Cottonbox Prepares Bedrooms for Winter

Reflecting individual’s modern personalities to their bedrooms, Cottonbox, a home textile brand, emphasizes on black and red tones in its Fall-Winter 2012-1013 collections.

A modern design composed of red, white and black colors named as Virginia, is expected to attract the highest interest. The line includes special bed covers and linens for winter.

Cottonbox aimed to those people who emphasize on both health and decoration. The collections for the season have sharper lines and modern patterns. Produced by using high quality yarns, linens has high rate of air circulation that helps to prevent perspiration in sleep. Virginia line, produced out of Ranforce fabrics offers a warm and healthy sleep for customers. Cottonbox has other
products and lines for other parts of living spaces, that also includes simply designed products besides hand made embellished
alternatives suitable for dowry.

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