Spring wind blows at furniture sector

MOSDER, which keeps its finger on the pulse of the furniture sector in Turkey, presented the 2015 spring-summer trends in furniture. Furniture for this spring-summer season is fashioned in colors of nature such as shades of green and hues of blue sky with floral patterns adorning couches and armchairs.

* The spontaneity of town life reflected in furniture in 2015

Fashion and trends in fashion are shaped by the spirit of the time and are also reflected in home decoration designs. People wishing to keep abreast of the trends in furniture design are very particular in their choice of combination furniture and the reflection of their tastes in the style of their homes. Well-known furniture manufacturer brands on the other hand, respond to consumers wishes and introduce furniture designs that address different tastes and in a manner that would allow different combinations. These manufacturers that also choose to increase the number of accessory options they provide follow fashion and keep their fingers on the pulse of consumers in home decoration.

MOSDER, which lends direction to the furniture sector in Turkey, presented this year’s spring-summer furniture trends. In these early days of spring we have started to feel the joy of the season in furniture designs. The furniture designs that fashion natural colors in combination with floral designs with touches of wood veneer offer varieties to decorate the homes of every taste and style.

Country style will be dominating our homes

The furniture designs adorned with peacefully natural and pastel shades, detailed with floral and plaid patterns fashioning wood veneer details made of spruce and fir trees aged in time provide country style reflections. Those preferring to experience the artlessness of town life in their homes as reflected in the country style adopted in the furniture trends of 2015 spring-summer season, can do so now. The country style that generally offers refreshing environments, thanks to the earthy tones it fashions, also adds a different flare in these months of spring and summer to homes with wooden details that match this season’s furniture pieces. This style, which is formerly recognized to be nostalgic, is being reshaped as modern country in new furniture designs.

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