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Kadir Ikizler Tekstil runs for success with its prestigious brand Cottonize

The company exports towels, bathrobes and bed textiles to a great number of countries including Russia, Ukraine, Algeria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgzstan and UAE. Kadir İkizler Tekstil was established in Marmaris region of Mugla in 1990, with the goal of becoming a leader in the field of innovation and enterprise. As a first step in the retail sector, providing direct access to the ultimate consumer began its adventure was accelerated with the evolution of Turkey’s tourism sector. The company has become an arbiter with its successful works and bulk towels in the region. Its daily production capacity is 5 tons including terry, armored and jacquard fabrics. “After the crisis in Turkey and the decrease of the production in 2000, we started Kadir İkizler Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd. by making our own production operations in 2004. We managed to make our presence felt in the sector with strong competition,” says the official of the company.



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Entema offers machinery solutions for home textile manufacturers

The company has been manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of drying and finishing machinery under the name of Swell Soft for the home textile industry.

Established in 1992 in Corlu, Tekirdag, Entema has mainly focused on the manufacturing of special machinery for drying and finishing of variety of textile products.

Omer GOKCAN, a partner of the company, has informed that ENTEMA machinery exported successfully to several countries in South and North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Asia Pacific and Far East regions.




Machines that are sold under Swell Soft brand are developed and produced 100% domestically by using internationally protected patents and they can be used in the processing of several types of textile products such as towels, velvets, special, delicate textiles and other fabrics.

The development and the production of the machinery is supported with R&D incentives provided by Tubitak, the scientific and technological research authority in Turkey.

Swell Soft machinery can process a wide range of fabric categories, including the lighter tulle, knitted or woven fabrics, velvets, draperies, imitative leathers, blankets, carpets made of all kinds of natural or synthetic fibers.

One of the early models of Swell Soft is the carpet finishing machinery that was installed in the factory of KARTAL Carpet, one of the major carpet manufacturer brands in Gaziantep in 2012 and it still serves flawlessly. Another one is sold to Erdenet Carpet company in Mongolia. Talks with companies in Belgium, Iran, Egypt, and China are continuing to sell machinery to buyers in the countries mentioned above.

Swell Soft finishing machines are also used in the processing of digitally printed fabrics and textiles successfully. The product has been developed after close cooperation with Sevket Taskin of Taskin Carpet firm, the famous name of the bathroom carpet industry. Following the success in the production of pilot product, one of them was manufactured and delivered to the factory of Taskin Carpet company in Istanbul, who produces carpets under

Seroni brand and was installed in their factories in 2016.

One of the advantages of Swell Soft machinery over other similar brands is that it has a patented drum system that processes the material by linearly moving in completely open position. Besides, it can be operated after dyeing stage either from wet to dry, or from dry to dry in steamy chambers.







Since there is no fabric-to-fabric friction during process breakage, abrasion, NONHOMOGEN shining and wastage are completely prevented. At the end of the process important increases are seen as softness, having body, free of dust and fibers, enlivening colors, ABRASION RESISTANCE, etc.

Machines cover lesser space, uses lesser energy, has lower noise, easy to operate and are environmental friendly. Swell Soft machinery can be manufactured for the production of fabrics up to the 5 meters wide.

The company continues its research and development studies incessantly, and a new version of the machine is being developed in cooperation with one of the leading textile companies in Turkey. This project is also been supported by the funds provided by Tubitak, the technologic research authority in Turkey.


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ETD Tekstil offers elegant home textile products with prestigious brand name ‘Pery Collection’

As a recognized name in home textiles business, E.T.D. Textile Company has been serving the industry with its brand name “Pery Collection”.

E.T.D. Textile is a Bursa-based company famous in the home textile industry with its Pery Collection which has unique designs and patterns appealing to cultural values of nations. Exported to many European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets, especially to Russian Federation and some Central Asian Turkic Republics, Pery Collection is very much preferred for those who look for exceptional designs in their living spaces. Talking about their success story Mr. Halil Gören, proprietor of ETD Textile, said that they placed extra importance on two issues: quality of products and customer satisfaction. “We develop our products through seriously conducted R&D studies and produce them with strict quality control,” says Gören. “We deliver more than expectations of our customers. We try to make the trade a pleasure for our customers and we contribute to their competition power.”



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“We produce technologic machinery for our customers”

Recently we have visited to the factory of Has Group in Corlu and have been informed about the company and its activities by Tamer Hasbay, chairman of the board.

2On general organization of the Group and its activities
By the year 2102 we have been operating in the market as Lafer Textile Machine company, a partnership with Italian partners. We as Turkish shareholders, we bought the shares of Italian’s and founded our company Has Group in 2010. Has Group started to produce machines by combining design, project, sales and after sales services under its umbrella aiming to become a technology based manufacturer. Our team and staff have been organized with an objective to be known as a technology company. Lately, we have been registered as the 250th R&D center in Turkey supported and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
In this direction, we applied and accepted to be a member of VDMA, the Federation of Textile Machinery Producers in Germany. We established Has Group Academy that aims to train and educate about 10 young graduates for their managerial positions in our company in the future. Their education in their field of expertise will take four years to finish.

3On the relations with Lafer company
We have been thinking about redesigning our activities for becoming more professional in the business since 2005. We were employing professional advisors and board members since then. Lafer earned great profits in its activities in Turkey from 1995 to 2005. We have also learned a lot about the markets and businesses both in the country and abroad. We as Has Group wanted to be not only a local company but also a firm that is able to sell its machinery in export markets as well. Thus, we disengaged with Italians.
Presently we hit almost our targets. Our aim is to reach exports share from % 52 to % 60 at the end of the year.

4On the company’s export model and strategy in foreign countries
We assigned several countries to our representatives in America, Europe, Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia and Far East. Our representatives managed by regional sales manager, are active to find customers, provide trainings, support for maintenance and educations of labor in the companies that uses our machinery. Similar activities have been carried out in Bangladesh, in Brazil and in South Africa.


5On R&D and P&D activities
Research activities must be grouped into two: Research&Development, and Product&Development. We basically are after P&D. We try to find new ways and solutions for better machinery that will consume less energy, less water, less steam, less labor while producing more product. Updating our machinery to adapt them more to the demand of customers depending on the use of different fibers, yarns etc. In my opinion, industry should be after more production, more sales and more profits, so they have to develop products and processes for this aim. This is a social responsibility for them, as well.

6On new textiles and new projects and investments
We established a separate department to deal with technical textiles and carpets in our organization. We have got a good way in developing technologies for carpet and tarpaulin covering. We have serious projects in technical textile field.

8On fairs and fair activities in ITM2016
We participated all editions of ITM fairs. In my opinion, ITM has taken the place of ITMA that is held in several locations in Europe. ITM is more international than the other. We exhibited our R&D studies and promoted the machinery that we plan to produce in the future. We focused on our latest product that we developed with Scheider that can by managed online with a simple iPhone from any part of the world. It can be started, tested and its performance be gauged and measured from far away points. A brushing machine and a rope unwinding and cutting equipment, a filtering solution for chimneys has been showed in the fair.
_BDR9452We use every possible tools and media to promote ourselves and our products in several events including seminars, conferences and sponsorships. Lately we sponsored a seminar organized by IAV held in Kahramanmaras.

7On the activities and sales of Has Group after the separation from Lafer
About 210 machinery that we have produced by now are in the operation both in Turkey and in the world. 200 of them in Turkey, and the rest in abroad are active today. During a period of 20 years from 1996 to 2016, that is the year that we started our products in our facilities following the separation we have produced 1500 finishing machinery, thousand of them are working in Turkey. Breakdown of our sales and machinery used in several countries are being updated in our web site continuously.


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KARTEKS manufactures and exports high-end upholstery and drapery fabrics

The company has been producing and exporting jacquard and plain velvet type of fabrics used for upholstery and draperies.

As one of the respectful companies operating in the textile industry Karteks has a lot to say about fabrics. Şemsettin Uçar of Karteks answered the questions of Home Textile Exports to detail their success story.

Would you tell us about your company in brief?

Our firm was established in 1997 to produce jacquard fabric production in Istanbul, then started to produce velvet fabrics by having special finishing machinery. Our annual production capacity is about 4.2 million sqm. Our products are exported to Middle East, Europe, America and Russia. We also got awards as one of Turkey’s stars in exports.

What are your product varieties?

As I mentioned, we produce jacquard and plain velvet type of fabrics used for upholstery and draperies. They are made of cotton, acrylic, viscose and polyester fibers.

Information about production facilities

In our factory of 3 thousand sqm about 100 people are employed. The factory is composed of three sections as preparation, looming and finishing. We updated our machinery and equipment recently by adding new finishing line.

Information about export markets you targeted

For long years, Russia was the largest market for us. We are adding new products in our portfolio and new markets for exports in Europe, America, Iran and Middle East.

What is your customer satisfaction policy?

As Karteks company, we focused on our customers and their satisfaction. We continuously try to improve our processes and to establish long-term relationships with them.

On international fairs and your participation in them

Each year we participate in Evteks and Hometeks fairs, and also in the fairs held in Germany and Russia.

What is your target for the year 2015?

We emphasize on and improve our R&D activities to develop more new products.

What are your additional comments?

We think that there are serious opportunities in textile industry especially in the production of velvet. We want to explore new market opportunities for our new products.

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