Spring in home textiles begins with EVTEKS in April

The 24th EVTEKS organized with the reflections of spring and nature is getting ready to welcome 2018 with the April Effect, where the designs of the upcoming season and innovative products from around the world in home textiles will unite with the visitors.

Every year in April with the motto ‘April Effect’ will be home to the awakening in nature and the reflections of spring evoking freshness, innovation, rebirth and reunification in home textiles and designs.

EVTEKS April will present innovative designs inspired by nature in the home textiles sector, especially for the upcoming season. The exhibition organized by Istanbul Trade Fairs company within CNR Holding in collaboration with the Turkish Home Textile Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TETSİAD) for 25 years,

EVTEKS April framed with freshness, innovation, awakening, and reunification themes will unite over 1,000 brands from 120 countries with 150,000 visitors, The exhibition, where the feel of spring touches every detail, will be influential throughout the world.

The world congregates at EVTEKS to supply home textiles

EVTEKS, the most significant home textiles fair in Turkey, the 4th largest exporter country in the world, stands out as a platform to supply products to many countries, primarily the European countries. The fair will welcome procurement delegates from around the world, where, while B2B bilateral business talks and networking meetings will be held, the latest designs of the season will also be showcased.

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