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Visitors refer to MoOD/Indigo Brussels as ‘Best Kept Secret’

Marteks general manager Donmaz: “We are extremely satisfied with the results of the show. It was beyond our expectations. Different factors such as timing, quality, location, venue, service, etc. play an important role in the complete package the show.”

Offering original design upholstery, window and wall coverings for the residential and contract market, MoOD, together with surface pattern design show Indigo Brussels, took place in September 2018 at Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

MoOD/Indigo Brussels is a niche exhibition with about 4000 visitors, compact and to-the-point. It is a prestigious event not to be missed by professionals.

You get immediately in the right mood when you arrive at the premises of Tour & Taxis. The restored early 20-century stately warehouses are located at the port in the city center of Brussels. MoOD and Indigo Brussels take up four whole halls, called Sheds, at the former goods station. The exhibition space is bathing in natural daylight thanks to the remarkable construction of the roof.


Furthermore MoOD is being decorated in an inspiring way. Still there is a certain reserved atmosphere at the boutique show. Discrete, uniform and attractive stands make sure that the ‘product is the hero’. The fabrics and creations are in the spotlight. A concept that has been tried and tested that makes for an informal and relaxed atmosphere, high-class as a result of numerous beautiful highlights.

Quality from all over the world

The collections presented at MoOD and Indigo were focused on the European market with exhibitors coming from all over the world. MoOD unites 14 different nationalities and the offer of Indigo hails from 17 different countries.

Visitors arrive from the four corners of the planet. Europe remains most strongly represented with a percentage of 78%. Frontrunners are the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. The Scandinavian countries and Norway in particular showed the strongest growth this year. Non-European visitors mainly come from Russia, China, India, Korea and Japan. Also visitors from Canada, the US, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, South Africa and Mauritius made their way to Brussels.

The quality of the visitors was particularly appreciated by the exhibitors. Three-quarters of them assigned MoOD/Indigo a score of 75% or higher as it comes to visitor quality. A result of the know-how as it comes to attracting the right visitors.


Trends, innovations, awards and busy seminars

MoOD/Indigo Brussels knows how to fascinate show visitors with a varied, inspirational offer. The trend show PASSAGES, the Blue Drop selection, the Blue Drop Awards and most certainly the Innovation Platform all appeared to be a must-see for professionals who have a finger on the pulse in our industry. The seminars attracted a large audience and the guided walks were again fully booked.

Some facts about MoOD/Indigo Brussels 2017

100 MoOD exhibitors, weavers and printers showing their new collections and designs, were joined by a selection of 25 Launch Pads. In addition, 10 exhibitors bringing their latest innovations to the New Materials/MoOD Tech area were another attraction for the event.

Indigo Brussels gathered 100 studios from 17 counties showing high-level surface and pattern designs. The Indigo Brussels exhibitors top 3: UK, France and Italy.

Indigo Brussels certainly is a great addition to MoOD. Both shows make a perfect match!

Through the eyes of a Turkish exhibitor

Hakan Donmaz, General Manager of the Turkish company Marteks looks back on a particular successful exhibition. He spontaneously sent us his testimonial:

“We are extremely satisfied with the results of the show, they were beyond our expectations. Different factors play an important role in the complete package the show has to offer:

- Timing: the moment when MoOD is taking place, is ideal, not only for Marteks but also for the designers.

- Quality: we had high-level visitors, not only customers but also very good contacts, prospects and leads.

- Brussels: the location is just perfect, in the heart of Europe, everybody gets there in a convenient way (airports and railway stations nearby).

- Venue & concept: the venue of Tour & Taxis is unique; the “boutique” concept fits perfectly.

- Service: the visitors feel they’re welcome. They get free coffee & tea at the central coffee corner, there is a lot of interactivity e.g. the Trend Seminars, Walks & Talks, the Innovation Platform, … etc.

Marteks will most certainly be exhibiting at MoOD 2018!”


Best Color Passage goes to Teksko

The Blue Drop Awards have been awarded on the second day of MoOD. The Blue Drop exhibition  is an inspiring overview of the “best of the best” of what you can find at MoOD selected from creations submitted by exhibitors. Unique in its own way because it is the world’s only quality label of its kind for interior textiles.

The color award goes to a fabric that uses only one color. It may seem a little awkward, but the jury chose this fabric for the way the color changes according to the play of light in the yarns. One color became many colors. It was the fabric developed by Turkish Teksko.

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MoOD & Indigo Brussels: tour, taxi and take off!

MoOD, the Boutique Show with a Heart for Fabrics, presents the most complete and largest collection of specialists in upholstery fabrics, window textiles and wool covering.

MoOD, Meet only Original Design show of Brussels made its traditional Como press meeting and introduced the latest developments about MoOD. Patrick Geysels, general manager of the event said they would continue with the same excitement despite some negative happenings in Brussels and in the European and global economy. “What is good is that we have not faced one single cancellation after the terror attack happened in Brussels and we have already signed contracts for 80% of the venue. I believe we will be sold out soon,” Geysels noted. “We have the same potential, better hopes and more excitement. At the heart of Brussels, in Tour & Taxi venue, we will record another success with our own specialties such as Blue Drop, Trends, Innovation Platform and more.” Famous designer Jennifer Castoldi of Trendease International, introduced the new trends from a European and contemporary perspective striking as “Wood and stone, worn and aged, these trends all still very ‘hot’.”


But the style is far more eclectic than we have seen for many years. Classic patterns with exotic accents, aquarelle or intense colors, everything is possible. Even the often-dominant ethnic patterns are back again. It would be a sign of the cultural mix populating the mega cities of today. The trend concentration of MoOD is all about the large diversity of styles and colors. Contradictions even, because they show up in a strikingly high number and they are particularly outspoken. MoOD is preparing us for the future. A future in which fabrics
take the center stage: upholstery, window- and wall coverings. Together with Indigo Brussels Home Edition, MoOD Yarns and the Innovation Platform, this compact exhibition forms an ecosystem you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

As a visitor you can find anything to put together a collection or develop a personalized product. From design to finish… You could practically arrive empty handed and leave for home with your personal collection, finalized to the last detail. New smaller players and start-ups were first introduced to the visitor in the last edition. In September 2016 the offer will be strengthened with new materials, new techniques and services.
Even the face of MoOD is changing. As a boutique show MoOD is preparing a special ambiance. Expect an open atmosphere with a contemporary look in an architecturally stunning surrounding. The exhibition will be peppered with inspiration islands and themed bistros. Everything is present for a fulfilled community experience and new business plans.


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MoOD & Indigo Brussels: tour, taxi and take off!

MoOD, the Boutique Show with a Heart for Fabrics, presents the most complete and largest collection of specialists in upholstery fabrics, window textiles and wool covering.

MoOD, Meet only Original Design show of Brussels made its traditional Como press meeting and introduced the latest developments about MoOD. Patrick Geysels, general manager of the event said they would continue with the same excitement despite some negative happenings in Brussels and in the European and global economy. “What is good is that we have not faced one single cancellation after the terror attack happened in Brussels and we have already signed contracts for 80% of the venue. I believe we will be sold out soon,” Geysels noted. “We have the same potential, better hopes and more excitement. At the heart of Brussels, in Tour & Taxi venue, we will record another success with our own specialties such as Blue Drop, Trends, Innovation Platform and more.”

Famous designer Jennifer Castoldi of Trendease International, introduced the new trends from a European and contemporary perspective striking as “Wood and stone, worn and aged, these trends all still very ‘hot’.”

But the style is far more eclectic than we have seen for many years. Classic patterns with exotic accents, aquarelle or intense colors, everything is possible. Even the often-dominant ethnic patterns are back again. It would be a sign of the cultural mix populating the mega cities of today. The trend concentration of MoOD is all about the large diversity of styles and colors. Contradictions even, because they show up in a strikingly high number and they are particularly outspoken.

MoOD is preparing us for the future. A future in which fabrics take the center stage: upholstery, window- and wall coverings. Together with Indigo Brussels Home Edition, MoOD Yarns and the Innovation Platform, this compact exhibition forms an ecosystem you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

As a visitor you can find anything to put together a collection or develop a personalized product. From design to finish… You could practically arrive empty handed and leave for home with your personal collection, finalized to the last detail. New smaller players and start-ups were first introduced to the visitor in the last edition. In September 2016 the offer will be strengthened with new materials, new techniques and services.

Even the face of MoOD is changing. As a boutique show MoOD is preparing a special ambiance. Expect an open atmosphere with a contemporary look in an architecturally stunning surrounding. The exhibition will be peppered with inspiration islands and themed bistros. Everything is present for a fulfilled community experience and new business plans.

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MoOD’s success marks strong belief in the future

23 Turkish exhibitors participated in this important European show.

MoOD fair of Brussels once again scored high in the field of quality and that in this way, it offered a solid basis for the future. One cannot conclude otherwise than that MoOD gained in aura and charm, which is the result of a move towards new halls, in combination with its new look & feel. Looking back, MoOD can be subdivided into three main issues: First of all, it was very successful transformation towards new spaces. For the first time, MoOD took place in a new trade show concept in Brussels Expo’s Hall 5, the Patio and Hall 8. This was a very successful transformation, as visitors felt welcomer than ever. MoOD’s transformation was based on a different placement of exhibitors and product groups on the one hand and on the offering of new and inspiring projects on the other.

Secondly, the exhibitors made the difference: A trade show scores thanks to the quality of its exhibitors. It was clear that the exhibitors at MoOD gave the new concept their full support, which could be seen all around, with lots of renewed booths and an extensive range of new collections. In all of these it was not only about quantity, but mainly also about a striking high quality of the creations. Thirdly, it was better than expected: Three days of MoOD demonstrated the show did a lot better than was expected. This was the overall spirit of the exhibitors we talked to at the end of the show.

MoOD already looks to the future, as the dates for MoOD 2015 have been set: 8, 9 and 10 September 2015 when the exhibitors we be hosted in Hall 5, the Patio and Hall 8 of Brussels Expo as was this year.

10,1MoOD’s new identity wins favor

How did visitors rate this year’s MoOD? “Satisfied” to “very satisfied” was how 80% of the visitors to MoOD rated their visit, according to an article published by Furniture News Magazine. On the one hand, they appreciated the high quality and international diversity of the exhibitors there, and on the other, they enjoyed new projects like the “Inspiration Zone”, “Walk of Fame” and “Innovation platform”. The lion’s share of surveyed visitors intend to attend the trade show again in 2015.

A closer look at the profile of the MoOD visitor

MoOD visitors tend to be general managers and professionals in the fields of design and styling. Commercial reps often visit MoOD, representing companies active as editeurs, wholesalers, retail agents, import/export companies, furniture manufacturers, in design, interior decoration and product development.

Upholstery fabrics remain the dominant focus. No less than 76% of visitors attend for this precise product group. Window decoration accounts for 50% of intended purchasing and 35% of visitors indicate that they come to the show specifically for wall coverings. The product range at MoOD reflects that exact ratio, and so it aligns perfectly with the visitors’ expectations and requirements.

Fifty per cent of MoOD visitors is also interested in the offerings at Indigo; 25% will certainly also check out MoOD Yarns. Both figures show that both Indigo and MoOD Yarns generate significant added value for visitors.

New trends and contract qualities are at the very top of visitors’ wish lists. The various projects and the product ranges of exhibitors satisfy this wish.

MoOD scores when it comes to quality

The results of the exhibitor survey provided overall confirmation of what visitors already had to say. First and foremost, the new Look & Feel of MoOD was warmly received by 75% of the companies present.

The participating companies also emphasized that MoOD 2014 achieved high sites particularly when it comes to quality. Exhibitors indicated that they were satisfied to very satisfied with the level of quality of their fellow exhibitors. High-quality, useful contacts translated into orders actually placed that exceeded the numbers for MoOD 2013. Finally, we can say that the new identity of MoOD leads to a feeling of general satisfaction among exhibitors and confidence in the 2015 edition.

The exhibitors have a positive outlook towards the future

All in all, most participating companies have a positive outlook on the future. No fewer than 80% stated that they expect an increase in volume and/or turnover for their companies in the next three years. 
It is also striking that some 65% say that the contract market may well account for a larger share of their turnover than it does today in the medium term. As for new technologies (such as digital printing), 50% is convinced that its product range will change fundamentally in the next three years as a result of new technologies. If we look at the focus on geographic markets, the jury is unanimous: MoOD exhibitors will continue to concentrate primarily on the European market over the next three years as well.

Colors and expressive patterns are popping up more and more in window decoration. The use of basic colors in combination with graphic patterns is one example of a striking statement. We are also seeing more “inbetweens” than we were a few years ago. This refers to the type of fabric that can be used for different applications. We are thinking of pillows, window coverings, all types of accessories, and sometimes even upholstery.

Technicity is also playing a big role in window decorating. Special weaves are scratching the itch for playful effects, like having the daylight generate a pattern in the fabric as it streams in, and then suddenly disappear when it grows dark at night. Window coverings are where the creative and technological innovations can be found, more so than in other fabrics. One of the most innovative was a modern-looking lace with noise-insulating properties normally expected only from heavy curtains. Noise insulation was achieved by making micro-perforations in the thread combined with specials weaves in the fabric. One thing is certain: aesthetic, technicity and willingness to experiment at the loom have resulted in a cutting-edge, tremendously high-caliber range at MoOD.

Trends at MoOD: aesthetics, technicity and the willingness to experiment

One of the most striking autumn trends at MoOD is the wide-ranging use of color for upholstery fabrics and window coverings. While upholstery fabrics tend towards discrete, neutral colors, window coverings are trending in the opposite direction: windows have colorful stories to tell this year.

A second trend is the focus on technicity: gorgeous, creative weaves and effects that all owe their existence to refined knowledge of the loom’s possibilities. Another noticeable pattern is that contract-quality fabrics, such as those with a high Martindale rating, are finding their way to the residential market. The superior softness of the textile fabrics has a lot to do with this.

MoOD 2014 where the future meets tradition

Mr. Patrick Geysels, general manager of MoOD, gave all details about the show on the first day of MoOD: “When MoOD (formerly Decosit) was founded in 1979, the future was so challenging that little attention was left for tradition. Tradition, however, has seen a robust comeback for some years now. We see this in many creations that hark back to traditional techniques, crafts or designs. Interest in the future is still very great, on the other hand, if not even greater than before. The part of technology in our industry for example is growing especially quickly. In addition, it seems that companies that manage to link tradition and technology perform better than their counterparts who don’t.

How is this manifested at MoOD?


“Tradition is visible at MoOD in the languid, exclusive productions by exhibitors who reach back for traditional techniques or designs. For example, there is a noticeable trend towards handicrafts, sometimes combined with advanced technological production processes. Hand-woven or hand-embroidered details are popping up in more and more collections and lace, or illustrations of lace, abound. Paisley designs are also regularly resurfacing, in addition to many traditional illustrations from diverse cultures. An old tradition is seeing a resurgence even in the materials, specifically by selecting the highest quality with care and carefully processing them with attention to durability.

Tradition is the central theme at the trend forum too, more specifically in the theme of DamNation. This lays bare a trend in which brands and companies return to their original values and their history.DamNation spurs companies on to opt for colour pallets with historical value.

“The trade show figures also show an unsolicited view of where the tradition of MoOD is pointing. Upholstery remains the most strongly represented product range. The companies that are specialised in upholstery are primarily grouped together in the front of Hall 5. They gradually shift to the second strongest group, window coverings, and, in the Patio, the specialists in wall coverings are grouped. Here, too, tradition continues to play a role for MoOD, because at MoOD it is primarily about textile wall coverings

In Hall 8, finally, “Touch of Class” features the exhibitors with a pronounced focus on the high-end market. Tradition is ubiquitous here. Not only in the use of materials, but certainly also in the designs. “Designs are also in ample supply at our sister fair Indigo, where 103 designers are presenting their newest work to the public


“MoOD supports the future of the industry like no other and so it emphasises technology. The innovation platform in the Patio again offers a strong selection of innovative samples. Some are prototypes, others are already being produced and can be used immediately in interiors. The samples were selected in cooperation with cutting-edge partners. The possibility to interact with the companies that have submitted the samples is new. A large portion of these companies are not physically present at MoOD, after all, but now guests can contact them at the fair and ask questions or even place orders. This makes a sort of digital mini-trade show at MoOD.

The contract market is also sharply focused on the future, due in large part to the fact that the demand for new functionalities in textiles has increased dramatically in recent years. “It is no longer sufficient for a contract fabric to just be fire-proof,” we heard from Engelbert Stieger.

“Contract fabrics also have to be dirt-repellent as well. UV-resistant, sun-blocking, energy-saving and increasingly noise-insulated.” Such contract quality is being employed increasingly in residential environments. In other words, the boundaries are becoming blurred. MoOD is convinced that textiles can offer solutions in widely diverse domains and that there is great potential to be exploited in the future.

“The cooperation with Trevira CS, who is attending with 6 gold and silver members, only serves to underscore this. “For the first time, you will also find a Contract Experts Sample bank near the innovation platform where visitors can browse through the samples submitted for the contract market. They give a reliable picture of the range.

“When we talk about the future, we have to talk about yarns, where many innovations are finding their ways to the weaving mill. The exhibitors of MoOD yarns are eager to talk to visitors.

10.3Digital printing, it is ubiquitous!

“With new technologies and rapid advances in printing technology, the possibilities are being expanded even farther. “The only limit is imagination” is a statement by Athenea, one of the exhibitors who has embraced the digital production process. MoOD views the emergence of the technology as a new challenge and accordingly is presenting the Digital Village to the public. The ‘village’ is built around trade show partner HP, who was present for the first time at MoOD last year. You will notice that the digitisation of production is also unavoidable to the high-end companies, by the way. They are also discovering and exploring the boundless possibilities.

MoOD is the ‘plaque tournante’

“First and foremost because MoOD is filling the stately historic halls of the expo with a ‘nouveau aménagement’ and presenting products for the future here, but also of course because MoOD again has some 160 high-quality exhibitors to present to visitors in a clear and structured trade show plan.

“MoOD is also a pivot for visitors looking for knowledge. Knowledge is power, after all. Armed with the knowledge of the right suppliers, knowledge of trends, of the industry and colour. That knowledge is waiting for you at MoOD, with the exhibitors, with the press booths, the designers and of course the trend forum.

“But the most important task of MoOD is to be a pivot for the exhibitors. We remain loyal to our unique profile, where each exhibitor owns the creations they offer. MoOD is the place where business can be done face-to-face and especially where the textile professional can discover partners to collaborate on creations. Co-creation is after all the key to the future, because this is how intensive cooperation ties are created that transcend disciplines and broaden perspectives. Cocreation leads more often to unique designs in cooperation with the customer for whom the product is intended. That is why MoOD counts not just the quality of products but definitely also the quality of contacts. And that is what is and continues to make MoOD unique.

“Finally, MoOD is also a ‘plaque tournante’ – a pivot – because interaction with visitors is being stimulated in this edition. There are two ways this is happening: first of all, there is the possibility for interaction at the innovation platform and, very importantly, the visitors themselves can choose an award for the first time. Blue Drop is being expanded to include the new Blue Drop Visitor’s Award to be presented on Thursday afternoon. Every visitor can exert influence by voting for a product from the Blue Drop selection. iPads are provided for this purpose in the Walk of Fame, in Hall 5, where the Blue Drop Awards and labels are presented to the public.

The future is not possible without tradition.

“I can only conclude that the future is not possible without tradition, because it is the dynamic between the both that is the key to more sustainable (ecological) enterprise but also to durable, rock-solid companies and, not to forget, to a sustainable industry that still has reason to exist the day after tomorrow. “10


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MoOD Yarns show is growing at the shade of mother MoOD


MoOD Yarns has a highly specialized offer proposed by leading European spinners: raw white and dyed chenille yarns, fancy yarns, linen and blended linen, texturized and highperformance yarns.

MoOD Yarns is a workshop dedicated only to spinners and fiber producers presenting collections for upholstery, furnishing or home textiles. 
It is a qualitative offer for a unique workshop. The show targets upholstery weavers, home fabrics’ manufacturers or retailers, curtains producers
and contract operators.
It is intentionally a trade fair with a compact format, a workshop, which is part of the MoOD event.


A top-end environment

Visitors to MoOD-Brussel will discover a creative and innovative marketplace where original suppliers and purchasers trade products and solutions for residential and contract building projects. MoOD – Meet only Original Designs – is a number one driver, creating new commercial and networking opportunities and sharing market insights. MoOD Yarns part of the prestigious fair is developing steadily. It seems that when the sector starts recovering, the yarn show will build up a prestigious and remarkable image and will attract select producers. The 2014 exhibitor list has prestigious names as Vlnap, Torcitura Lei Tsu, Tintoria Sala, F.LLI Baroni, FR-Total Care, Radici Group – Noyfil, and Predilnica Litija.

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MoOD, where original designs and professionals meet

8Turkey will be represented by 23 leading exporters at this prestigious fair. Ihlas Magazine Group will attend the fair with its 5 magazines related to home textiles and interior decoration

Being at the crossroads of Europe, MoOD-Brussel has a strong international appeal and a unique fair profile that focuses only on original producers of upholstery, window and wall coverings. Experienced producers come to exhibit their products because they know that professionals from all corners of the world come to Brussels specifically for the show. MoOD is therefore the best place to show and to see the newest creations, innovations, scoops and bestsellers.

With over 200 exhibitors from more than 30 countries MoOD attracts visitors from all over the world. Turkey is a good part of this important show from the standpoints of exhibitors and visitors. This year 23 Turkish companies will be exhibiting their latest products and a great number of visitors, buyers and sector professionals such as trend teams, R&D people and product development people will all be at Mood.Compared to other events, MoOD presents the most complete and largest collection of specialists in upholstery, window and wall coverings.

Trends bring an inspiring moment, new colors and a shortcut to the fair through its sample banks. Innovation is at the heart of a new dynamics. Innovation is about products that are functional, ecological and aesthetical. 11 years ago, MoOD (Decosit at the time) presented its first innovation platform. Today, interest in this platform is greater than ever. Innovations drive the future9

Contract is a true MoOD specialty. No less than 25% of the exhibitors are real specialists in contract, realising at least 30% of their turnover directly in this market.A key role in this contract area is played by Trevira CS, a solid MoOD partner for many years already. Apart from the Contract Square, a lot of other exhibitors also offer contract qualities

With the slogan ‘In the MoOD for Belgium’, a double reference was made: on the one hand to the origin of MoOD in Belgium. In 1979, Belgian textile manufacturers decided to merge their forces and together they start an international trade show by the name of DECOSIT. On the other hand, the slogan refers to renewed interest in the Belgian and European textile industry where tradition and future intersect more than ever. ‘Future meets Tradition’ is a current theme, where the textile tradition goes back to the Middle Ages and where innovations lead for resourcing

Doing business Face-to-face

Although doing business digitally has gained interest everywhere in recent years, MoOD pays attention to doing business face-to-face. After all, networks are best created when people truly meet each other. MoOD fulfills two tasks here.First of all, MoOD is a compact, clearly readable trade show with a direct business style. MoOD occupies a unique position, all exhibitors are producers and owners of their collections and so is a direct contact point for the development or adaptation of products. Secondly, MoOD provides the right visitor, thanks to a product range that encompasses everything, from design (INDIGO) to threads (MoOD YARNS) to collections in upholstery, window and wall coverings that can be situated in the middle to the highest segment.

Historic halls and clearly arranged fair plan

In September, MoOD announced to move to the historic hall 5, the Patio and hall 8. The exhibitors have been grouped as much as possible according to their specialization, so visitors can easily plan their appointments. The projects are divided over the halls. The most striking novelty is setting up the trend forum at the entry of hall 5. The overarching theme ‘ATTENTION’ includes three subthemes, BORDERLINE, DAMNATION, and the POWER OF PLAY. You can read more about it in the addendum. The sample banks ha also been set up by the entrance to Hall 5. Here the visitor can see a brief overview of what is offered on the fair floor.

11Walk of Fame – Blue Drop receives Visitor’s Award- Hall 5

The Blue Drop selection with labels and awards are getting a real “walk of fame” centrally in hall 5. The Blue Drop Visitor’s award is new. Every visitor will be encouraged to vote via an iPad here for the best creation from the Blue Drop selection. The product that garners the most votes receives the Blue Drop Visitor’s Award. It will get very interesting because visitors can follow the competition on the screen. The award presentation is scheduled for Thursday. The Walk of Fame is also a place to take a break during the fair. The barista on service provides for a comfortable coffee break and for the first time MoOD is also paying attention to the many tea lovers with a stylish selection of the most delicious traditional teas.

Innovation platform and MoOD Yarns

MoOD is a trendsetter when it comes to innovations. It was the first trade fair that offered visitors an innovation platform. This has now grown to become a veritable journey of discovery that no less than 5 partners are collaborating on: This concerns MateriO Belgium, Global Color ResearchTM Mix Publications, CELC Masters of Linen, Trendease International and Parcours Textile “Design September”. The innovation platform is flanked by MoOD Yarns where yarn suppliers present to visitors. These are essential parts of innovative designs

Contract & DesignTrevira CS and INDIGO

MoOD has built up a strong image in the contract market together with contract partner Trevira CS. There is one big reason to visit the contract range at MoOD: quality. The quality of the range is not only guaranteed, it is even unparalleled, because only at MoOD do only the real specialists get a contract label. INDIGO has also helped pave the way with MoOD. INDIGO brings designers together in hall 8 and connects seamlessly with the range of MoOD.

MoOD Media City 12

MoOD Media Bar in the Patio, near the Innovation platform, is a meeting place where visitors can relive the atmosphere and history of MoOD. A selection will be made from 30 years of Decosit and 5 years of MoOD of fun, telling images. The exhibit reconfirms the basic values of MoOD, previously Decosit, and connects with a theme the current designs are brimming with

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Maison & Objet, reflection of global interior design trends!

Better than the best show of whole home decoration sector, Maison & Object was held in Paris with new surprises and changes.

In response to a perpetually changing market, MAISON&OBJET adjusts the boundaries of its trade shows each session to remain the most precise reflection of global interior design trends. In September, the event covering all sectors of interior design welcomed professionals of interior decoration to discover latest products of home fashion. Lifestyles are changing as the kitchen is becoming an inspiration in the home and chefs are setting the tone: dining and cooking are hot topics! MAISON&OBJET has offered a new approach to dining and cooking in hall 3, with cook design. Cook: because dining and cooking become one when we consider the pleasure of preparing and sharing a meal. Design: because creativity and innovation are seen on every dining table and in every kitchen, from new designs to new materials and new equipment…

A concept designed for cook-shops, concepts stores and specialists in dining and cooking – all retailers and professionals seeking creativity and trends. An event which extends the pleasure of dining and cooking to the restaurant as well as the home! The trade show has treated côté déco to a makeover. In order to respond to market changes; côté déco charme, côté déco références, and inspiration jardin had joined together under a single banner – côté déco – which was in halls 4 and 5A. côté déco hall 4 featured styles, expertise and high-end products for the most beautiful stores, interior designers and interior architects looking for original solutions. côté déco hall 5A hosted all the charm of comprehensive interior design concepts, a product range reflecting trends and the expectations of retailers and the market.

The ACTUEL area was flourishing, just like the contemporary style it promoted. Meticulously designed by Jean Philippe-Nuel and located within the Business Lounge, this popular area with specifiers had a stronger identity this time. The ACTUEL area grouped an urban, modern and highend range, presented in the spirit of diversity characteristic of MAISON&OBJET.

The ultra-dynamic home accessories sector contains the l’enfant, moving, fragrance & spa and objet de mode sectors in a frenzy of creativity and novelty. To promote it, since September 2012 MAISON&OBJET has highlighted the most innovative offers from these sectors in a Best Of identified by a brightly colored carpet in the entrance to hall 6. Almost 200 exhibitors were selected each session. Trends to look out for this September included the return of authenticity, caprice, creativity and people. For these exhibitors represent a real groundswell in interior design which was expressed both at moving, and objet de mode as well as in the aisles of fragrance & spa.

MAISON&OBJET offered a highlight for all interior architects and specifiers looking for inspiration, innovation and exclusivity – the raw materials of this trade show dedicated to architectural solutions. Rare materials, exceptional techniques and cutting-edge technologies were presented here by expert businesses active around the world.

The quality of exhibitors was echoed in a spectacular layout design from Philippe Boisselier on the theme of cities, as well as a completely new inspirations and services center, located at the junction with the scènes d’intérieur trade show.

Standing out from other design trade shows design, now! design à vivre managed to develop a unique message combining a high-quality, industrywide product range, including indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories, lights, textiles and hi-tech solutions.

A 360° analysis of objects and design territories had been established with the collective expression of several countries that choose this professional event to present their most promising talents to international buyers. In the spotlight this year were Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, as well as Latvia and the UK, not to mention the new wave of French production houses and the now emblematic design from Scandinavia.



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Ali Erdem Textile makes its presence felt in foreign markets

Could you mention history of your company?

Founded in Denizli in 2008, Ali Erdem Tekstil embarked on the textile market as a company trading stock products. Ali Erdem started as an unskilled staff in large textile firms in Denizli in 1995, then he served the industry as an administrator for many years. For the need of the textile market, he started to produce home textile products in 2010. Currently, our company offers stock and manufacturing products.

 Could you brief us on your production capacity and product groups?

We produce and market notably towels and bathrobes for home textiles, hotel group textiles, bed linen, bedclothes, napkins and aprons. We produce 25-30 tons of towels monthly, 8-10 thousand bathrobes and other groups. We have increased our production volume from 250 thousand to 300 thousand TL turnovers monthly.

As for your production facilities,what particular points do you want to emphasize?

Quality is key to customer satisfaction for Ali Erdem Tekstil. Giving particular importance to customer satisfaction, our company aims to offer products with the best quality at the most competitive price since its inception. As of 2013, our firm plans to participate in international fairs in order to provide better quality and service for its customers abroad.

Could you inform us on your current export markets and target markets?

We export and market our own products and import products to notably European countries, notably Germany, Italy, France and Poland, Romania; African countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Chile and Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, etc. in Asia. We have customers with the dialogue in developing and emerging countries. Our highest priority is to achieve to reach more countries and cities.

What policies doyou adopt for customer satisfaction?

We aim to provide our customers the best quality products at the best price, and work them in the long term with solid fundamentals.

 Do you participate in international trade fairs? What do you think about the importance of trade fairs in the sector?

We did not participate in international trade fairs before, but we followed fairs individually and contact with our clients directly. We closely follow the fairs in the sector, and we support them. This trade fairs are effective organizations meeting our suppliers and companies.

What are your major the year 2013?

We aim to take place in the trade organizations in the country and participate in international fairs abroad in order to serve our customers better in the country and abroad.

Is there anything you want to add about your activities and the industry?

The textile sector gears up the last 3 years. We thank Allah. There are many earnings for people working in this sector. Customer likes reliable company, as producer likes reliable dealer. I suggest everybody not to shop without seeing everything in the market. ‘I would regret not to see rather than not to buy’



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Ihlas launches first mattress fair of Turkey

Ihlas is one of the biggest media conglomerates of Turkey having three private TV channels, a radio channel, a daily newspaper, a news agency, 30 magazines, hundreds of books and encyclopedias, calendars, an internet service providing company, net communications, various news portals, a fair & exhibition company, hospitals, schools and industrial establishments.

It has now programmed the first sleep products fair of Turkey: Sleep Well Expo which covers the mattress main industry, sub industry, machinery and equipment.

The venue of this important fair will be Istanbul Expo Center, which is exactly facing the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport and the frequency will be annually. As the first of its kind in Turkey, Sleep Well Expo will contribute to Turkey’s being a production hub for the mattress industry.

Sleep Well Expo will host a platform where the latest technologies and products will be showcased altogether. Ever increasing value of mattress and other sleep products fair will be an important organization which will bring leading companies and reps of the industry together. Many international companies doing business with Turkey in this industry have already shown their interest in the fair which will bring together CEOs, top level officials, purchasing managers, producers, consumers, foreign and domestic dealers and representatives. Product groups of the fair include Turkish mattress producers, mattress importers, furniture and mattress stores, foreign mattress producers, sub-industry products, mattress and quilting machinery and equipment, etc.

The visitor portfolio includes experts and high-level officials of the private sector, buyers from different sectors to realize projects, businessmen, investors, mattress industry authorities, dealers and representatives, chambers of commerce, associations, furniture manufacturers, purchasing officials of tourism, hotel and hospitality industry, etc.

Most powerful media sponsors The main media partners of the fair are Sleep Well and Sleep Tech magazines. Other media partners and sister publications include TGRT Haber TV, Ihlas New Agency, Turkiye Daily Newspaper, TGRT FM Radio, and sector magazines such as Home Textile Exports, Décor, Curtain & Curtain Accessories, Contract Textile International, etc.

There will be seminars and different activities related to new products, technologies and applications.

Istanbul unites its natural beauties with its historical and cultural wealth and modern infrastructure, ascending in world league as the new favorite city for international organizations. Istanbul has an historical and cultural heritage acknowledged by the whole world. Apart from its historical and natural beauties the city is quite assertive with its hotels, fair, congress and meeting halls at world standards. The visitors coming for meetings, congresses and fairs have the opportunity to experience the eastern and the western cultures together amongst the artworks reflecting a history of thousands of years.

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eMOTION – MoOD Inspirations 2014 – 2015

MoOD has always a lot to say about the future trends. Every year it sets the trends of coming season.

This year is no exception. The fashion minds of MoOD made an excellent job and put forward eMOTION. eMOTION shows four future scenarios which have one thing in common despite their diversity: everything revolves around emotion.

Terre Natale

More and more people resist against the overpowering ADHD economy. Terre Natale embodies switch off, experience, enjoying simplicity and tranquility. We no longer have to own things, because ownership is linked to a feeling of lack of freedom. ‘No to ownership, yes to access’ is the key to freedom. Just like nationalism and identity connects us to our Terre Natale, but we do not need to live there to be a part of it. The materials and colors in Terre Natale are connected to the earth, water and nature.

Key words: Freedom, Switch Off, No to Ownership, Yes to Access, Native Soil, Earth.


The way we look at the world is changing. Transparency and openness, light-heartedness, love and honesty are basic skills. Literally and figuratively. These values are almost always associated with light and soft colors. So(u)laris embraces the return of the mysticism and colors so very very white. The emotion of So(u)laris is magic and poetic but never dramatic. She is just barely controlled and sometimes even turned inwards and resigned.

Key words: Transparency, Love, Poetry, Mysticism, Light-heartedness, Co-creation


Today more than ever, we understand how much color influences our mind. Companies that provide color consultancy are popping up all over the world and more and more architects and designers are approaching an architectural space from the emotional experience they want to provoke. Color also stands for a promise. The fact that we are so crazy about color indicates that we are fed up with the crisis. The colors in this scene are rebelling against the so called ‘designer’s colors’ of the last decade. They are pure, honest and like to reveal themselves on smooth, plain materials.

Key words: Optimism, Colors, Fools, Play, Pure colors, Honest, Promise


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