MoOD acquires Indigo Brussels Home Edition  

As of 1 April 2015, and following ten years of intensive cooperation, Textirama vzw, the fair organization of MoOD- Meet only Original Designs, takes over Indigo Brussels Home Edition from Première Vision S.A. To Textirama vzw, this acquisition is a new step in the strategic positioning of MoOD – Meet only Original Designs. 

A strategic choice for both fair organizations

Textirama vzw considers the take-over of Indigo Brussels Home Edition as a logical evolution, but also as a strategic choice for the expansion of the unique position of MoOD. MoOD is the only show in the trade fair market that focuses on direct contact with producers of upholstery fabrics and window and wall coverings. In doing this, quality and creativity play a key-role. Therefore, the choice for Indigo Brussels Home Edition, the absolute market leader with regard to textile design, is a strategic asset for the organization.

Première Vision S.A.’s choice to sell Indigo Brussels Home Edition to Textirama vzw is the result of a strategic refocusing of all its activities by concentrating exclusively on the fashion industry. But at the same time, the decision is also the logical consequence of more than 10 years of partnership, in which MoOD and Indigo Brussels Home Edition were organized side by side and during which both fair organizations supported each other intensively. As a result, Première Vision’s management considers Textirama to be the natural acquirer of Indigo Brussels Home Edition and stresses the importance of the strengthened future synergy between both fairs that will even increase the interaction and the efficiency.

Textirama vzw looks back on the constructive, dynamic way in which it has been able to cooperate very intensively with Première Vision. The MoOD-team wishes to thank Première Vision and its team for the successful development of Indigo Brussels Home Edition alongside MoOD. Textirama vzw stresses it will ensure the continuity of this recipe for success and will strengthen it in the future.

Historically logical

MoOD and Indigo Brussels Home Edition have been inseparable for more than 10 years. The sister fairs were already organized together when MoOD was still known as Decosit. Back then Decosit concentrated exclusively on upholstery. In 2009 however, the product range was extended to window and wall coverings. After Decosit’s name was changed into MoOD – Meet only Original Designs –, both fairs remained linked inseparably. For some time already, both the visitors and exhibitors of MoOD were requesting parties for a strengthening of the synergy. Now, the merger of both fairs strengthens the continuity of what is on offer and it is at the same time a strong signal towards the exhibitors and visitors.

MoOD’s future begins today

Some months ago, MoOD presented its new vision for the years that lie ahead. MoOD becomes a ‘boutique show’. In short, even more than in the past, the emphasis will be on creativity, innovation, an independent style and a business class experience, full of future-oriented inspiration, color and style advice. Indigo Brussels Home Edition can only strengthen this experience. Thus, MoOD 2015 begins as an investment in the future.

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