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No need to go to China to source Chinese products

Organized by Sinerji International Fair Organization Company, the 2015 edition of China Home Life Turkey will be held at CNR Expo, 3-6 June 2015

China Homelife Turkey will be held from 3 to 6 June at Hall 1 at the CNR Expo Yeşilköy İstanbul. Main focused sectors of the event include textiles, garment, home textiles, building materials, home appliances, household items, furniture, lighting products and kitchen & bathroom fittings.

Today, China offers what no other country offers and does exports based on opportunities and needs of buyers. China Homelife exhibition is an important opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to get the trade benefits of far eastern potential.”

Turkey edition of the event is a highly successful China sourcing event. China Homelife Global Series is held in Dubai, Brazil, Poland, Egypt, Jordan
,Kazakhstan and India since 2009.

During China Homelife fair 10,000 professional visitors from all over Turkey and Eurasia region will meet more than 500 exhibitors and 25,000 high quality exclusive brands. Each exhibitor is qualified through a quality control process.



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Heimtextil pushed the button again for a successful home textile year

Positive economic statistics and an optimistic business climate in the sector underscore the good atmosphere at the fair

Heimtextil 2014 in Frankfurt am Main represented a successful start to the new furnishing season. “Almost 67,000 visitors from 133 countries (2013: 65,835) made their way to Frankfurt to see the latest products and innovations being shown by 2,718 international exhibitors (2013: 2,616). With growth on both the visitor and exhibitor sides, Heimtextil 2014 has been a complete success. In addition to the excellent statistics, the quality and enormous spectrum of products underscore the unique position of Heimtextil as the world’s leading trade fair for home and contract textiles”, says Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt, summing up the results of the event.

Read the full story

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Evteks press conference concurrently with Heimtextil in Frankfurt

Evteks organizers organized a press conference at Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt Heimtextil days and promoted the event to world media

Turkey attends Heimtextil, the largest home textile fair of the world, very actively with a great number of exhibitors on the one hand and develops its own fair on the other. Almost every single company of the Turkish industry refers Evteks with words “our fair” and contributes to the promotion of the fair which is growing fast on the way to be a world brand.

CNR and TETSIAD (Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association), the two names behind the success of the fair, jointly organized a press conference in Marriott Hotel which is next to Messe Frankfurt where Heimtextil is held.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Yasar Kucukcalik, President of TETSIAD, described the fair as a growing event with parallel to the Turkish home textile industry, stressed that Turkey has become a trendsetting country and a brand in world competition. “We are a trendsetting country in the home textile industry. We are determined to develop our case better. We will promote the fair more efficiently in countries such as China, India, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and some African countries,” Kucukcalik noted.

Pointing out that these kinds of important fairs are supported by states Kucukcalik complained the problem in Turkey at this regard and said, “The government and local authorities should do their best to help our fair and industrialists to grow. This should be a national issue but only two non-governmental organizations are doing this job. We should take pride in the fact and success that we are only a producer but a service-rendering supplier. Having these two at one place is of extremely importance. This strength should be further developed with the help of our State and by local authorities.”

Speaking on her part Mrs. Ceyda Erem, Chairwoman of CNR Holding, outlined the success of the fair and thanked TETSIAD for the major supported they provide. Erem also highlighted their plan to promote the fair abroad and said that they would enlarge the fairground by 20% in 2014 to host more companies which are on the waiting list.

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End of the road for pathogens

BÖNNIGHEIM – As part of an AiF research project, scientists from the Hohenstein Institute in Bönnigheim, Germany, have, for the first time, developed a textile finishing with both an antiviral and an antibacterial function. This technology can be used for products in nurseries, child day care centers and hospitals to interrupt chains of infection.

Most infection-induced respiratory problems are caused by viruses. For example, the respiratory syncytial virus, a pathogen belonging to the family of paramyxoviruses, can cause infections of the upper respiratory tract in the form of colds, coughs, acute bronchitis or even pneumonia, particularly in small children. At the start of winter, the rate of infections in child day care centers and nurseries regularly increases. Diarrhoea caused by noro-viruses and rotaviruses as well as bacterial infections of the respiratory tract and the alimentary tract, on the other hand, are “in season” all year round.

To avoid droplet and smear infections as far as possible, hygienic hands, textiles and surfaces are of paramount importance.

The essential factor in avoiding or limiting the spread of disease in childcare facilities is regular and thorough hand washing, by children and their carers.

However, textiles can also play a part in spreading pathogens. Viruses do not have their own metabolism and can therefore only survive for a limited time outside a host, and unlike bacteria, do not multiply there. However, as studies have impressively documented, textiles that are in regular contact with hands have been proven to contribute to the spread of viruses (Sauver et al., 1998). In a scientific examination, clothes as well as domestic and hospital textiles in the form of bed linen, towels, kitchen towels and so on are, alongside hands, an important potential transmission route for viruses (see figure 1).

Surfaces of all kinds, which can also be contaminated by viruses and bacteria via the hands or air, are the third key transmission route for viruses. One important element in preventing infection is therefore the cleaning of surfaces. The Hohenstein scientists are investigating these factors in their current research project.

The test design included cleaning cloths in which, for the first time, antiviral and antibacterial effectiveness were combined with each other in one functional textile finishing. “Over the long term, we are interested in finding out whether the risk of infection, that is to say the spread of germs from person to person, can be reduced by using biofunctional textiles in the future,” says Prof. Höfer, head of the hygiene, environment and medicine department.

To achieve this goal, various organic and inorganic colloidal or nanoparticle copper compounds and copper complexes were first applied in a sol-gel process. The effectiveness of the textile microfiber substrate was optimized using various application techniques such as foulard or spray methods. The inactivation of the test viruses was significant, was retained over 15 washing cycles and was at the same time abrasion-resistant.

A second alternative antiviral finish of microfiber cloths was achieved by finishing with copper pigments in a high-temperature exhaust process. In a similar way to dying with dispersion dyes, the dispersed copper pigments were incorporated in the fibers in a slightly acid environment. In a second step, fixing was carried out using a polymer-binding agent in a cold padding process to protect the copper particles against mechanical abrasion. These copper finishes also produced good evenness, but there was a slight green tone compared to the originally lighter fabric colour (see figure 2). All samples passed the laboratory tests on skin-friendliness.

The effectiveness tests under realistic conditions were carried out on different surfaces, such as glass, stainless steel or wood, which were contaminated with viruses and wiped with the finished cleaning cloths (see figure 3). The bacterial virus MS2, a non-pathogenic surrogate virus, which due to its structure and environmental stability is comparable to clinically relevant viruses such as novovirus, poliovirus, hepatitis A or enteroviruses, was used as the test virus. The finished microfiber cloths absorbed 91 % of the applied viruses. At the same time, the virus concentration in the cloth was reduced by approximately 90 %. Effectiveness tests against bacteria and mold were also carried out in accordance with standards (DIN EN ISO 20743 and EN 14119). With this test set-up, the finishes were optimized in a targeted manner.

The research project reveals that antiviral cleaning cloths provide an efficient hygienic effect and can help to reduce the germ transfer rate e.g. of pathogens in nurseries and child day care centers. However, this new functionalization could be of interest in the domestic environment, in hospitals, old people’s homes, care homes and in communal facilities (e.g. canteens) and in protective clothing for the fire brigade, emergency services and military.


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Heimtextil 2014: enlarged program of lectures with top speakers

Heimtextil has enlarged its program of lectures and, at the coming trade fair for home and contract textiles (8 to 11 January 2014), renowned architects and furnishing experts will discuss current issues relating to the contract business at the new ‘Contract Square’ area in the foyer of Halls 5.1 / 6.1.

Parallel to this, Heimtextil offers information about e-commerce for retailers and IT developments in the hotel business at ‘Lecture Square’ in Galleria 1. The program of the world’s leading trade fair for the sector also includes additional conference and lecture themes.

On the first three days of the fair, the lectures at the ‘Contract Square’ will focus on issues relating to modern architecture. The location for the lectures, which begin at 13.00 hrs and are being organized in cooperation with AIT architecture magazine, is the foyer of Halls 5.1 / 6.1. ‘Contract Square’ is recognized by the appropriate architects’ chambers as a training event and participation certificates will be available there.

The program begins with the ‘Architecture is Conversion’ block on 8 January 2014. In this age of climate change, converting buildings is an increasingly attractive alternative to new buildings. The top speakers, who include Anne Lacaton of Lacaton & Vassal, Paris, Claudia Meixner of Meixner Schlüter Wendt, Frankfurt, will present ways in which existing buildings can be used for new purposes and discuss the creative challenges involved in conversions. On the second day of the fair, lecturers including Yves Schihin of Burkhalter Sumi, Zurich, and Petra Blaisse of inside outside, Amsterdam, will look at ‘Hotels Beyond the Standard’. Finally, on the Friday, the ‘Contract Square’ program will examine the subject of ‘Living in a Community / Communal Living’ with lectures by several top speakers including Susanne Schindler of Parsons School, New York, and Dörte Mandrup of the studio of the same name in Copenhagen. The program will be chaired by architect critic Andreas Ruby on all three days.

Concurrently with ‘Contract Square’, the ‘Lecture Square’ information forum in Galleria 1 will present an extensive program of talks. On 8 and 10 January 2014, the ‘Webchance Academy’, the lecture forum for successful advertising and sales on the internet, will offer insights into the opportunities presented by the online business and marketing. Web experts and retailers will give valuable tips on starting up in the internet business – in all cases, from 12.00 to 17.00 hrs.

‘Lecture Square’ focusing on the hotel business

In cooperation with the German Hotel Association (IHA), Heimtextil will spotlight developments in the hotel business on 9 January 2014. Beginning at 09.30, experts from renowned technology suppliers will provide an overview of the current state-of-the-art and discuss opportunities and potential applications. “The aim of the event is to help people, especially colleagues from the individual-hotel segment, to make their everyday professional life easier and more efficient”, says IHA Chairman Fritz G. Dreesen.

The subjects on the agenda of the Hotel IT Conference range from online direct sales, via big data and media trends, to IT security risks and practical, secure solutions. Rounding off the event will be a ‘live hacking’ organized in cooperation with the ‘IT Security in the Hotel Trade’ project of the German Ministry of Economics and Technology (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie – BMWi). Experts from if(is) – Institute for Internet Security – will spotlight potential security risks that occur in everyday hotel life, demonstrate how quickly and easily booking data can be manipulated in online systems and offer tips for simple but effective protective measures.

‘Wool Lab Interiors’

For the first time, The Woolmark Company will present an inspirational trend guide to wool for interiors and design products. Wool is distinguished by a large range of positive qualities for design purposes: comfort, softness, elasticity, moisture absorption, flame resistance, sound and heat protection, naturalness and environmental friendliness. The spectrum of interior applications is equally broad and stretches from bedding and bed linen, via floor coverings, carpets, decorative fabrics and furniture fabrics, to insulation and damping. Ingrid Oomen from Woolmark International will talk about the ‘Wool Lab Interiors’, a trend presentation for research and promotion of wool, in a workshop at ‘Lecture Square’ between 15.00 and 18.00 hrs on 9 January 2014. The ‘Wool Lab Interiors’ is also an inspirational trend book and tool for designers, architects, interior architects and artisans and acts as a guideline to innovative applications for wool in the field of textile furnishings.

‘WellMade’ – seminar for sustainability in the industry

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) will make a contribution to the program at ‘Lecture Square’ beginning at 10.00 hrs on 10 January 2014. This independent non-profit organization works together with companies and manufacturers to improve the conditions of textile workers. FWF is th
e leading partner of the ‘WellMade’ project. Employees of European apparel companies are invited to attend the ‘WellMade’ seminar to learn about improving working conditions in textile factories. The seminar will present specific solutions for eliminating grievances on the production side.

Additional subjects: digital printing and trends

Visitors and exhibitors can also look forward to a spectrum of information on the subject of textile printing. The first ‘European Digital Textile Conference: ‘Digital Printing for Homes and Interiors’ by WTiN’ will provide a topical overview of the latest technologies, market opportunities, areas of application for mass printed matter and sustainable production methods. To be held in English with admission at extra cost, the conference will take place in Hall 4.0 on 9 and 10 January 2014. Additionally, the Heimtextil Trend Lectures in Forum 0 will offer a first-class program of information with renowned designers and trend experts talking about the latest design phenomena and presenting the latest, dominant styles.


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DOMOTEX Russia welcomes strong exhibitor interest

Hannover/Moscow – The organizers of DOMOTEX Russia are reporting strong exhibitor interest in this year’s show from Russia and abroad.

Market leaders and flooring industry heavyweights such as Decora, Classen-Rus, Kährs Group (Karelia-Upofloor), Forbo Eurocol, Laminam Rus, Balta, Akteks and Tibetan Sheep are keen to be part of the action next April and have already confirmed their participation.

DOMOTEX RUSSIA is organized by Deutsche Messe’s subsidiary Deutsche Messe RUS and will next be held from 1 to 3 April 2014 at the ARTPLAY Design Center in Moscow. “We are very pleased with the strong interest the show is generating,” said Martin Folkerts, Director Global Fairs at Deutsche Messe. “As with the premiere, the upcoming second season of our DOMOTEX Russia show will give its exhibitors the best possible head start as they seek to enter the thriving Russian floor coverings market. The participating providers of carpets and floor coverings will be able to showcase their products and collections in a highly targeted fashion to buyers and industry professionals from Russia and the other CIS states.”

Now is a good time to be initiating new business in Russia, with many sectors of the country’s economy on track for growth over the coming years. The construction industry is a case in point. Between now and 2025, the industry plans to build 355 new hotels in Moscow with a combined capacity of 81,000 rooms and 162,000 beds. This will boost demand for many kinds of products, including floor coverings. The local Russian floor coverings sector is unlikely to be able to fully meet this demand in terms of volume and quality, meaning that Russia will be reliant on foreign imports.

The DOMOTEX Russia exhibition program encompasses handmade and machine-made carpets, textile floor coverings, parquet and laminate flooring, resilient floor coverings, and application, installation and care solutions. The fair’s target market includes distributors and purchasing executives from the wholesale and retail floor covering sectors. Other key target groups include architects, planners and construction-industry decision makers. The exhibits and displays at DOMOTEX Russia will be supported by an extensive program of conferences and forums featuring big-name speakers.

Deutsche Messe’s support for companies interested in developing the Russian market goes well beyond April’s fair in the Russian capital. To help its exhibitors forge valuable in-market contacts throughout the vast territory of the Russian Federation, Deutsche Messe has joined forces with Russian web portal flooring-expert.ru to stage regional industry conferences in Siberia and the Ural region. In the run-up to DOMOTEX Russia, exhibitors will have the opportunity to start building their regional networks on 11 February 2014 in Novosibirsk (Siberia) and on 19 March 2014 in Yekaterinburg (Ural Federal District).

DOMOTEX Russia premiered successfully in Moscow in 2012. It was welcomed by the local carpet and floor coverings industry as a much-needed central market platform.

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Digital-printing market growing: more exhibitors, more exhibition space

Leading suppliers of digital printing technology will be making presentations at the first ‘European Digital Textile Conference’ for digitally printed home and household textiles.

The conference will be held at the Fair and Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt am Main on 9 and 10 January 2014 and will give the industry a topical overview of the latest technologies, market opportunities, areas of application for mass-printing and sustainable production methods. The event is being organized by World Textile Information Network, an international news and information provider for the textile sector, and Messe Frankfurt.
From the niche to growth magnet
Digitally printed home and household textiles are gaining steadily in popularity whereby printed home textiles have long since developed into a major growth market for the textile industry with a volume estimated at around 12 billion square meters a year or around 40 percent of all printed textiles. The focus of digital-print production is on drapes and net curtains and bed and table linen. For products of this kind, manufacturers can draw on a host of new technologies, processes and production methods. The digital printing machines to be seen at Heimtextil 2014 permit a new variety of textile designs with virtually millions of color shades. But that’s not all. The advantage of this technology, which is already changing the European apparel sector, is also characterized by greater flexibility and speed, as well as personalized production. New collections with individual patterns can be produced and supplied within two weeks. Therefore, the demand for digitally printed designs is increasing from year to year, especially in the apparel sector.

Declining price differences
But why has digital printing already developed into the norm in the garment sector while it is only just being discovered by the home textiles sector? Dr. John Provost, Technical Editor of Digital Textile Magazine and industrial consultant, offered a number of answers in an article at the end of 2012. A role is played by technical progress and economic aspects. Thanks to new digital printing machines, textile manufacturers have been able to increase the previously low rate of production to several hundred square meters an hour. In the garment sector, the consequence for the market has been that the prices of printed textiles have leveled out almost completely, independently of the process used. For home textiles, the new digital-printing technology means manufacturers will be able to produce for the first time and cater for repeat orders comparatively quickly, flexibly and cheaply, even in the case of large minimum order qualities. Besides high-quality drapes and net curtains, the latest trends in the bed and table linen segment are also finding their way quickly onto the mass markets.

Technical progress is the driving force
Besides improved pre and post treatment methods, two technical developments resulted in the decisive step towards higher rates of production: new printing head and printing-ink technology. The latest generation of printing heads is distinguished by high reliability, ease of handling and flexibility in large-scale production. Moreover, modern printing systems use special inks containing pigments or insoluble vat dyes. Thanks primarily to improvements in the inks used, digitally printed home textiles are no longer overshadowed by their supposedly cheaper printed competitors.

Omar Kulka, Director Wide Format Division of Kornit Digital, confirms the importance of modern ink technologies for digitally printing large volumes. “We keep a close track of how new dye technologies are constantly being developed and, for our part, offer our NeoPigmentTM ink system – a robust, flexible and environmentally-friendly process that can drive the transition of home-textile printing into a digital, sustainable and cost effective ecosystem.” The dyes used must be suitable for all textiles, from cotton, via blended fabrics, to linen and silk, washable and environmentally friendly. Oeko-Tex 100 standards apply, for example, to baby and children’s linen. Thus, high quality and prompt availability are the distinguishing features of modern printing inks for digital production.

Complete solutions the key to growth
There are a number of obstacles to overcome to ensure that digitally-printed textiles reach the mass market, says Omar Kulka: “Especially in direct-to-garment and roll-to-roll printing, there are established standards, e.g., from screen and film printing processes, that the industry must adhere to.” Moreover, complete solutions are playing an increasingly important role. Modern systems, such as the Kornit Allegro, can carry out all printing-production stages in one step – from pre-treatment, via printing, to drying – and, according to the company, do so for fabrics of all kinds and with no supplementary steaming or washing. This is the future of digital printing for home textiles and an important step in the direction of mass production.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has specialized in complete systems especially for wallpaper and other wall coverings. The company’s Latex HP Technology uses water-based inks with a high level of color fastness and great environmental compatibility. Combined with systems for design and cutting, HP can supply fast printing technology for many backing materials, including textured and PVC-free wallpaper. “There is a trend moving towards unique pieces of work for homes and interiors, and the ability to customize designs is an important differentiator in the home and interior market”, says Terence Raghunath, Business Development Manager at Hewlett-Packard. “Digital printing is the segment that is growing at a rapid rate in the wall-coverings market as more and more designers and manufacturers are adopting digital technology”.


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Value added production ideas on the scene

6th International R&D brokerage event in the textile and apparel sector to be held in Bursa/Turkey, April 3-4, 2014.

R&D BROKERAGE EVENT is a well-known brand for R&D and innovation in the textile and clothing industry. The traditional summit conference held in Bursa each year is going to be organized at Merinos Ataturk Congress and Culture Center, the second biggest congress center of Turkey, on the  3rd -4th of April, 2014. The R&D project market summit is; on the basis of sector/industry, permanent, international, and the only international R&D market summit for the Textile and Clothing Sector of Turkey.

Through this great event, it is aimed to have the textile and apparel sector to achieve high value added production and perform sustainable export.  To this end, it is aimed to turn project ideas into partnerships and have this likely partnerships present industry – university Joint Project proposals for the Research and Development Outreach Programs by clustering domestic and foreign faculty members, major research and development and techno park employees, researchers and the representatives of industry organizations. Throughout the day, project poster presentations and oral presentations of the projects will be performed on the boards and thus tripartite conferences and bilateral discussions between university-industry-academics and research institutes will be carried out. UTİB R&D BROKERAGE EVENT has been continuously organized by UTIB and BTSO in Bursa for the past 6 years. Also this year the IV. Turkish Home Textile Design Competition and Award Ceremony will be held parallel with the main event.

This year the event will have four main topics:

  1. R&D Brokerage Event
  2. Design competition and design area
  3. Summit
  4. Educational seminars

And, general categories of textiles and R&D project proposals of academics and researchers, which have been approved by the evaluation committee, would be exhibited in the notice boards in the lounge. Academicians may give an oral presentation about their proposal if they desire. Exporters and industrialists can examine these projects exhibited on the notice boards in the lounge. Proposals appealing have the opportunity to be converted into partnerships. Partnership will help both to put the projects into practice. Also, the participants in the summit will be informed about the supporting mechanisms of various R&D corporations

The R&D project markets aims to create high value added innovative production,  capability to produce new products required by the industry to make export operations sustainable, to develop new cost reduction techniques and to make use of new production technologies.

Qualities of the projects proposed have increased noticeably year after year. For the 2014 summit, More than 15 thousand exporters, industrialists,  academicians and researchers will be invited from Turkey and overseas, which is going to be organized on the 3rd and 4th  of April 2014. R & D Project Awards will be given and also Project Awards will be given for the topics as follows:


Hometech and Home Textiles


Protech and Military Textiles

Functional Clothing Textiles

Furthermore, the most successful students of Universities’ Textile Engineering Branches with their Department Chairs will meet with the industrialists during the “Carrier Hours Interviews”.  In this regard, not only the students will improve their knowledge about the developments and changes in the sector, but also will be able to find a chance of employment.

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Ali Erdem Tekstil, a respectful name in home textiles

Quality is the most important factor for customer satisfaction for Ali Erdem Tekstil.

Ali Erdem Tekstil is an important home textile company located in Denizli. Mr. Ali Erdem, owner of the company, shared us information about his company offering export products in stock in Denizli. Full text of the interview follows:

Could you inform us about history of your company?
Founded in Denizli in 2008, Ali Erdem Tekstil entered the textile market as a company trading stock products. Ali Erdem started as an unskilled staff in large textile firms in Denizli in 1995, then he served the industry as an administrator for many years. For the need of the textile market, he started to produce home textile products in 2010. Currently, our company offers stock and manufacturing products.

What are your production capacity and product groups?
We produce and market notably towels and bathrobes for home textiles, hotel group textiles, bed linen, bedclothes, napkins and aprons. We produce 25-30 tons of towels monthly, 8-10 thousand bathrobes and other groups. We have from TRL 250 thousand to 300 thousand turnovers monthly.

What about your production facilities?
Giving particular importance to customer satisfaction, our company aims offers products with the best quality at the most competitive price since its inception. As of 2013, our firm plans to participate in international fairs in order to provide better quality and service for its customers abroad.

Could you inform us about your current export markets and target markets?
We export and market our own products and import products to notably European countries, notably Germany, Italy, France and Poland, Romania; African countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Chile and Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, etc. in Asia. We have customers with the dialogue in developing and emerging countries. Our highest priority is to achieve to reach more countries and cities.

What is your policy on customer satisfaction?
We aim to provide our customers the best quality products at the best price, and work them in the long term with solid fundamentals.

Do you participate in international trade fairs? What do you think about the importance of trade fairs in the sector?
We did not participate in international trade fairs before, but we followed fairs individually and contact with our clients directly. We closely follow the fairs in the sector, and we support them. This trade fairs are effective organizations meeting our suppliers and companies.

What are your goals the year 2013?
We aim to take place in the trade organizations in the country and participate in international fairs abroad in order to serve our customers better in the country and abroad.

Is there anything you want to add about your activities and the industry?
The textile sector gears up the last 3 years. We thank Allah. There are many earnings for people working in this sector. Customer likes reliable company, as producer likes reliable dealer. I suggest everybody not to shop without seeing everything in the market. ‘I would regret not to see rather than not to buy.


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Heimtextil hosts the world!

Hosting 2,658 exhibitors from the whole world and all new products for the first time, the fair will also host 160 Turkish exhibitors and around 2,500 professional Turkish visitors.

The world’s biggest spectrum of textile products, trends and innovations is to be seen at Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main from 8 to 11 January 2014. Occupying 19 exhibition halls, the leading international trade fair for the sector presents the entire portfolio for textile interior design and textile furnishings for commercial projects: from products for windows, upholstery, floors, walls and sun protection to textiles for the bathroom, bed and table. Additionally, the fair is distinguished by an informative complementary program for both visitors and exhibitors.

Represented strongly at this world platform every year, Turkey will be represented by 160 exhibitors this year and around 2,500 professional visitors will witness the new trends being set.

With an outstanding number of registrations received months before, the International Trade Fair for Home and Contract Textiles is now ready for another success. “The great response and, in particular, the return of many prominent European manufacturers shows clearly that the textile industry continues to rely on Heimtextil as a vital source of new impulses at the beginning of the year”, says Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies of Messe Frankfurt. Thus, the upward trend of recent years, which has seen a steady increase in exhibitor numbers, continues.

‘New & Next’ presents fresh design ideas

The ‘New & Next’ platform for newcomers is a source of fresh design ideas. Among the companies exhibiting there will be Crishome Tex, Sirftex (both Portugal), Colorkitchen, Lanui (both Germany), Devine Marquise (Belgium), Orgamint (Latvia), and Slowcolor (USA) all of which set accents in the household textiles market with their trendy new products.

En vogue: upcycling

Manufacturers of apparel, home textiles and furnishings are giving increasing consideration to the resource-friendly use of materials, and a new product life cycle. Heimtextil also spotlights the subject of upcycling and the work of committed young designers. Thus, the ‘Young Creations Award: Upcycling’ competition calls on young designers to create original upcycling products for the interior. Following the successful première at the last fair, the next competition on the occasion of the coming Heimtextil will be held with more participants. Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Coburg University, Stuttgart Technical University and Weissensee School of Art will take part in the competition with creative works and present their models in a special exhibition in Hall 4.2.

‘European Digital Textile Conference’

The first ‘European Digital Textile Conference’ will be held concurrently with Heimtextil 2014 and offer an overview of new technologies, market opportunities, areas of application for mass printing and sustainable production methods. On the second and third days of the fair (9 and 10 January 2014), the World Textile Information Network (WTiN) in cooperation with Heimtextil will hold a dialogue with experts in ‘Saal Europa’ of Hall 4.0. The conference has been held in different parts of Germany for many years. The last time was in Hamburg in 2011. In the past, the focus was on printing textiles for the apparel sector. Now, international experts will speak about areas of application in the expanding field of home and household textiles.

‘Webchance’ specialist forum on e-commerce

At the ‘Webchance’ specialist forum, experts for e-commerce explain ‘Successful advertising and sales on the internet’ for retailers and e-commerce newcomers. Naturally, they will also provide examples of how retailers should set up a web shop, promote their business and increase sales using new media, as well as point out the legal aspects to be borne in mind. ‘Webchance’ will be held in the ‘Lecture Square’ in Galleria 1. Also on the program at ‘Lecture Square’ are talks on ‘Sustainability and Textiles’, which are being organized in cooperation with the German Hotel Association (IHA), the Fair Wear Foundation, Woolmark International and other partners. A magnet for architects, interior architects, room planners and interior designers will be the new ‘Contract Square’ in the foyer of Halls 5.1 and 6.1. Organized in cooperation with AIT architectural magazine, ‘Contract Square’ is the ideal setting for lectures, panel discussions and awards ceremonies, and will be the starting point for guided tours for architects.

Heimtextil Trends: seismograph for the new season

The highlight for visitors interested in design is the traditional Trend Show. Visitors and exhibitors can look forward to a host of new design ideas in Forum 0. The elaborate Trend Show and the accompanying program of lectures will offer a fundamental insight into the latest design issues. The Heimtextil Trends have played a figurehead role at the trade fair for over 20 years. For the 2014/15 season, a team of six international design studios have singled out the most important themes from the multifarious trend currents around the world. This year, the work was led by London’s FranklinTill Studio. The British designers are also responsible for planning the Trend Show.

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