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Home&Tex, the address of strong business relations

Home&Tex, the only fair comeing to mind in Turkey when home textile and home decoration is mentioned, will be held at CNR Expo, 26-29 October 2016.
The show will host buyer delegations from 92 countries.

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Istanbul Trade Fairs, an affiliate of CNR Holding, is organizing the 4th edition of Home&Tex. It reveals the most covetable names in home fashion with a more enriched content on 26 – 29 October 2016.

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To be realized with the collaboration of Istanbul Trade Fair, an affiliated company of CNR Holding, with TETSIAD (Turkey Home Textile Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association) for the fourth time this year will open many new business and trade opportunities.

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Turkey with its location, where all trade roads are crossing, has to assert the policies for increasing the business volume of the home textile industry by a better using of this advantage. The innovations at this track will effect as a leverage in the sector. Hometex, will be the most efficient platform for exhibitors and visitors to step into new markets and to establish a bridge for cooperation the countries.

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The popularity of Home&Tex has gained ground around the globe in a short time as in domestic market. The show, where domestic and foreign buyers of home textile and decoration will meet, will be held over a gigantic area.

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Hosting almost 600 exhibitors Home&Tex will attract buyers’ delegations from 92 countries including Germany, France, Russia, Italy, North Africa, Central Asian Turkic Republics and Middle East.

Home&Tex will bring together the professionals of importers, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, dealers, retail stores and department stores.


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Tetsiad re-directs the route of home textiles in international markets with Ur-Ge project

Association of Turkish home textile industrialists and businessmen, Tetsiad has been developing its reflex to keep exports high. In its mid term plans, production and research activities of Turkish companies exporting to the USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea, will be given incentives.

As part of its efforts to prevent unfavorable developments in the exports of Turkish home textile products, Tetsiad re-routing its activities by providing new incentives for its members in international arena. Called Ur-Ge, development in international competition, the project aims to increase the share of Turkish companies in certain export markets, including the USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

Organized by the participation of 17 leading Turkish companies in home textile segment, the Ur-Ge team plans to emphasize on certain markets in the world. Exports of Turkish home textile products to the USA market have been up 10 percent in 2014. Number of items exported has also been increased. Last year 270 million dollars worth of Turkish home textile products were exported in the US market.

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Tetsiad warns against sleazy imports

Association of home textile industrialists and businessmen (Tetsiad) warns against cheap and poor quality sleazy products having hazardous chemicals imported from Far East. Imports of products made of azo dyes should be suspended, says the association.

Use of hazardous materials and chemicals has recently been on the top agendas of public, environmentalists, industrialists and businesses. Developed countries are trying to limit the use of hazardous materials through strict measures. Unfortunately, imports to Turkey may sometimes lack of necessary tests and controls. Tetsiad warns about the fact that many of cheap imports from Far East may be hazardous for human health. It says that imported products should all be sampled and tested for their hazards as it is ruled by EU and western standards. Domestic sources should be preferred instead, the association says.

Recently, authorities have recollected poisonous footwear and apparels that are imported and sold in Turkey. The move instigated the same question about home textiles imported from similar sources. Products that are made of azoic dyes have been prohibited in Europe and in the USA. Officials now focused on home textile products with an aim to test and control them for the compliance of them to the national standards. Bed covers, upholstery fabrics, linens, towels etc. that all contact skin should be tested for health hazards.

Tetsiad also favors all activities that are aimed to increase domestic production of supplies for industries to secure public health and national economy.

Azoic dyes are used heavily in textiles. Some of them contain arilamin, a carcinogenic. Imports of products that contain less than 30 ppm are allowed. Some countries have higher limits for imports

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TETSIAD unveils home textile export figures

Compiling a report with TUIK data, Turkish Home Textile Businessmen’s and Industrialists’ Association (TETSIAD) unveiled the 2014 export figures of Turkish home textile sector. The report shows that the export has not lose its speed recorded previous year and totaled USD 3 bn 330 million.

The report details the figures of home textile exports as USD 3,326,946,668 which represents 38.96% in the total textile exports of USD 8 billion 540 million. Towels and bathrobes take the lead in home textile items while Germany, Russian Federation and USA top the list in export markets. While big losses eye-catch in exports to Russia when compared to the volume of 2013 after the economic problems, countries like Romania, Iran and Holland have been the best increasing markets for home textiles in 2014

The first 20 countries which Turkey has been exporting home textile products are Germany, Russian Federation, USA, England, France, Holland, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Iran, Romania, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Spain, Belgium, Israel, Austria, Estonia and Bulgaria.

The new route of Turkish home textiles is new markets

Evaluating the 2014 exports of the Turkish home textiles industry, TETSIAD President Yasar Kucukcalik said that they had been awaiting the EU countries restore after the economic and political crisis they have been going through but he said he wouldn’t expect positive developments soon. He said that all kinds of initiations have been done and would be done in order to increase Turkey’s share in European markets despite every kind of negative development happening in the region. President Kucukcalik said the companies should be in search of new markets in case their existing markets may have bigger problems. He suggested countries such as Far East, Africa and South America as good alternative markets. He also underlined the fact that the neighboring countries also have been going through political dilemma advising that the exporters should penetrate into new markets. The suggested new markets include Japan, China, Mexico, Chili, Brazil, Morocco, Tunis, Algeria, Libya, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and South Africa.

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