Ecocotton Comes Home

Egem Textile co. introduced its hundred percent organic products that have been sold under Ecocotton brand in abroad for ten years, to Turkish buyers via its distributors. In line with growing awareness about organic products both in
the world and in Turkey, demand for organic home textile products is accelerating. Ecocotton products are produced out of the best organic cottons of Aegean region under the Global Organic Textile Standards. Egem company chairman, Ibrahim Uzunoglu introduced their new initiative to establish a domestic distribution channel for their brand. He said, “We aim to establish distributorships in major cities, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. We participated in
recent edition of Istanbul Home Textiles Fair where all our organic products, bed sets, towels, bathrobes all having unique designs and meticulous works, attracted great interest of the visitors.” The brand have been prepared on three concepts, namely, natural, marine and the Ottoman, all can be traced from the
field up to the end of production process.

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