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Popular colors make a comeback while new pops of color expand design Palettes

Wheeling, IL. – Brentano’s tenth annual color forecast highlights refined colors from Brentano’s collection, to new, more edgy color selections that are here to stay. Three new vivacious colors (Red Rocks, Citron and Periwinkle) add personality and excitement while evolving colors (Midnight, Almost Black and Peacock) highlight timeless glamour.

“Classic colors continue to be popular in the industry but they have begun to evolve in a way that makes them more dynamic and interesting,” says Brentano’s Senior Designer Aaron Mensik. “As a company, we have grown and in doing so our color palette has become more enriched and diverse.”


Midnight – Romantic and elegant, Midnight has continued to be a prevalent color throughout the years. This exquisite jewel tone accommodates a tailored look making it the optimal choice for opulent interiors.

Peacock – Celebrating a diversity of color, Peacock showcases a sensational teal with hints of majestic blue. A staple among Brentano Fabrics, Peacock enhances palettes with its serene nature and dimensional characteristics.

Almost Black – A new classic, Almost Black offers an alternative to jet black with subtle shades of grey. Assertive without being overbearing, Almost Black provides a foundation for complex color schemes. Used habitually in the contract world, this hue has also become a force within residential markets.

Red Rocks – Channeling rust colored sandstone cliffs; Red Rocks brings a warm western richness to any professional or residential space. Subdued but exotic, Red Rocks showcases spicy orange hues highlighted by subtle ocean coral bringing a tangible beauty to modern design.

Citron – A new color within Brentano’s collection, Citron provides bright and energetic accents to any interior. Charming and fun, Citron is earning new deserved presence in the marketplace with its unique blend of yellow and green.

Periwinkle – Periwinkle is stylish, invigorating, fresh and vibrant. The interplay of light purples and muted blues give Periwinkle a romantic but versatile personality that’s welcoming and cool in every sense of the word.


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Bold, large scale textiles from Brentano

Fall collection embraces unique color, pattern and performance

Wheeling, III. —Drawing inspiration from the energy and graphics of the urban landscape, the 18 new patterns in the fall 2016 Cityscape collection capture the eccentric life of the big city. Bold, large-scale textiles dominate the new collection, representing Brentano’s dedication to create functional art.


Junction 6531

Inspired by connections and intersections, Junction’s textured lines create a geometric motif that is as structured in design as it is in construction. With a stain resistant finish and acrylic backing, the 54” upholstery merges contemporary design with contract performance and adds a point of interest to any interior. Available in seven colorways— from soft contrasting neutrals to vivid red and cool teal – Junction’s path is quite intriguing.

Brentano_Junction 6531

Left to Right: Junction 6531: Zócalo 07, Times Square 01, Piazza del Campo 03, Trafalgar 02


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Brentano’s Annual Color Forecast: 2017

Bold colors unify adventure and optimism

2Wheeling, IL. — As the year winds down and industry trends begin to shift, Brentano’s designers predict what colors will emerge in the upcoming year. In preparation for new development, the design department evaluates past products, collects data from the sales team and closely observes the forever-changing world of design.

Brentano’s eighth annual color forecast presents three new captivating colors (Coral, Chartreuse and Bloom), a powerful colorless shade (Almost Black) and reintroduces classic hues (Peacock and Elephant) that will dictate the future of design.

3Coral – With a cheeky personality and bold flair, Coral’s pop of color is a powerful punch. The zesty accent – uplifting and bright – adds a splash of excitement to the traditional household.

Elephant – First forecast by Brentano in 2016, Elephant’s popularity carries over into 2017. This dependable neutral highlights its practicality by complementing both warm and cool interiors.

Chartreuse – The crisp hot hue Chartreuse evokes refreshing warmth in a unique and stylish way. The harmonious hue – a fusion of green and gold – perfectly balances beauty with brilliance.


5Peacock – Polished Peacock, calm and cool, remains as current as when it appeared in Brentano’s 2016 forecast. The jewel-toned teal – more romantic than sapphire but fresher than navy – fills a room with peace and serenity.

Bloom – Glowing with grace, Bloom is cultivated for its flourishing beauty. This fashion forward pinkness is comfortable being soft, with a dominant newfound voice in design.

Almost Black – Elegantly refined and dignified, this colorless shade displays confidence. Almost Black, pair-able with almost any color, makes for a bold accent; or can be luxurious all on its own.

6The Brentano Design studio, led by Iris Wang, celebrated 25 years in 2015. The textile house has grown from a modest eight patterns in 1990 into an international source for polyurethane faux leather, outdoor, Crypton, Nano-Tex and GreenShield-finished, eco-friendly and fire retardant products. The carefully curated line reflects Iris’ lifelong study of fine art, nature and Asian philosophy in beautiful, high-performing solutions for the contract, hospitality, healthcare and residential markets.

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New cornerstone laid for Brentano’s next 25 years

Spring collection embraces textile house’s talents with color, pattern and materials

Fresh from their 25th anniversary,textile house Brentano starts 2016 with the Cornerstone collection and strong, statement-making designs to lead the line into the next quarter century.

The new collection of 21 residential, hospitality and contract textiles embraces color, pattern and materials in dramatic, inspiring and uniquely Brentano ways. From A to Z, the Cornerstone collection pairs rich materials with bold patterning.

Large-scale Ambrosia’s 34- inch vertical repeat couples the cool, luxurious sheen of a viscose-weft satin with a hot flame stitch. Contrast that with Zigrino, a unique upholstery that marries the tough, pebbly look of shagreen with the softness of a viscose velvet.

Both new 54” patterns pass 50,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck) for dramatic, durable interior installations.

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New Brentano Fabrics Draw from Fine Artists

Artistically rendered contract textiles employ eco-conscious performance features

Wheeling, Ill. — The works of art that inspired Brentano’s spring Studio collection evoke strong reactions (“If you don’t react, how can you feel and create?” says Design Director Iris Wang), but the artists run the gamut — artists Brentano’s designers have always loved, recently discovered or know personally

Drawn from the work of watercolorist Raoul Dufy (Autumn), sculptor Naum Gabo (Construct), portrait painter Han Holbein the Younger (Holbein) and the Precisionism movement (Precision) — among many others, Brentano’s new contract textiles perform with eco-conscious finishing and contents. Woven with 43% to 66% post-consumer recycled polyester, Autumn, Construct, Holbein and Precision all offer GreenShield finishing and abrasion resistance ranging from 50,000 to over 75,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck). The former three are also bleach cleanable for contract and hospitality interiors

Precision, a stripe, and Autumn, Construct and Holbein, all playful, mid-scale patterns, join the Brentano Green line of eco-friendly fabrics.

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