MYCey knitted blankets maintain babies’ body temperature

When winter comes, parents become more vulnerable to protecting their babies from the cold. MYCey product portfolio is formed of high quality and reliable accessories aiming to make mothers and babies comfortable. MYCey’s blankets maintain the ideal temperature of the babies’ body and become the mothers’ choice with its lightweight and stylish form.

Maintaining body temperature is an important issue in the care of newborn babies. Since the subcutaneous fat tissue is not yet thick enough, babies are not in a position to maintain heat for a long time. Body temperature can drop easily when left naked or in cold environments. In this case, mothers need to check body temperature regularly for the health of babies.

MYCey, takes its reliability from a mumpreneur’s experience and care as established and managed by a mother of two. It touches the lives of children with useful and healthy products. MYCey’s blanket with knitted texture helps to maintain the ideal temperature of babies’ body. Knitted blanketsare preferred by mothers with their lightness and stylish form and can be used from birth. Knitted blanket with ecru, pink and blue color options can be used at home, car seat or stroller.


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