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Sustainable in many different ways: recycling at Trevira

On the 4th October 2017 a new brand was introduced at Trevira: Trevira SINFINECO®. This label may be carried by all textiles that contain sustainable Trevira products. Sustainable, innovative, high-value and responsible – these are the values the new brand stands for.As an industrial enterprise, Trevira is conscious of its special responsibility for an intact environment and has long advocated the recycling of valuable raw materials and waste products. Trevira CEO Klaus Holz: “We at Trevira wish to preserve the environment and at the same time work to create value. These are the criteria of our sustainability concept.“Creation of the new brand is therefore only a logical step, one that enables customers to label their sustainable Trevira products as such. Trevira is known for the high quality of its products. In every way recycled products are as good as the original materials in terms of quality and performance. Two vital elements in Pre-Consumer Recycling and an important concept in Post-Consumer Recycling form part of the sustainability strategy of Trevira to conserve resources and maintain value. h26 In the area of Pre-Consumer Recycling, on the one hand, residual materials resulting from the manufacture of polyester fibers and filaments in Bobingen and Guben, dependent on the manufacturing step, are processed in the agglomeration plant and restored to become serviceable primary material. The recyclates are then fed back to our fiber and filament spinning mills, to be made into new top-quality products. On the other hand, in fiber production there occurs in the manufacture of tow a small proportion of tow that cannot be used for converting and has to be cut out. Instead of selling this material as waste, it is cut up, pressed into balls and then carded / combed by a partner, resulting in a 1A quality product. The GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard) is requested for this. As with converter tow from new material, the recycled tow is mostly incorporated into polyester wool blends (55 % PET / 45 % wool), which are used primarily in corporate wear and uniforms. In the area of Post-Consumer Recycling, Trevira offers filament yarns consisting of 100 % recycled PET bottles. Our parent company Indorama manufactures very high quality recycled chips from PET bottles. Since only transparent PET bottles are used in Thailand, the flakes and chips are of a particularly good and very uniform quality. The recycled chips, fibers and filaments from Indorama bear the GRS certificates (Global Recycled Standard) and RCS-NL (Recycled Claim Standard). Trevira processes the regranulate made by Indorama from bottle flakes into filament yarns consisting 100 % of recycled material. The filament yarns are available in titres 167 and 76 dtex normal polyester. Alongside technical applications, they are used in the automotive and apparel sectors. In addition, many promising developments with the recycled material are on their way.

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Trevira CS at MoOd Brussels 2016

The fiber manufacturer Trevira is making an appearance at the new fair location in Brussels, based on its tried and tested concept and working together with a total of eleven partners. As in recent years, Trevira CS yarn partners Vlnap from the Czech Republic and Lei Tsu (Italy) are presenting their latest products at MoOD Yarns, while Trevira itself will be on show on the Trevira CS Contract Square, along with nine fabric manufacturers.

Trevira has further extended its range of spun-dyed yarns with new developments, including mélange hybrid yarns for stiffened textiles. In the collections a noticeable trend is evident towards more color and this is reflected in the supply of new fiber and filament yarns. Trevira and its yarn partners are also offering an extensive selection of melange yarns, reflecting the natural shades which continue to be  topical.

At the end of the first half of 2016 the fiber manufacturer on balance expresses its satisfaction with business. With their strong Trevira CS customer base in Western Europe, home textiles are doing well, and there is increasing activity in Asia, which also has the support of the network of Indorama Ventures, the majority owner of Trevira. Increasing numbers of enquiries are coming from India, Pakistan and China. These orders, however, are subject to the special brand policy for Asia, whereby the fabrics produced there are destined for the regional market.

Besides the continuing good business in hybrid yarns, filaments show a rise in standard polyester activity in the home textiles sector – there has been an increase in volume, mainly in filament yarns for velvets.

Flame retardant Trevira fibers and fiber yarns are gaining more and more ground in technical applications, accompanied by a steadily rising demand for spun-dyed qualities – which is translating into positive results in sales figures. Here the base lies in customized development projects aimed at joint exploitation of market potential in Europe, North America and Asia.

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Klaus Holz confirmed as Trevira CEO

Trevira opts for continuity, in personnel as well. The owners of the polyester specialist and CEO Klaus Holz have concluded an early agreement to continue working together.

Due to run out at the end of 2016, the CEO contract has now already been extended until the end of 2019. Holz joined Trevira in 2001 as Head of Human Resources, a position he held until the end of 2010. At the start of 2011 he took over the function of managing director and played an instrumental part in preparing the change to the current owners of the company: Indorama Ventures PCL and Sinterama S.p.A.. He has been sole CEO of Trevira GmbH since June 2013.

Five years have now passed since the change in ownership and this period has witnessed the development of close and confident cooperation with the majority owners Indorama Ventures and the sister companies. This is evident also in joint appearances at trade fairs such as Techtextil in Frankfurt or currently at IDEA in Boston. For Indorama Ventures Trevira constitutes a long-term investment.

Mr. Uday Gill, president of the fibers and yarns division of Indorama Ventures said, “I am very pleased to have Klaus Holz continue as CEO who has done very well to shape Trevira GmbH and will continue to lead the company on the next phase of its journey. As a leading and internationally recognized trademark in the polyester business, Trevira has been an important part of IVL’s high value-added business with its specialties an important and strategic addition to our product portfolio. We aim to grow the Trevira trademark further and continue the expansion of its global business“.

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Trevira, a phenomenon in complete range of textile polyester

From the fiber and flat filament yarn through to dyed-textured yarns, Trevira is the only supplier in the world that offers the complete range of textile polyester products from the one source.

Current business position and outlook of Trevira GmbH

Business in the polyester specialties at Trevira continues on the whole to proceed in a very solid and pleasing fashion. For 2014 the German fiber manufacturer anticipates a turnover similar to that of the previous year (ca. 250 million €). Economic activity in the euro area remains weak, while export business in overseas markets, which has shown a steady rise in recent years, could be further expanded.

The restructuring steps taken over the past years at Trevira have brought about a further improvement in profitability. At both sites there has been considerable investment in optimizing processes, infrastructure and in plant. Alongside comprehensive measures in filaments, future projects were set in motion also in the fibers unit, such as an on-site boiler house for the production of process steam and a conversion plant; both projects were officially commissioned in the autumn.

Trevira CS – business with flame retardant products

Despite a difficult economic background and a continuing slow-down in investment, especial – ly in the (south) European contract market, in the 2014 business with flame retardant fibers Trevira succeeded in generating volume growth of 4-5 % over the previous year. Here growth was achieved both in the tradition – al textile sector and in technical applications (nonwovens). Nonwovens were also notable in showing a significant volume rise in the spundyed segment, which should continue into the coming year. Alongside this there are at pres – ent a variety of qualification processes running with North American customers. These promise a solid basis for more growth next year, given a positive conclusion

Business in flame retardant filaments also made stable progress in 2014, showing a slight rise on the previous year. The many new develop – ments in Trevira CS on the market are cause for an optimistic outlook in the New Year. Particular mention should be made here of the ongoing positive development of textile materials incoporating Trevira low-melt yarns, which are being used in the sun protection and acoustics sec – tors.

We also see good future prospects for business in Asia, as higher fire safety standards gain more ground there. These offer potential to supply producers for local use, but also for high-end collections from Europe. Meanwhile Trevira CS is also being used in China, in hotels, the office sector, as well as in public buildings such as theatres.

We also see good future prospects for business in Asia, as higher fire safety standards gain more ground there. These offer potential to supply producers for local use, but also for high-end collections from Europe. Meanwhile Trevira CS is also being used in China, in hotels, the office sector, as well as in public buildings such as theatres.

Based on new polymer modifications, these product developments are set to open sales opportunities not only in the contract sector, but also in technical applications and in the private market

Trevira CS: International presence and an established customer club

In 2014 the flagship brand of Trevira was present not only at important international fairs for furnishing textiles (Heimtextil, MoOD), but also at special international sector events, such as for the hotel sector (various Matchmaking Events and the Independent Hotel Show in London), or in the health sector (Hospital Build in Dubai). Together with the local representatives of European editors, Trevira presented at the second Trevira CS China Day in Shanghai the latest Trevira CS collections to some 150 architects and designers operating in Asia. In addition, for the third successive year American suppliers were again able to familiarize themselves with collections of European weavers at the Trevira CS Jobber Day in New York. The Trevira CS Club system has meanwhile become established and the Gold and Silver members for the year will again be selected at the March Fair.

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