With Quallofil Air Allerban Duvet and Pillows, let your body breathe while you sleep!

With duvets and pillows developed by bedding specialist İşbir Yatak using Quallofil Air Allerban technology, you can give your body a fresh start during sleep by providing a comfortable breath for your body! Duvets and pillows with Quallofil Air Allerban technology have air-permeable fiber filling that bring the micro climate you need to sleep to your bed and enable you to wake up to a new day unburdened.

Quallofil Air Allerban duvets and pillows provide an effective air circulation that maintains the required temperature constant by creating a protection shield against excessive moisture in your body. With this feature, your sleep would no longer be interrupted by sweating or chilling during the night. Due to the anti-bacterial features, Quallofil Air Allerban duvets and pillows support the hygienic environment during your sleep.

Quallofil Air Allerban duvets and pillows, which are composed of very thin and very light fibers specially combined to provide maximum comfort with minimum weight, create a lightweight effect on your body during the night with the hollow fiber filling. Being machine-washable also makes them easier to use.


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