Toddlers to sleep in bed of dreams

Supporting the healthy growth of babies with the usage of natural raw materials, Cotton Box accompanies the little ones’ sleep with its “Baby” bedlinen set which contains cute figures in the 2019 Autumn – 2020 Winter Collection. Preferred by parents for its 100% content, the brand transforms bedrooms of babies to bed of dreams with its “Bambi Pembe” and “Tatlı Rüyalar Mint” bedlinen sets.

Reflecting dream worlds of toddlers to its designs, the brand helps to the mental development of the user toddlers with educational patterns. Cotton Box, which is aware of the importance of healthy sleep for babies and acts in line with this understanding, paves the way for peaceful sleep with its products designed with 100 percent cotton yarn.

Eco-friendly products, healthy babies

Cottonbox bedlinen sets are preferred by parents because of it is in compliance with European standards. The bedlinen set minimizes the risk of allergy and it balances the body temperature of toddlers.

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