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Bambunun doğallığı TAÇ ’la banyolarda


Banyosunda bambunun doğallığını ve yumuşaklığını hissetmek isteyenlerin tercihi olan TAÇ’ın Bambu Aile Setleri, farklı desen ve renk seçenekleri ile evlerin banyo şıklığını tamamlıyor.

Trendleri yansıtan yenilikçi ürünleriyle milyonlarca eve giren TAÇ, farklı renk ve desen alternatiflerinden oluşan ‘Bambu Aile Setleri’ ile bambunun doğallığını banyolara taşıyor.

Perdeden nevresime, yatak örtüsünden havluya kadar uzanan geniş ürün yelpazesiyle evine canlılık katmak isteyenlerle buluşan TAÇ; iki adet bornoz, iki adet havlu ve iki çift terlikten oluşan Bambu Aile Seti ile şıklığı ve sadeliği birarada sunuyor. Kendini özel hissetmek istiyenlerin tercihi olan TAÇ Bambu Aile Setleri, soft renkleri ve yumuşak dokusuyla büyülüyor.

Mavinin en can alıcı tonlarının hakim olduğu çiçek motifli ve işlemeli bornozlardan, simetrik nakışlı ekru ve gül kurusu renkli havlulara kadar tüm TAÇ Bambu Aile Setleri’ne TAÇ Konsept ve Linens mağazaları ile www.tac.com.tr  sitesindeki “Online satış” bölümünden ulaşabilirsiniz.


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MoOD & Indigo Brussels: tour, taxi and take off!

MoOD, the Boutique Show with a Heart for Fabrics, presents the most complete and largest collection of specialists in upholstery fabrics, window textiles and wool covering.

MoOD, Meet only Original Design show of Brussels made its traditional Como press meeting and introduced the latest developments about MoOD. Patrick Geysels, general manager of the event said they would continue with the same excitement despite some negative happenings in Brussels and in the European and global economy. “What is good is that we have not faced one single cancellation after the terror attack happened in Brussels and we have already signed contracts for 80% of the venue. I believe we will be sold out soon,” Geysels noted. “We have the same potential, better hopes and more excitement. At the heart of Brussels, in Tour & Taxi venue, we will record another success with our own specialties such as Blue Drop, Trends, Innovation Platform and more.” Famous designer Jennifer Castoldi of Trendease International, introduced the new trends from a European and contemporary perspective striking as “Wood and stone, worn and aged, these trends all still very ‘hot’.”


But the style is far more eclectic than we have seen for many years. Classic patterns with exotic accents, aquarelle or intense colors, everything is possible. Even the often-dominant ethnic patterns are back again. It would be a sign of the cultural mix populating the mega cities of today. The trend concentration of MoOD is all about the large diversity of styles and colors. Contradictions even, because they show up in a strikingly high number and they are particularly outspoken. MoOD is preparing us for the future. A future in which fabrics
take the center stage: upholstery, window- and wall coverings. Together with Indigo Brussels Home Edition, MoOD Yarns and the Innovation Platform, this compact exhibition forms an ecosystem you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

As a visitor you can find anything to put together a collection or develop a personalized product. From design to finish… You could practically arrive empty handed and leave for home with your personal collection, finalized to the last detail. New smaller players and start-ups were first introduced to the visitor in the last edition. In September 2016 the offer will be strengthened with new materials, new techniques and services.
Even the face of MoOD is changing. As a boutique show MoOD is preparing a special ambiance. Expect an open atmosphere with a contemporary look in an architecturally stunning surrounding. The exhibition will be peppered with inspiration islands and themed bistros. Everything is present for a fulfilled community experience and new business plans.


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Iyı Geceler Istanbul Becomes a Prestigious Home Textile Brand


IYI GECELER ISTANBUL,the young and dynamic brand of the home textile industry has been continuing its partnership with strong and doyen firms. The company has recently celebrated the first anniversary of its partnership with TUNALAR EV TEKSTILI, the leading company of the sector, which assumed the Central and Eastern Black Sea Region Dealership of Iyi Geceler Istanbul and experienced  the pleasure of meeting with the reps of all sales points on the occasion of the event.

Aiming to develop its user area through its trendy home textile products, the brand has already become one of the most prestigious names in the home textile industry.
Speaking at the event, Mr. Hüseyin Kınay said that they were very happy to be part of the success and took pride of contributing to building up a prestigious brand with Orhan Şaşmaz Tekstil, the owner of the brand. He also underlined that they would spare no efforts in sales and marketing of Iyi Geceler Istanbul brand products in the sales points in their region.


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GCM Exists Where Textile Is!


Established in 1988 GCM company has obtained a wide customer portfolio with its quality and customer oriented after sales services, and has become a leader in its field first at domestic market and in abroad where it has been exporting to more than 30 countries. The knowledge and experience that GCM obtained as Güven Çelik, are combined under the name of “GCM Group” as follows:

“GCM” brand in the “Textile Machinery” sector
“GCM Geri Dönüşüm” in the “Plastic Recycling Machinery” sector
“GCM Otomasyon” in the “Automation and Software Koray KUTLU Systems” sector.

The firm has a wide area of customers in the textile industry from integrated textile industry to weavers, from knitted fabric manufacturer to fabric wholesaler, from ready-to-wear manufacturer to fabric importers.
The clients of GCM comprise numerous firms all over Turkey. “Our target is to enlarge our export program and to introduce our machines to all Textile Industry in the world, currently and permanently. We have been continuing our production and after sale service activities with our experienced and expert staff at our factory in Hadimkoy, Istanbul. We are more powerful, more enthusiastic and more customer-oriented solution partner with our GCM brand,” explains an official of the company.

GCM product portfolio includes:
Fabric Inspection Machines,
Fabric Double Folding Machines,
Fabric Roll Packing Machines and Automation,
Laboratory Test Equipment; Spectrophotometer,
Rubbing Resistance Test Apparatus (Crockmeter), Light Box.
Manuel and Automatic Swatch Cutting Knife Machines,
Portable Swatch Cutting With Laser,
Barcode Management for Fabric Sample,
Fabric Quality Inspection System and Bar code
Warehouse Management System,
Drilling Machines.



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Berkay Kartela Offers Excellent Color Chart Headings and Chart Books

For over a decade in the sector Berkay Kartela hasa respectful clientele

Started its production activities in Bursa, the center of the textile business, in 2005 Berkay Kartela has come to a leading position today with its years of experience and strict business principles.

Collaborating with its customers for many years Berkay succeeded a lot of firsts in Turkey with the cooperation and supports of the customers. Treating its customers as trade partners the company gets benefits of this approach.

“Our company is the leader of its sector thanks to our latest technology system machine park and production facility. We mainly manufacture color chart headings and chart books to respond all requirements at this regard,” says an official of the company and adds:

“We take pride of being with our valued customers and to offer solutions to all of their problems. It isour business philosophy to offer the best quality products at most competitive prices. We also attach extra importance on timely delivery. We keep our promise and our principles which all lead us to greater successes in the business life. We respect our customers and we care for their satisfaction with our products and services. We will continue to improve our activities in line with the guidance of our R&D studies by following up the latest trends in the industry in the world.”


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EVTEKS Opens With New Hopes


EVTEKS – 22nd Istanbul Home Textiles Exhibition is one of the top destinations for new business ties in home textiles industry.

Turkey is among top-four in the home textile business in the world and Evteks is the most leading show of the industry in the country. In fact, Evteks is one of the best home textile fair in the world. It attracts around 150 thousand professional visitors from all over the world and exhibitors from many countries. It hosts around a thousand companies with more brands along with concurrent events such as seminars, panels, conferences, etc.
Held over 160 thousand square meters, Evteks is a 5-day event being held from 17th May to the 21st May 2016 at the CNR Expo Center in Istanbul, Turkey. This event showcases products like Home textile products, carpets, tulles, curtains and bed linens are some of primary items of exhibit at the show. High quality raw materials, stylish and innovative design themes etc. in the Home Furnishings & Home Textiles industry. The exhibition is annually organized by ITF - Istanbul Trade Fair / CNR Holding in cooperation with TETSIAD Turkey Home Textiles Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association with the support of Turkish Ministry of Economy.
The Ministry of Economy is organizing a special Buyers (Trade) Mission Program for this fair, May 18-21, 2015. Buyers from selected countries including are invited to join in the mission. For the companies attending the mission, a briefing,  bilateral business meetings with the Turkish companies, an exhibition and facility tour will be organized.


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Proposte stands for excellence!


As an attendee to 23-year old Proposte for 11 years I know a lot about this specialty show but I wanted to have the most accurate information for our readers. For this purpose I interviewed Mr. Massimo Mosiello, general manager of Proposte, on Friday 2016, the last of the show this year.
What makes Proposte unique when compared with other fairs?
There are many factors which differ Proposte from other shows. First of all we are very strict on accepting a company as an exhibitor.


What are your criteria for accepting exhibitors?
First of all, it has to be a manufacturer. No matter how quality sample they submit, we don’t accept importers or traders. Secondly we take their samples and check for quality. We care for their capacity, manufacturing facilities, number of employees and their customer portfolio and profile.
Is it important to know their clientele?
Yes, it is a factor for us to know if they are selling to prestigious companies. Their clientele shows us their quality and respectfulness.

As a European-only show you wouldn’t accept any other companies to the show but since last year you have some none-European exhibitors including three Turkish brands? How has this happened?
In fact those three Turkish brands are the only non-European exhibitors but we made this decision last year. When you look at those three names, Vanelli is a world brand. It has many innovation awards from even European organizations. Marteks has an excellent collection. Penelope is the same. We may accept companies from other countries, too.

What about the International Observatory scattered around?
They are very good for Proposte too. They add more value. Everything is for visitors and buyers. When they come for Proposte, they have more choices because there are some high-end companies among them and there are middle level quality manufacturers. Some of the buyers need middle level rather than top level quality. So, this is very good for everybody. There is another important factor: having many companies at International Observatory section gives us the opportunity to evaluate for having them inside Proposte in the future. We see their collection, we know the company better and we make our decision easier in accepting or refusing their application.

Do you have a plan to open the show to the world? A Proposte Shanghai or New York or Istanbul, for instance?
That could be in the future. We have similar organisations in my other profession at a Milan-based exhibition company. We make apparel shows in Shanghai and New York. Proposte may also consider similar openings in the future but it is not on our closer agenda.


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Polyteks Celebrates Third Decade in Business


A polyester yarn producer company of Tasdelen Group, Polyteks celebrated its 30th anniversary. Established by having only three tons of production capacity in Bursa Demirtas Organized Industrial zone, the company now positioned as a leading producer of technic textile products. In his speech on the occasion, Mustafa Tasdelen, chairman of the group, said, “We keep producing special solutions for our customers and maintain R&D activities to produce specific products. Recently we have signed several cooperation agreements with foreign companies. Our products are sold in Europe, Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. One of our partners is Sinterama, an Italian synthetic yarn producer.”

General coordinator of the company, Ersan Ozsoy emphasized on the export activities reaching to 29 countries. “We are able to produce 36 thousand tons of products in our factory of 40 thousand sqm. We have been successful to grow and to introduce several firsts in the country. Textile section of Tasdelen Group of companies was led by Polyteks, a yarn producing company. We produced pointed texture polyester yarn first in 1989, the first microfilament texture yarn in 1993, first polyester air texture in 1994 and first polyester gimped yarn in 1999. Bicomponent yarns, melting polyester yarns and special yarns for embroidery are also produced in our factory.

“Textile industry is moving to higher value added items, functional and technical textiles that can be imported to world markets. Our exports are growing steadily. “We spare 10 percent of our investment funds to R&D activities,
having a 0.2 percent share in our total sales. We have been preparing our production facilities under the framework of Eureka project that is supported by Tubitak international industrial R&D projects in cooperation with Spanish partners. One of the top 500 companies in Turkey, Polyteks has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. Our company was also awarded by UTIB, Uludag Textile Exporters Association.”


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Pir Nakıs offers excellent draperies


Pir Nakış, an Izmir-based home textile company has been manufacturing and exporting very fancy and quality draperies, guipures and quilted products. We asked Fevzi Cakaloglu, founder of Pir Nakis, about his success story

Brief info on your company?
Our firm was established by Fevzi Cakaloglu to produce embroidered textiles in 1976. In 1990 embroidered drapery production has began and in 1993 the production of every kind of quilted products began. Now, we produce embroidered draperies, guipures, and quilted products on up-to-date machinery.

On product groups and capacities
Our annual production capacity for draperies is 1.2 million meters and for quilts is 900 thousand meters.
On production facilities
We serve in our factory of 4 thousand sqm in Menemen, Izmir, employing 60 people.
On export markets and targets
Every country that buys embroidered draperies is our target market. Presently, we export our products to England, Russia, Rumania, Ukraine, Kuwait, Iran and Spain.
On customer satisfaction
Our priority is customer satisfaction. Profit is to have loyal customers. We do our best for a sustainable success of our firm.
On participation in and importance of fairs
We are aware of the importance of Evteks and Hometex fairs and we participate in both.
On targets for 2016
We know that it will be a difficult year. But we are hopeful and we want to grow more by entering new markets.
On his views and comments about the industry and the company
We want to remind the importance of our need for qualified workers continuously to the representatives of associations, unions, federations and ministries. Emphasis has to be given to the vocational schools to meet the growing demand for trained staff. Besides, we have to point out that incentives are given without having solid explanations. Idle capacities and melting profits are major problems in the industry. We have to think about our strategy in world markets.


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Turkish businesses to organize trade fairs in China,” daily Sabah


Interviewed by Sabah, Ceyda Erem, President of CNR Holding, said Chinese officials asked them to organize shows in China in various sectors including home textiles, furniture, marble, construction materials, elevators, electronics and paints.

CNR Holding President Ceyda Erem said in an exclusive interview with Sabah daily that Turkey needs to invest in organizing trade fairs in order to balance the trade deficit with China. Erem, who participated in the business people group that accompanied Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on his China visit, stressed that the trade deficit with China was $1.24 billion in 2000 but it climbed up to $22 billion to the favor of China this year. When asked about the China visit, Erem said they had been welcomed with a greater regard than ever, and meetings with their Chinese counterparts, especially the CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) sector unions, were finalized with numerous agreements. “The First steps have been taken to organize fairs in five different sectors,” she said, detailing that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s presence alongside Erdoğan had great impact on the attention they received from Chinese business organizations.

They want us to take the Boat Show over there,” Erem said, then listed home textiles, furniture, marble, construction materials, elevators, electronics and paints as the sectors in which the Chinese want Turkey to organize fairs. Erem added that they are planning to take the Boat Show there along with home textiles, marble, rubber and plastics sector fairs. On investing in China, Erem said at an international fair organizers meeting in Switzerland 12 years ago, it was said that in 20 years’ time, they would all be working for China and the European fairs would come to an end. “English and German fair organizing firms have foreseen the decreasing returns in European markets and established their position in China without waiting for 20 years,” Erem said, and highlighted that they had been taking advantage of Turkey’s economic consistency over the last 12 years. Stressing that Chinese business owners do not know English, Erem said they are investing in human resources that will enhance trade with China, and the number of employees who are proficient in Chinese is increasing day-by-day.

When asked about her opinion on the fairground expansion decision of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Erem underlined that the size of the fairs in terms of area is not as important as it is thought to be in Turkey, indicating that the true parameter of success in fairs is the volume of business and the added-value provided to the economy. Erem claimed that the amount of participants and the number of interested visitors should increase in order for fairs to grow, pointing to the Premiere Vision Fair, which was conducted with French partners, as a notable example. She said they have sold 5,500 square meters at fairly high prices and attracted 8,000 suitable visitors. “But the French objected when they planned to double the area of the fair next year,” Erem said, the reason being purposeful expansion, as the French estimated that they could only manage to increase the amount of suitable visitors that would correspond to 1,000 square meters of additional space. Erem then explained that attracting appropriate visitors who are potential customers to the participant firms is more important than expanding the fairgrounds of Istanbul. She added that bringing Chinese visitors to a fair in Turkey is easy, while attracting Chinese buyers is more difficult to do. “That’s why we believe that it is more efficient to invest in organizing fairs in China rather than bringing Chinese buyers over here,” Erem said.


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