“Cottonbox” makes the children’s dreams come true this season too

Cottonbox combinate 100% cotton products with joyful designs. Cottonbox receives appreciation of parent with its 2018-2019 Autumn & Winter Collection in addition to making the children’s dreams come true.

All dreams of kids in Junior Collection of Cottonbox

Cottonbox which emphasizes on quality and health in all its product group uses 100% especially the cotton on child group. Colorful figures designed for a children don’t include insanitary food additive. The brand cares for the psychological development of children as much as it cares for their physical development. Cottonbox which contributes to the emotional development of children, includes cute figures on bedlinen groups. While boys are running up to adventure to adventure with “Skate Blue” bedlinen fashion winds blow in girl’s room with “Superstar” bedlinen series.

Healthy sleep on clouds with ‘Cottonbox’

Cottonbox accompanies the sleep of kids with ‘Baby’ Bedlinen. Preferred by parents the brand assertive with its baby group made of 100% cotton on 2018-2019 Autumn & Winter Collection. Cottonbox continues to encolor the dreams of kids with its penguin, giraffe and Unicorn designs.

Healthy designs, wakeless sleep

Cottonbox which designs to products for a quality sleep provides with soft texture baby group in its 2018-2019 Autumn & Winter Collection. Made of sewing cotton bedlinens form a basis a healthy and quality sleep with breathe structure.

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