“ Selfie ” Themed Curtain Wins The Best Design Award

Organized by UTIB (Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association) the 6th Turkey Home Textile Design honored innovative designs inspired by selfie, traffic and urban themes.bb

Organized by UTIB (Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association) to increase added value in home textiles, to lead the fashion and to gain new designers to the sector, the winners of the 6th Turkey Home Textile Design contest were awarded. Tugce Yildirim won the first award with her curtain
design made with physiognomy of selfie taking children while Mehmet Emre Ermis ranked second with his design describing a game carpet interpreting children’s enable to design their own city. Dicle Goral awarded with third prize for her bedspread inspired by red stoplights waiting at traffic. The fourth prize went to Ayca Dundar for her portable separator dividing tables and rooms in offices and homes. Ibrahim Burkay, President of UTIB said, “As the business world of Bursa, which is leading the way in major targets of our country, we consider the investments made in R&D, innovation and design for the future of our people. We are progressing on our way to set fashion and trend in international arena with this contest started with the motto of ‘show your difference’. These are our investments for the future of our people We will continue to raise young talents for the benefits of our sector.”


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