors out of waste materials. An expert jury will decide the winner of the competition for young talent. Selected projects and the award winners will be exhibited at Heimtextil in hall 4.2 at stand C 92.


Mobility in focus at “Heimtextil CAMPUS”

Mobility is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life – a development that presents challenges to designers. In the young designers area “Heimtextil CAMPUS” at stand J60 in hall 4.2, students from European higher education institutions will focus on issues relating to the motto “Mobile Home”. In line with this central theme, the participating higher education institutions will present their designs, whether in the form of research into shape and functionality, materials research or an artistic installation. In cooperation with,”Heimtextil CAMPUS” gives up-and-coming talent the opportunity to make inroads into their chosen career: here, they can make contacts with textile companies and get to grips with current trends.

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