Modular System Of New Drapilux Collection

Trend: individual combination of material, design and color …

EMSDETTEN – drapilux will be launehing the new colleetion 200° in October. What makes it so unique is that the customer can choose from seven high-quality basic products and six theme worlds, combining them with various designs and colors to meet their own tastes and requirements. Such a wide range of combination options allows for around 1,500 new fabric variations. “It’s our biggest collection to date,” stated Dr. Norbert Rehle, Head of Sales at drapilux. The new prints collection 200° is possible because of an innovative textile printing process where the colors are applied at a temperature of 200° C.

“Individuality is currently ali the rage, even when it comes to interior design,” explained Kirştin Herrmann, trend expert and head of the drapilux Design Workshop. “People want their furnishings to reflect their requirements and personality.” The new drapilux-200° collection takes this development into account. The customers begin by choosing from seven different fabrics – depending on the desired function and opacity. Before the basic product has been selected, the customer then chooses a theme world and range of colors to match the room in question. it is an ideal solution for creative minds who wish to develop individual decorative fabrics step by step.

Emotive  and  design-oriented  theme  worlds

The drapilux 200° collection comprises six different theme worlds: the natural world of Summer in Smâland, Trip to Cornwall and Alpine Garden is complemented by mechanical themes such as Cybenvorld, Northern

Lights and Blueprints. “We found inspiration in current trends, literatüre and city breaks,” explained Kirşten Herrmann. “The result is designs with various styles -comprising pattems large and small as well as drawing, painting, vvatercolors, graphics and floral motifs.”

With its vvide range of theme vvorlds, the drapilux 200° collection invites you to embark on a virtual journey -to Cornwall or maybe into the World Wide Web. Trip to Cornwall The landscape of the small peninsula in southwestern England is characterized by clear water, rugged cliffs and teatime in the gardens of the manor houses. The design style of Trip to Cornvvall is correspondingly romantic and playful, using floral motif s, sof t color gradients and artistic combinations. Cyber world Cyberspace, digital imaging, information highvvays, bits and bytes – this artificial design style introduces technical structures, graphic patterns, three-dimensional and, phcelated images with digital color gradients into your living room.

Scope for creativity

Alongside drapilux 200° the Creative INK collection, which incorporates personalized motif s, photos and logos, provides the drapilux customer with a huge choice of fabrics. “With the two collections, we can offer our customer s the desired scope for creativity. A further advantage is that the items are available starting at just a few meters,” stated Dr. Rehle. AH the fabrics are manufactured in Germany by drapilux, a long-standing supplier of furnishings for commercial properties. With batch orders starting at 600 meters, textiles can be ordered with the well-known drapilux Air or Bioactiv application, which can be useful particularly in clinics, offices and hotels.

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