The first university program on home textile industry opens

Turkey Home Textile Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TETSIAD) continues its preparations within the scope of university-industry cooperation projects.

A goodwill protocol was signed between Istanbul Kultur University and TETSİAD on 25.03.2019. The protocol envisions a program on Home Textile Design that will be opened within the scope of İstanbul Kultur University Vocational School of Business Administration. After the signing ceremony a panel on ‘The Power of Industry in Home Textiles’ was held at the Akınguc Auditorium at the Istanbul Kultur University.

The panel started with the opening speech of Dr. Erhan Guzel, the Rector of Istanbul Kültür University. Following the introductory presentation of Home Textile Design program by Instructor Neslihan Tokat Ozan the session was moderated by Prof. Dr. Sinan Alcin. The main guests were Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters ‘Union Program (İTHİB) President Ahmet OksuI, Denizli Exporters Association (DENİB) Chairman Huseyin Memisoglu and Turkey Home Textile Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TETSIAD) President Ali Sami Aydin. The event ended with intense interest of the students of Department of Fashion Design, the students of vocational high schools and their teachers.

President Ahmet Oksuz made the following statement about the position of the textile sector in the world: “The most important way of sustainable development is to produce and export value-added products. The Turkish textile sector is one of the most important sectors of the economy in Turkey having valuable experience in production, employment and exports and by providing more than USD15 billion each year on foreign trade in Turkey, and it is the locomotive of Turkey’s growing export-oriented economy. So when deciding on your careers, you should choose the industry that produces the most value to Turkey’s economy. Exports of home textile industry reached USD 2.5 billion, which is very important both in terms of being Turkey’s the largest employment provider and value-added exports. That’s why I consider this program highly valuable and important.”

Speaking about the sector’s employee profile and career planning for new graduates, DENIB President Huseyin Memisoglu said:

“If you study on Home Textile Design, you will be able to find a job very easily in design centers established in our country. With the support programs of our state, the number of design centers is increasing every year. We have to have more brands in the textile industry. Branding in home textile is very important. Design is the greatest pillar of establishing a brand.”

TETSIAD President Ali Sami Aydin shared the current situation of home textiles and his predictions for the future. “As an association, we are making many useful works that will give momentum to the sector in order to introduce Turkish Home Textiles to the world and increase our exports. EVTEKS Fair, which will be held for the 25th time between April 23-27 this year, is one of these efforts. Home textile is the only branded sector of our country and represents our country in the best way in the world. Therefore, Istanbul Kültür University’s “Home Textiles Design” program will be a pioneer in the academic field and to be a first in Turkey. I hope that other universities will follow our steps in this direction to contribute on the effort to make Turkey’s home textile industry as a shining star of the export in the world.” he said.

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