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Celik Tekstil Sticks On Quality For More Exports

Selling a wide variety of home textile products to Caucasus, the Balkans, North Africa, East Europe and Middle East, Çelik Tekstil eyes more in world markets .

Manufacturing a wide range of home textile products Celik Tekstil has been supplying quality products over two decades. The company has been exporting to eastern and western markets and aiming at diversifying its markets. We asked their success story to Isa Celik, general manager of the company. The interview follows:

Will you brief us about the past of your company?

Founded in Istanbul in 1996 to take Turkish home textile products at better positions in the world markets, Celik Tekstil started to export it products. Having their own original patterns and motives on their products, now sells its products in more than 300 stores in the country and in 200 stores in 35 countries in abroad.

On product groups and production capacity

We produce fabrics for bed covers, digital pressed bed sets, towels, bathrobes, tablecloths, etc. Our monthly capacity is 1.4 million meters.

Info about exports and target markets

We have been already in Caucasus, the Balkans, North Africa, East Europe, and Middle East. Central and south Africa, Middle East and North America are our target markets for exports.Untitled-1

On customer satisfaction policy

The best way to satisfy the customers is to know more about them. It means having knowledgeable about the traditions, fashions, culture, living standards, and market conditions in related countries. Also we have to offer them the best products produced on Turkish standards.

On participation in international fairs

We participate in many international fairs. There are several efficient fairs held in North African region. Besides the trade fairs are organized in European countries in which we find opportunity for either direct or indirect contacts with professionals representing supermarket, shopping malls, stores and tradespeople.

On your plans for 2017

In 2017 we, as Celik Tekstil, aimed to reach wider markets in the world through our powerful and global network.

Do you have any additional comment on your activities and about the industry?

Textiles have been regarded as second class industry in the development of countries. However, we believe that having value added products and powerful brands are more important to close the gap of foreign currency balance in national economy.

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Aydin Textile enters new markets

2Delivering its products to 60 countries, Aydin Tekstil targets to penetrate into new markets with trust and confidence.

One of the leading brands in the mattress textiles industry in Turkey continues to emphasize in exports. Having sales in 60 countries from America to Middle East the company aims to increase its number of markets. Sales manager of the company Berhan Kaya informed about their products and expressed his views on production and export activities in the mattress industry.

Will you furnish us with information about Aydin Tekstil? What are your major activities?
3Aydin Tekstil produces quality, technologic and natural products on high technology machinery in its integrated factory. Having a total quality concept, our company invests in human resources as well, keeps an eye on technology, and has deep-rooted assets for running in the future. It follows the latest trends and designs and develops its own style in the field of fabric production for mattress industry. The company also is sensitive to the ecology and human health. Its vision is to keep its leadership by being a distinguished firm and having high level of competitive advantage and to produce value both for the industry and national economy. Our values and human resources are our most valuable assets. We respect the rights of labor and have an organization composed of encircled teams from department to department and from individuals to individuals. It is important to pay their due rights to all people in teams, it is necessary for success to be shared by everybody in the firm. We are focused on solutions by sharing all problems that we have met.

How do you evaluate recent developments in the mattress industry in Turkey? As a manager of one of the leading companies in the sector, would you share your views in this regard?
4Mattress industry in Turkey is growing fast. 95 % of the products sold in Turkey are spring type, other 5 % share are foam type. Annual growth rate in the market is 7 % on average and the annual sales of the industry is about 69 million dollars. More than half of total exports are delivered to Europe and Middle East, including France, Germany and Holland. According to the data released by some representatives of the industry, about 3 million mattresses are sold to individual buyers and 1 million mattress are sold in bulk to hotels, hostels and hospitals. There are hotels and hospitals investments having about 800 thousand beds capacity, and these are regarded as a symbol for continuous development of the industry in the future.

IMG_4849What is your opinion about differences between designs and developments in Turkey and in the world? Is Turkey in a position to set the trends in fabrics for the mattress industries?
In a world that global competition gains momentum, it is important for any country to be successful in R&D activities and be a leader in the market. R&D is a job for those disciplined entrepreneurs who have curiosity and inspiration to make changes, and a high ability to act on their own aims. In this matter, education and eco-system for innovations are needed. There are an increasing demand for flexible, disciplined, hard working, and expert people in R&D markets. Countries and companies are trying to be distinguished in the market by having innovative and differentiated products to run ahead of their competitors. Activities in R&D and innovation fields in Turkey are improving at fast pace than the activities in other countries.

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To which markets does Aydin Tekstil export its products? Are there any new markets in the horizon?
All markets and countries are our target in the world, as Turkey becomes a global player in the world. We have been exporting for many years. By now, our products have been sold in 60 countries. We aimed to enter new markets and to offer our brand and thrust to the people in these markets. England, America, Italy, Middle East, Poland and Russia are our major markets for exports.

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Cottonize, a respectful brand of Kadir İkizler Tekstil

The company exports towels, bathrobes and bed textiles to a great number of countries including Russia, Ukraine, Algeria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgzstan and UAE.

6Kadir İkizler Tekstil was established in Marmaris region of Mugla in 1990, with the goal of becoming a leader in the field of innovation and enterprise. As a first step in the retail sector, providing direct access to the ultimate consumer began its adventure was accelerated with the evolution of Turkey’s tourism sector. The company has become an arbiter with its successful works and bulk towels in the region. Its daily production capacity is 5 tons including terry, armored and jacquard fabrics.

“After the crisis in Turkey and the decrease of the production in 2000, we started Kadir İkizler Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd. with our production in 2004. We managed to make our presence felt in the sector with strong competition,” says the official of the company. “Our quality starts with raw materials. We get the best raw materials and within all production units from weaving to embroidery, from packaging to distribution and shipment is made by our experienced staff.”

adela“Our target is to open the doors through Dubai to Central Asia and Africa with our registered trademark ‘Cottonize’. Kadir İkizler Tekstil presciences production ecology of raw materials and chemicals used in textile manufacturing in terms of environmentally friendly technology as an approach envisages the use of selection and treatment methods required in every possible aspect. Compatible with the expectations of the environment and workers in the appropriate direction to social and ethics, customer expectations and demands meet up any activities recognizing this sense, customer and staff satisfaction as one of the main operating principles we are realizing this consciousness. Kadir İkizler Tekstil shows respect for fundamental rights and freedoms of workers and ensures that all employees are legally granted with their rights.”

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KARTEKS manufactures and exports high-end upholstery and drapery fabrics

The company has been producing and exporting jacquard and plain velvet type of fabrics used for upholstery and draperies.

As one of the respectful companies operating in the textile industry Karteks has a lot to say about fabrics. Şemsettin Uçar of Karteks answered the questions of Home Textile Exports to detail their success story.

Would you tell us about your company in brief?

Our firm was established in 1997 to produce jacquard fabric production in Istanbul, then started to produce velvet fabrics by having special finishing machinery. Our annual production capacity is about 4.2 million sqm. Our products are exported to Middle East, Europe, America and Russia. We also got awards as one of Turkey’s stars in exports.

What are your product varieties?

As I mentioned, we produce jacquard and plain velvet type of fabrics used for upholstery and draperies. They are made of cotton, acrylic, viscose and polyester fibers.

Information about production facilities

In our factory of 3 thousand sqm about 100 people are employed. The factory is composed of three sections as preparation, looming and finishing. We updated our machinery and equipment recently by adding new finishing line.

Information about export markets you targeted

For long years, Russia was the largest market for us. We are adding new products in our portfolio and new markets for exports in Europe, America, Iran and Middle East.

What is your customer satisfaction policy?

As Karteks company, we focused on our customers and their satisfaction. We continuously try to improve our processes and to establish long-term relationships with them.

On international fairs and your participation in them

Each year we participate in Evteks and Hometeks fairs, and also in the fairs held in Germany and Russia.

What is your target for the year 2015?

We emphasize on and improve our R&D activities to develop more new products.

What are your additional comments?

We think that there are serious opportunities in textile industry especially in the production of velvet. We want to explore new market opportunities for our new products.

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