Endlessbay launches high-tech cool pillow case and fitted sheet

IRVINE, Calif., /PRNewswire/ — endlessbay launches high-tech cooling pillowcase and fitted sheet which apply UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular polyethylene) to home textile products.

There is a scientific consensus around the world that the quality of sleep will be higher when the skin temperature drops slightly. Experts say that when people go to sleep, they set a temperature to help fall asleep faster. The American Sleep Association (ASA) research also shows that insomnia patients then improve their sleep quality by keeping their prefrontal cortex cool.

To achieve the instant cooling, materials with fast heat conduction are needed. They can quickly release the heat of the human body when in contact. endlessbay uses high-tech textiles to minimize moisture and regulate the body temperature. The surface fabric of cooling pillowcase is made of 100% UHMWPE (ultra-high polymer polyethylene), which has great moisture and heat absorption properties. Moreover, the fabric is friendly to the human body without harmful chemical additives.

The endlessbay cooling pillowcase is a three-dimensional design, which can fit the regular pillows at home. The edge cover of pillowcase feels soft and silky. Due to the woven resistance of UHMWPE, the pillowcase is easy to care for and maintain. It has small shrinkage and less deformation even if washed for many times. It is faster to dry than other fabrics as well. Cooling pillowcases and fitted sheet are available in two colors, white and gray.


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