Proposte poised for business, pleasure and prestige

The fabric and curtain show of Como, Italy, never steps backwards from its strictly controlled selective principles and this makes it a legendary event.

It is always more than a trade show. It is a pleasurable event where you can enjoy your best vacation, you can get inspired and motivated to develop your new collection, and you can generate a great volume of business and trade.


There are some one hundred lucky European companies accepted inside the show area of ancient Villa Erba. There are hundreds of others only can imagine to be accepted inside the show.

The world economy has been going through a tough time in recent years. Europe is one of the main regions hit by the crisis and Italy is no exception. Still, Proposte stands straight. It has almost not lost anything and it seems this show will be better thanks to its management, location and established prestige.

We conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Massimo Mosiello, General Manager of Proposte Srl. He is very assertive on the position of this legendary show. Full text of the interview follows:

You enjoyed the 25th edition of Proposte recording a big success. Considering the economic situation in Italy and Europe, what are your expectations for Proposte 2018? 

PROPOSTE has always worked in a perspective of selection and qualification of the participating companies and of the innovative collections presented. This is the real formula that has determined and confirmed the success of the exhibition for 25 editions. The overall trend of the specific reference market has certainly affected the various editions but the quality level of the products that are presented, in worldwide exclusive, means that the exhibition proved to be an indispensable appointment in the trade fair system. We have just started organizing the 2018 edition and, of course, we hope to reconfirm the good performance recorded in the past.

The internationality of the show increased in 2017. Will it continue in 2018 and are you doing any special promotional works to increase it?

Proposte was born as an international fair and it has been able, edition after edition, to expand the European participation to reach, in the latest editions, a proportion of about 50% between Italian and foreign exhibitors. Its internationality has grown recently with the opening to the global markets, first Turkish and then American.
We evaluate from time to time the requests of participation that we receive and the confirmations can be given on the basis of organizational needs, exhibition and cultural planning, to ensure the development of an high international quality exhibition.
We will see whether the future will hold the participation of qualified companies from other countries around the world.
Of course, our work also addresses the customers. I am proud to say that the visitors of Proposte come from more than 70 countries in the world and that the percentage of foreign visitors is around 70%.


Is there any new development at International Observatory?

International Observatory was born with the aim of responding to all those companies that cannot find space within the Exhibition Center of Proposte and to prevent individual companies from finding locations scattered around the territory without an order or an exhibition planning.
It was a new challenge, carried out by one of the two promoters of Proposte – Ascontex Promozioni – which has proved to be very functional and successful, thanks to the provided services and thanks to the direct link between Proposte and the locations of International Observatory.
It is our intention to continue on this path, raising the quality of the exhibitors.


Shall we see any new theme or event at Proposte this year? 

We will definitely give you news in the coming months.

Are you considering a foreign edition of Proposte in another place of the world?

Our organization is always careful to evaluate global market trends and the best positioning at country level too. If there are evolutions, they will not be in the upcoming future.

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