Tetsiad re-directs the route of home textiles in international markets with Ur-Ge project

Association of Turkish home textile industrialists and businessmen, Tetsiad has been developing its reflex to keep exports high. In its mid term plans, production and research activities of Turkish companies exporting to the USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea, will be given incentives.

As part of its efforts to prevent unfavorable developments in the exports of Turkish home textile products, Tetsiad re-routing its activities by providing new incentives for its members in international arena. Called Ur-Ge, development in international competition, the project aims to increase the share of Turkish companies in certain export markets, including the USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

Organized by the participation of 17 leading Turkish companies in home textile segment, the Ur-Ge team plans to emphasize on certain markets in the world. Exports of Turkish home textile products to the USA market have been up 10 percent in 2014. Number of items exported has also been increased. Last year 270 million dollars worth of Turkish home textile products were exported in the US market.

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