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Nature inspires Innovations’ soft color palette

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New wallcovering Marbled Cork pairs pastel pigments with cork, metallic foil

New York City — The Innovations Design Studio looked to nature and geology for their October wallcoverings collection. The nine new patterns explore trend-setting textures and colors, from terraqueous pastels to the deepest ruby red, in a wide variety of textures like Marbled Cork, raffia Turbidite and vinyl Lucerne.

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New for fall, Marbled Cork layers materials—and colors—in an innovative way. The 36-inch cork wallcovering undergoes a traditional gravure printing process, but with an innovative roller instead of an engraved cylinder. Pigments flow across the surface of the cork (and peeks of its metallic foil substrate) in a matte, marbled pattern. Available in 10 colorways, Marbled Cork introduces a palette of pastels, baby blue, pale, pale pink, apricot and yellow, that explore the soft and sophisticated side of cork.

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Bambunun doğallığı TAÇ ’la banyolarda

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Banyosunda bambunun doğallığını ve yumuşaklığını hissetmek isteyenlerin tercihi olan TAÇ’ın Bambu Aile Setleri, farklı desen ve renk seçenekleri ile evlerin banyo şıklığını tamamlıyor.

Trendleri yansıtan yenilikçi ürünleriyle milyonlarca eve giren TAÇ, farklı renk ve desen alternatiflerinden oluşan ‘Bambu Aile Setleri’ ile bambunun doğallığını banyolara taşıyor.

Perdeden nevresime, yatak örtüsünden havluya kadar uzanan geniş ürün yelpazesiyle evine canlılık katmak isteyenlerle buluşan TAÇ; iki adet bornoz, iki adet havlu ve iki çift terlikten oluşan Bambu Aile Seti ile şıklığı ve sadeliği birarada sunuyor. Kendini özel hissetmek istiyenlerin tercihi olan TAÇ Bambu Aile Setleri, soft renkleri ve yumuşak dokusuyla büyülüyor.

Mavinin en can alıcı tonlarının hakim olduğu çiçek motifli ve işlemeli bornozlardan, simetrik nakışlı ekru ve gül kurusu renkli havlulara kadar tüm TAÇ Bambu Aile Setleri’ne TAÇ Konsept ve Linens mağazaları ile  sitesindeki “Online satış” bölümünden ulaşabilirsiniz.


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MoOD & Indigo Brussels: tour, taxi and take off!

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MoOD, the Boutique Show with a Heart for Fabrics, presents the most complete and largest collection of specialists in upholstery fabrics, window textiles and wool covering.

MoOD, Meet only Original Design show of Brussels made its traditional Como press meeting and introduced the latest developments about MoOD. Patrick Geysels, general manager of the event said they would continue with the same excitement despite some negative happenings in Brussels and in the European and global economy. “What is good is that we have not faced one single cancellation after the terror attack happened in Brussels and we have already signed contracts for 80% of the venue. I believe we will be sold out soon,” Geysels noted. “We have the same potential, better hopes and more excitement. At the heart of Brussels, in Tour & Taxi venue, we will record another success with our own specialties such as Blue Drop, Trends, Innovation Platform and more.” Famous designer Jennifer Castoldi of Trendease International, introduced the new trends from a European and contemporary perspective striking as “Wood and stone, worn and aged, these trends all still very ‘hot’.”


But the style is far more eclectic than we have seen for many years. Classic patterns with exotic accents, aquarelle or intense colors, everything is possible. Even the often-dominant ethnic patterns are back again. It would be a sign of the cultural mix populating the mega cities of today. The trend concentration of MoOD is all about the large diversity of styles and colors. Contradictions even, because they show up in a strikingly high number and they are particularly outspoken. MoOD is preparing us for the future. A future in which fabrics
take the center stage: upholstery, window- and wall coverings. Together with Indigo Brussels Home Edition, MoOD Yarns and the Innovation Platform, this compact exhibition forms an ecosystem you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

As a visitor you can find anything to put together a collection or develop a personalized product. From design to finish… You could practically arrive empty handed and leave for home with your personal collection, finalized to the last detail. New smaller players and start-ups were first introduced to the visitor in the last edition. In September 2016 the offer will be strengthened with new materials, new techniques and services.
Even the face of MoOD is changing. As a boutique show MoOD is preparing a special ambiance. Expect an open atmosphere with a contemporary look in an architecturally stunning surrounding. The exhibition will be peppered with inspiration islands and themed bistros. Everything is present for a fulfilled community experience and new business plans.


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Berkay Kartela Offers Excellent Color Chart Headings and Chart Books

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For over a decade in the sector Berkay Kartela hasa respectful clientele

Started its production activities in Bursa, the center of the textile business, in 2005 Berkay Kartela has come to a leading position today with its years of experience and strict business principles.

Collaborating with its customers for many years Berkay succeeded a lot of firsts in Turkey with the cooperation and supports of the customers. Treating its customers as trade partners the company gets benefits of this approach.

“Our company is the leader of its sector thanks to our latest technology system machine park and production facility. We mainly manufacture color chart headings and chart books to respond all requirements at this regard,” says an official of the company and adds:

“We take pride of being with our valued customers and to offer solutions to all of their problems. It isour business philosophy to offer the best quality products at most competitive prices. We also attach extra importance on timely delivery. We keep our promise and our principles which all lead us to greater successes in the business life. We respect our customers and we care for their satisfaction with our products and services. We will continue to improve our activities in line with the guidance of our R&D studies by following up the latest trends in the industry in the world.”


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OEKO-TEX launches Eco Passport certification

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OEKO-TEX launches new Eco Passport certification for sustainable textile chemicals

The OEKO-TEX® Association is pleased to announce the official launch of the new ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification for sustainable textile chemicals. The six-month pilot phase with manufacturers has been successfully completed. The results were very positive and the first certified textile chemical producers have already accessed the key benefits of the new ECO PASSPORT concept.

ECO PASSPORT by OEKOTEX ® offers textile chemical manufacturers a confidential and independent method to reassure their customers that chemicals, colorants, and auxiliaries are in line with the industry’s sustainability requirements and initiatives. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified chemicals protect consumers, textile industry workers, and the environment from the potential dangers of harmful substances. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is a two-step verification procedure by which manufacturers of textile processing chemicals and chemical compounds are able to confirm that their products meet the criteria for environmentally responsible textile production. Based on customer and market feedback during the six month pilot test phase, OEKO-TEX® modified the original ECO PASSPORT concept to improve functionality. The workflow between applicants, testing institutes, and the OEKO-TEX® Secretariat was refined and the certification and lab testing procedures were optimized. Textile chemicals, colorants, and auxiliaries are analyzed in a two-step process that confirms that the compounds and each ingredient meet specific criteria for sustainability, safety, and regulatory compliance.

In the initial analysis, chemical compounds are checked against a comprehensive Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL) that incorporates the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 RSL and the STeP by OEKO-TEX® MRSL, both of which are compliant with REACH and ZDHC guidelines. Next, the textile chemicals, colorants, and auxiliaries are analyzed within a well-reasoned laboratory- testing framework to ensure that they do not contain any unsafe contaminants. Compounds that pass these two phases are granted the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification which indicates that the certified textile chemical is safe to use in OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified textile products and in STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified manufacturing facilities.

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New cornerstone laid for Brentano’s next 25 years

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Spring collection embraces textile house’s talents with color, pattern and materials

Fresh from their 25th anniversary,textile house Brentano starts 2016 with the Cornerstone collection and strong, statement-making designs to lead the line into the next quarter century.

The new collection of 21 residential, hospitality and contract textiles embraces color, pattern and materials in dramatic, inspiring and uniquely Brentano ways. From A to Z, the Cornerstone collection pairs rich materials with bold patterning.

Large-scale Ambrosia’s 34- inch vertical repeat couples the cool, luxurious sheen of a viscose-weft satin with a hot flame stitch. Contrast that with Zigrino, a unique upholstery that marries the tough, pebbly look of shagreen with the softness of a viscose velvet.

Both new 54” patterns pass 50,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck) for dramatic, durable interior installations.

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Pleasant sleep for babies with Ozdilek sleep sets

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Babies are now sleeping more in peace with Ozdilek baby group sleep sets produced specially for the tender skins of babies.The healthy products for babies, Ozdilek baby sleep sets contains complete items including bed covers, linens, baby pillows, side protectors, decorative pillows and cheek pillows. With their variety of color and pattern choices Ozdilek sleep sets help babies to start the day in joy and offers a colorful world for the parents.

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New Brentano Fabrics Draw from Fine Artists

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Artistically rendered contract textiles employ eco-conscious performance features

Wheeling, Ill. — The works of art that inspired Brentano’s spring Studio collection evoke strong reactions (“If you don’t react, how can you feel and create?” says Design Director Iris Wang), but the artists run the gamut — artists Brentano’s designers have always loved, recently discovered or know personally

Drawn from the work of watercolorist Raoul Dufy (Autumn), sculptor Naum Gabo (Construct), portrait painter Han Holbein the Younger (Holbein) and the Precisionism movement (Precision) — among many others, Brentano’s new contract textiles perform with eco-conscious finishing and contents. Woven with 43% to 66% post-consumer recycled polyester, Autumn, Construct, Holbein and Precision all offer GreenShield finishing and abrasion resistance ranging from 50,000 to over 75,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck). The former three are also bleach cleanable for contract and hospitality interiors

Precision, a stripe, and Autumn, Construct and Holbein, all playful, mid-scale patterns, join the Brentano Green line of eco-friendly fabrics.

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Artists Inspire Brentano’s Studio Collection

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Designers merge a passion for art and a passion for textiles in 20 new fabric patterns

Wheeling, Ill. — The Studio collection, available February 1, draws from the work of artists who have inspired Brentano’s designers. The collection honors Design Director Iris Wang’s fine art background and 25 years of leading Brentano, merging her passion for art and her passion for textiles in 20 practical patterns for residential, hospitality and contract interiors.

The upholstery fabrics in the Studio collection reference little-known artist Sanyu’s gentle figures (chenille Cheval), the textures created by Jack Tworkov (two toned velvet Gesture) and how Monet painted the effects of light (dense, multi-colored Giverny), among many others. Wang also identified technical constructions that every designer — both textile and interior! — should experience, leading to the development of Brentano’s first satin (Gainsborough).

With soft colors and textures, these four patterns perform over 50,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck). Brentano also offers Gesture with Teflon and Giverny with a stain resistant finish so the Studio collection can double as functional art.

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SEHA Textile offers home and hotel textiles

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Exporting 80% of its production the company has a great success in selling its exclusive products with “Aqua-Soft” brand name in domestic and foreign markets.

It all started a quarter century ago in Denizli, Turkey when Seha Textile opened a home textiles business offering a wide range of quality products at affordable prices. Seha Textile, one of the leading textile companies in Goveclik, Denizli, has been manufacturing towels, bathrobes, bed sheets and quilts, sleeping sets, pique and hotel groups in any dimensions and quality. Seha has a great success in selling its exclusive products with the patent of Aqua-Soft in import and export business.

Exporting 80 percent of their production to Europe and Africa countries, Seha is proud of offering 100% customer-satisfaction guarantee. With the OEKO-TEX 100 standards, Aqua-soft products of Seha Textile never damage the nature with no any chemical material. They have rich and profound experience in the development of bamboo towels that never contains microbe. All their products are 100% cotton, soft, hygienic and quality. Seha Textile is one of the best companies dedicated to the textile industry, serving a variety of customers around the world satisfying those customers remains the focus of everything they do. They are manufacturers and exporters of various kinds of fabric made of 100% cotton products.

The aim and effort of Seha Textile is to put together a team of extremely efficient experts to service the needs of retailers and wholesalers. They offer a gamut of services, right from procuring products from the leading manufacturers, to providing special embellishments and finishes on clients’ request, to quality assurance and packaging. Their commitment to provide their customers with the finest products at the best prices has enabled them in winning their trust.

the importance of value: value for money, service which is valued by their customers and the value of, their most important asset, their colleagues. They firmly believe that engaged, talented and motivated colleagues are at the heart of the business. So they need talented developer and marketer in order to promote their products worldwide. Seha Textile is a mix of system that aspires for nothing but the best in terms of quality and standards. Subsequently they have achieved the reputation for being the best and competitive amongst their competitors worldwide. Their strategy is to offer their customers highest quality products, excellent service, on time delivery and production flexibility. A combination of these factors guarantees total customer satisfaction. The effectiveness of their management systems, the skill of their workforce and the quality of their products are their real pride comes from their ability to have honored all the commitments made to their clients resulting in long term relationship. Seha Textile has a modern integrating R&D, production and marketing of products by undertaking the development of the second generation of products with higher technological contents and larger added values. Seha’s efforts are relying on technologies and continuous innovations.

Manufacturing quality products with high-end machines and offering them at affordable prices, Seha Textile aims to spread all Aqua-Soft brand products all over the world. Meeting standards without sacrificing quality, Seha Textile is planning to open up additional markets.

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