NiSA Coil Coatings stands for exports

Dealing with bathrobe, towel, tread, duvet, mat and peshtemal business, Nisa Coil Coatings Company is a respective name in international markets.

Nisa Coil Coatings has been operational since 2011. Having one of the largest paint shops it is one of the most important businesses in the region. All of its production is made for export. We spoke with Turan Dogmus, general manager of the company, about their success story.Omer Dogmus was born in Denizli, Cal, Bogazici town in 1942. His mother and father died when he was five years old. His childhood and youth was the years of hardships and struggle for survival. He met with his wife early in their lives. Then he learnt about shoemaking by traveling to city from his town on horse drawn carts.

M.Turan Dogmus is the second generation of the company. He told about the story of his father who worked in several firms at the same period and mentioned about his honesty and hard working. “Following the birth of his firs son my father went to military service. My mother kept on working and saved his salary to found a business when he came back. When he completed the military service, they moved to the city. With the reference of one of his relatives he found a job in a dyeing workshop, then got an offer for being a partner for the business thanks to his hardworking and determination. They had been traveling to Bursa frequently with my mother to develop more business. 15 years later they wanted to quit their partnership and to establish their own business. My father bought a machine from Bursa and all family members began to work. We both worked and went to school. We earned our lives by working hard. Our business has gone well, then we bought a new building. My father wanted to expand our business even more. The second investment was hard for us because the market conditions were worsened.”

M.Turan Dogmus entered in business at his early years. “My father has bought a land of 10 acre in Gumusler, in 1979. In 1086 he founded Dogmus Tekstile Co. Inc. as a family business. Then he kept investing and established a factory in organized industrial zone on 40 thousand sqm land that includes bobbin dyeing, weaving, and apparel sections. He also wanted to open employment opportunities for the people. The factory has the first waste treatment facility in Denizli established in 1995.”M.Turan Dogmus got the management helmet of the business in 1991. He extended export activities by 1993 and than invested in their new location in organized industrial zone and established new facilities for dyeing and apparel processes. He also entered a different business by establishing olive processing facility, which was active for three years. Then he focused on the dyeing section of their businesses.

Father and son, then, established a new firm in 2010 as Nisa Dyeing Company. “We have been processing about ten tons of bobbins daily. We produce about 20 tons of home and hotel textile products monthly. Besides, 10 thousands of towels and bathrobes are produced monthly. We follow an exporting strategy for our mid term targets and want to sell our products to European, South and North American markets. We opened a retail shop in Serbia where we want to offer faster services to our buyers. We do well with our Sierra brand in export sales. 80 people were employed in our factory of 40 thousand sqm in OSB in Denizli.”

Dogmus says that they cooperate with international designers that set the trends in the markets. He emphasizes on the importance of activities in fair organizations. “We participate in several national and international fairs in our field to find new buyers, to talk them directly, to follow the technologic developments and the new products. We have been in the Heimtextil fair for the last years. Fairs are must for us the businessmen to open up in global markets and to grow more. When I look at the global world in financial terms, many countries have real financial problems. This makes them to re-evaluate their investment decisions. In national market, people are talking about everything but the national economy. However, issues in relation with production, investment, employment and exports have to be top on the agenda because the political power and effectiveness in global matters of the nations depend on the power of their national economies.” “My father who had served for 51 years, was one of the rare doyens of the textile industry in Denizli, was the biggest supporter of my business despite his health problems that started in 2015. He died in 2017. We want to carry his flag to the new generations successfully. He used to say to us, “keep people happy, do not compromise on honesty, do your business right all the time, do not lose your credibility, decide your own targets, etc.”


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