Feel the touch of nature in bedrooms with Yataş Bedding

Yataş Bedding, which makes a difference with its collection of home textiles with its rich pattern and colour options, brings nature’s finest colours and patterns to the bedrooms with the Pink Soul and Lavender Frost series. Pink Soul that makes you feel the sweet touch of pink which is one of the most beautiful colours of spring and Lavender Frost Series which is inspired by the peaceful smell of lavender, appeal to anyone who wants to make their houses beautiful.

Yataş Bedding, which is outstanding with its original designs, rich patterns and colour options in the home textile collections, brings nature’s soothing touch to the bedrooms with the Pink Soul and Lavender Frost Series. Both series feature many products which match each other from the duvet cover sets to bedspreads which stand out for their elegance, classiness and quality.

Pink Soul Series, is composed based on the meeting of pink colour with the nature. The beauty of floral patterns in the series adds elegance to the design. All the products in the Pink Soul Series, which add a distinguished atmosphere to the bedrooms, invite comfort and serenity. The series includes Gloria Satin Duvet Cover Set, Nora-Green Duvet Cover Set, Yasmin Duvet Cover Set, Nadia-Beige Shepherd Stitched Bedspread, Lava-Beige Shepherd Stitched Towel, Lavandin Pink Throw and Lovel Velvet Decorative Pillow.

And Lavender Frost Series which is inspired by the soothing smell of lavender, urges you to relieve the tiredness of the day blending the most beautiful shades of white, lavender, beige and green, the series reveals the elegance that simplicity adds to the design. This series includes Liya Percal Duvet Cover Set, Genma Embroidered Duvet Cover Set, Lenka Duvet Cover Set, Nadia-Purple Shepherd Stitched Bedspread, Lava-Purple Stitched Towel, Lavandin Purple Throw and Printed Decorative Pillow.

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