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TENCEL® – next generation ecological fiber

Lenzing is launching a new TENCEL® fiber made from cotton waste fabrics to drive ‘circular economy’ solutions in the textile industry.

The new generation of lyocell fibers will be the most ecological wood-based fiber on the planet – combining cotton waste recycling with Lenzing’s pioneering closed-loop TENCEL® production on a commercial scale. Lenzing is pushing new frontiers in ecological innovation and circular economy.

FasernLenzing achieved another milestone in its innovation heritage in the textile industry by developing a TENCEL® fiber based on cotton fabric waste. Lenzing is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer such cellulose fibers incorporating recycled materials on a commercial scale. TENCEL®, already a market success as an eco-friendly fiber, is now achieving another key milestone by creating from natural resources what is likely the most sustainable fiber. TENCEL® from cotton waste fabrics will further build Lenzing’s reputation as a leader in the field of environmental technology and will push new solutions in the textile industry towards circular economy by recycling waste. “For Lenzing, developing circular business models in the fashion industry ensures the decoupling of business growth from pressure on ecological resource consumption. It reduces the need to extract additional virgin resources from nature, and reduces the net impact on ecological resources,” says Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO of Lenzing.

TENCEL®, the most ecological fiber from nature, now featuring circular economy
TENCEL® has already been awarded the EU award for the most eco-friendly production process based on 99.7% closed loop circulation in the production and use of bio-energy. The renewable raw material of wood from sustainable forestry is another key advantage in terms of sustainability for TENCEL®. The latest next-generation TENCEL® fiber combines the best of two worlds – recycling cotton waste fabrics and using the most sustainable TENCEL® technology – to create one of the most ecological wood-based fibers on the planet. The recycling of cotton waste fabrics into virgin textile TENCEL® fibers offers a practical solution to enable circular economy in the apparel industry.

New approaches to marketing
The new TENCEL® fiber introduces an innovative approach to marketing. The fiber is not sold directly to yarn or fabric manufacturers. It will be exclusively offered to leading retailers and brands that in turn could produce their garment collections in the most sustainable way by engaging the right value chain partners. This ensures close co-operation and transparency in the entire textile value chain.

NachhaltigkeitA new type of identification procedure is employed to guarantee transparency for the TENCEL® fiber. This allows Lenzing to assure retailers that the TENCEL® fibers in the garment are indeed the most eco-friendly wood-based fibers.

At the current time, the fiber is being tested with selected brand manufacturers and retailers and is at the point of being introduced to the market. “Close cooperation with the sustainability leaders in the retail business gives us the chance to find common solutions to overcome sustainability related challenges in the fashion industry and effectively implement circular economy concepts,” van de Kerkhof explains. “The next generation TENCEL® fiber is revolutionizing the fiber industry and has the potential to significantly change consumers’ behavior,” van de Kerkhof continues.


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Home&tex stimulated the industry!  

Domestic and international, 22,134 professionals visited Home&Tex show.

Home&Tex, the most efficient platform for exhibitors and visitors to step into new markets and to establish a bridge for cooperation the countries held between 26 and 29 October, 2016.

1478510107_hometex1Russian liked gold, Arabs liked flower
Organized to increase exports of home textiles and decoration sector, HOME & TEX – Home Textile and Decoration Fair was completed at CNR EXPO Yesilkoy. 3 thousand 790 of them are international, a total of 22,134 industry professionals visited the fair. The collections specially prepared for the companies were well appreciated by both the domestic market and international investors. Arab countries in fair were interested in colored, floral, printed print home textiles, while Russians preferred gold and silver tones. By Istanbul Fair A.S., one of CNR Holding Organizations, Home&Tex “Home Textile and Decoration Fair” organized by the Turkish Home Textile Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TETSIAD) was held for the 4th time this year.

Domestic and international 22,134 industry professionals visited Home&Tex Fair which exhibited curtains & tulles, accessories, devices, upholstery, bedroom products, kitchen & dining room textiles, towel & bathroom products, decoration products, wall covering and floor covering. 22 thousand 134 industry professionals from domestic and international visited Home&Tex, the most efficient platform for exhibitors and visitors to step into new markets and to establish a bridge for cooperation the countries. Home&Tex Fair hosted buyers from 96 countries, notably from Russia, Germany, France, Italy, North Africa, Turkic Republics, Middle East and Gulf Countries.

Arab countries prefer vivid colors in home textiles
The collection prepared by the firms special for the fair attracted the appreciation by both domestic market and international investors in Home&Tex Fair held in CNR Expo Yesilkoy with the participation of 600 brands. Noting that preferences in home textiles and decorations vary according to the regions, companies point out that cream, earth and blue tones are preferred in home textiles in domestic market, gold and silver tones are preferred in Russia and loose piece pattern and vivid colors are preferred in Arab countries. Stating that Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, are very interested in lustrous printed bathrobes, Ozkan Irman, owner of Minteks, said: “We prepared our collections special for fair with multi colored, floral prints and printed prints for our European customers and domestic market in particular. However, Arab countries attached greatest interest in our colorful and floral bathrobes in the fair.”

1478510107_Hometex2 1478510108_Hometex5

Roller blind with red light
Visitors from Muslim countries such as Indonesia, Algeria, Morocco and Libya were very interested in velvet couture. Curtains and home 1478510108_Hometex3textile collections of TAC including trends and innovations were also appreciated in Home&Tex. TAC’s stain-resistant roller blind with red light was met with great success as well. Turkey with its location, where all trade roads are crossing, has to assert the policies for increasing the business volume of the home textile industry by a better using of this advantage. The innovations at this track will effect as a leverage in the sector. Hometex, has been an efficient platform for exhibitors and visitors to step into new markets and to establish a bridge for cooperation with other countries. The popularity of Home&Tex has gained ground around the globe in a short time as in domestic market. The show, where domestic and foreign buyers of home textile and decoration met, was hel over a gigantic area.

Hosting almost 600 exhibitors Home&Tex attracted buyers’ delegations from 92 countries including Germany, France, Russia, Italy, North Africa, Central Asian Turkic Republics and Middle East.

Home&Tex brought together the professionals of importers, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, dealers, retail stores and department stores.


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Aydin Textile enters new markets

2Delivering its products to 60 countries, Aydin Tekstil targets to penetrate into new markets with trust and confidence.

One of the leading brands in the mattress textiles industry in Turkey continues to emphasize in exports. Having sales in 60 countries from America to Middle East the company aims to increase its number of markets. Sales manager of the company Berhan Kaya informed about their products and expressed his views on production and export activities in the mattress industry.

Will you furnish us with information about Aydin Tekstil? What are your major activities?
3Aydin Tekstil produces quality, technologic and natural products on high technology machinery in its integrated factory. Having a total quality concept, our company invests in human resources as well, keeps an eye on technology, and has deep-rooted assets for running in the future. It follows the latest trends and designs and develops its own style in the field of fabric production for mattress industry. The company also is sensitive to the ecology and human health. Its vision is to keep its leadership by being a distinguished firm and having high level of competitive advantage and to produce value both for the industry and national economy. Our values and human resources are our most valuable assets. We respect the rights of labor and have an organization composed of encircled teams from department to department and from individuals to individuals. It is important to pay their due rights to all people in teams, it is necessary for success to be shared by everybody in the firm. We are focused on solutions by sharing all problems that we have met.

How do you evaluate recent developments in the mattress industry in Turkey? As a manager of one of the leading companies in the sector, would you share your views in this regard?
4Mattress industry in Turkey is growing fast. 95 % of the products sold in Turkey are spring type, other 5 % share are foam type. Annual growth rate in the market is 7 % on average and the annual sales of the industry is about 69 million dollars. More than half of total exports are delivered to Europe and Middle East, including France, Germany and Holland. According to the data released by some representatives of the industry, about 3 million mattresses are sold to individual buyers and 1 million mattress are sold in bulk to hotels, hostels and hospitals. There are hotels and hospitals investments having about 800 thousand beds capacity, and these are regarded as a symbol for continuous development of the industry in the future.

IMG_4849What is your opinion about differences between designs and developments in Turkey and in the world? Is Turkey in a position to set the trends in fabrics for the mattress industries?
In a world that global competition gains momentum, it is important for any country to be successful in R&D activities and be a leader in the market. R&D is a job for those disciplined entrepreneurs who have curiosity and inspiration to make changes, and a high ability to act on their own aims. In this matter, education and eco-system for innovations are needed. There are an increasing demand for flexible, disciplined, hard working, and expert people in R&D markets. Countries and companies are trying to be distinguished in the market by having innovative and differentiated products to run ahead of their competitors. Activities in R&D and innovation fields in Turkey are improving at fast pace than the activities in other countries.

6 7 9

To which markets does Aydin Tekstil export its products? Are there any new markets in the horizon?
All markets and countries are our target in the world, as Turkey becomes a global player in the world. We have been exporting for many years. By now, our products have been sold in 60 countries. We aimed to enter new markets and to offer our brand and thrust to the people in these markets. England, America, Italy, Middle East, Poland and Russia are our major markets for exports.

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Contract fabrics from Akarca Textile

Akarca Textile produces fabrics for decorative draperies, having its own designs and works with authoring companies in abroad.

Products that were designed by the company on the patterns purchased from abroad are reinterpreted and than sold to 70 countries for draperies. Irfan Bahadir, General manager of Akarca Textile, located in Bursa, informed about his company and his views on COHO fair.

Birol BahadırWhat is your position in the contract business as Akarca Textile?
We produce mainly fabrics for decorative draperies. Our product range covers varieties such as fabrics for background, for blinding and other kinds demanded by contractors. Actually, we produce fabrics for authoring companies in the world. They offer their collections as a book, and then we make annual contracts with them. We export to 70 countries in total.

How do you develop your products? Do your own patterns interpret in house?
Supply and demand is important in this matter. Mostly we buy patterns from abroad and interpret them in our design studio. The motives are then colored before offering to our buyers. Some of the authoring firms demand us when they saw our patterns in fairs. We may re-interpret some of our motifs for our buyers. We adjust the sizes, colors and structures of patterns as requested.  We do coupon works.

_DSC1171 _DSC1216 _DSC1269 _DSC1274

How are your activities in export markets?
Exporting is a must in our business. You have to follow developments in foreign markets and seek for new motifs, qualities and yarns to produce new offerings for your customers. Our products are exported to European markets, Russia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and Thailand, totaling to 70 countries.

_DSC1305 _DSC1309 _DSC1353_1 _DSC1361_1

Which markets do you want to enter?
We also were affected negatively by the problems in other sectors in the world. However, our business was not so bad. We headed to American and Canadian markets, rather then European markets. We keep our studies in these markets. But, European market is the most important. Fairs and visiting buyers are important in this regard. We have been in abroad at least three months each year.

_DSC1375_1 _DSC1387_1 DSC_2072

What do you think about the future of your industry?
The sector will maintain its position in the future. Especially our proximity to Europe is important. We can produce every product that has been produced in Italy. We make quality fabrics. The image of Made in Turkey has been settled.

DSC_2119 DSC_2128

What do you have to say about COHO fair’s impact on your industry and the future of the fair?
At this first step, we do not expect much but it should be emphasized that the fair will make great strides in the future. It is especially beneficial for businesses in Bursa, because demand in contract business sector is on the rise. I think that, technical fabrics will be on the agenda more in the future. Customers are demanding special fabrics, having certificates for certain specifications, such as flame-resistant, anti-bacterial etc. We are now able to produce these kinds of fabrics in Bursa. So, this is another plus point for this fair. We are going to take our place in COHO fair with our special products used in the hotel industry.


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OEKO-TEX launches Eco Passport certification

OEKO-TEX launches new Eco Passport certification for sustainable textile chemicals

The OEKO-TEX® Association is pleased to announce the official launch of the new ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification for sustainable textile chemicals. The six-month pilot phase with manufacturers has been successfully completed. The results were very positive and the first certified textile chemical producers have already accessed the key benefits of the new ECO PASSPORT concept.

ECO PASSPORT by OEKOTEX ® offers textile chemical manufacturers a confidential and independent method to reassure their customers that chemicals, colorants, and auxiliaries are in line with the industry’s sustainability requirements and initiatives. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified chemicals protect consumers, textile industry workers, and the environment from the potential dangers of harmful substances. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is a two-step verification procedure by which manufacturers of textile processing chemicals and chemical compounds are able to confirm that their products meet the criteria for environmentally responsible textile production. Based on customer and market feedback during the six month pilot test phase, OEKO-TEX® modified the original ECO PASSPORT concept to improve functionality. The workflow between applicants, testing institutes, and the OEKO-TEX® Secretariat was refined and the certification and lab testing procedures were optimized. Textile chemicals, colorants, and auxiliaries are analyzed in a two-step process that confirms that the compounds and each ingredient meet specific criteria for sustainability, safety, and regulatory compliance.

In the initial analysis, chemical compounds are checked against a comprehensive Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL) that incorporates the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 RSL and the STeP by OEKO-TEX® MRSL, both of which are compliant with REACH and ZDHC guidelines. Next, the textile chemicals, colorants, and auxiliaries are analyzed within a well-reasoned laboratory- testing framework to ensure that they do not contain any unsafe contaminants. Compounds that pass these two phases are granted the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification which indicates that the certified textile chemical is safe to use in OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified textile products and in STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified manufacturing facilities.

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Sweetest website offers promotional chocolates and many special gifts for home textile products sector!

Cikolata burda means, “chocolates are here” in Turkish. The website “cikolataburda.com” offers real handmade Belgium and Pelit chocolates! This reliable and trustable system assures you to offer gifts online to your beloved ones with full confidence.

The company also produces chocolates with company names and logos upon order. They made production and packaging for many leading companies in every sector from mattress industry to automotive, textile, food and others… Among leading names on the company’s reference list are Akbank, Turkcell, Vodafone, Boyteks, Rixos Hotel, Altınbas, Yunsa, Acıbadem Hospital, Medipol Hospital, Torunlar GYO, etc. Operating in the chocolate and pastry sector for over 40 years, the company has founded its online system to offer its services online to its customers and to widen its clientele.

In addition to chocolates the site also offers durable gifts. Possessing Halal Food Certificate and ISO Quality Certificate, cikolataburda.com renders quality and on time delivery. The most leading online boutique chocolate brand cikolataburda.com invites you to check it out!

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Setre Textile ready for Evteks 2015

Preparing for coming edition of Evteks 2015, Özgür Kılıçarslan, CEO of Setre Textile Company, introduced his company by answering our questions:

Brief history of the firm

Our company was established in 2008 as a wholesaler of home textile products including tulle, drapery and upholstery fabrics. Now we have wider range of products to sell addressing customers in every segment, including patterned or plain jacquard fabrics, fantastic linens, knitted fabrics, and embroidered fabrics. Colors and patterns of our products are proliferating continuously as well as our capacity. Presently we are able to supply every demand and order we get by cooperating with major firms both in Turkey and in abroad.

On exports

We sell our products to numerous countries, including Russia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Kosova, Iran, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Algeria, etc.

On customers and activities in fairs

Responsive customer service is our business policy. We deliver the orders of our customers as soon as possible. We try to deliver faster by designing our own patterns. In 2014 we participated in Home&Tex fair for the first time. Now we are preparing for Evteks 2015. Fairs are effective tools for getting new customers from both domestic and foreign markets. Fairs are good for expanding market share.

On plans for 2015

We are aiming to improve our quality management. With new investments, we try to establish and empower our Setre gold brand as one of the leading names in drapery and upholstery fabrics market. We are also working on our corporate management development activities aiming to be managed by professionals,

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SEHA Textile offers home and hotel textiles

Exporting 80% of its production the company has a great success in selling its exclusive products with “Aqua-Soft” brand name in domestic and foreign markets.

It all started a quarter century ago in Denizli, Turkey when Seha Textile opened a home textiles business offering a wide range of quality products at affordable prices. Seha Textile, one of the leading textile companies in Goveclik, Denizli, has been manufacturing towels, bathrobes, bed sheets and quilts, sleeping sets, pique and hotel groups in any dimensions and quality. Seha has a great success in selling its exclusive products with the patent of Aqua-Soft in import and export business.

Exporting 80 percent of their production to Europe and Africa countries, Seha is proud of offering 100% customer-satisfaction guarantee. With the OEKO-TEX 100 standards, Aqua-soft products of Seha Textile never damage the nature with no any chemical material. They have rich and profound experience in the development of bamboo towels that never contains microbe. All their products are 100% cotton, soft, hygienic and quality. Seha Textile is one of the best companies dedicated to the textile industry, serving a variety of customers around the world satisfying those customers remains the focus of everything they do. They are manufacturers and exporters of various kinds of fabric made of 100% cotton products.

The aim and effort of Seha Textile is to put together a team of extremely efficient experts to service the needs of retailers and wholesalers. They offer a gamut of services, right from procuring products from the leading manufacturers, to providing special embellishments and finishes on clients’ request, to quality assurance and packaging. Their commitment to provide their customers with the finest products at the best prices has enabled them in winning their trust.

the importance of value: value for money, service which is valued by their customers and the value of, their most important asset, their colleagues. They firmly believe that engaged, talented and motivated colleagues are at the heart of the business. So they need talented developer and marketer in order to promote their products worldwide. Seha Textile is a mix of system that aspires for nothing but the best in terms of quality and standards. Subsequently they have achieved the reputation for being the best and competitive amongst their competitors worldwide. Their strategy is to offer their customers highest quality products, excellent service, on time delivery and production flexibility. A combination of these factors guarantees total customer satisfaction. The effectiveness of their management systems, the skill of their workforce and the quality of their products are their real pride comes from their ability to have honored all the commitments made to their clients resulting in long term relationship. Seha Textile has a modern integrating R&D, production and marketing of products by undertaking the development of the second generation of products with higher technological contents and larger added values. Seha’s efforts are relying on technologies and continuous innovations.

Manufacturing quality products with high-end machines and offering them at affordable prices, Seha Textile aims to spread all Aqua-Soft brand products all over the world. Meeting standards without sacrificing quality, Seha Textile is planning to open up additional markets.

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Sarev ready for the summer

Sarev starts the season with new collections of its design team that carry anti-bacterial fabrics with chirpy patterns enriched by trendy colors

The product portfolio has been expanded by additional 10 new imprinted bed covers that are made of 100 percent of cotton. Products are designed for double functions, both for sleeping on and covering bed. Bogazici bed sets are embellished with original city themes and bring the coolness of the Bosphorous.

Upon growing demand for last year’s bamboo satin 100 cotton linens new models were added. Classical patterns are used in Buena linens, while roses with modern illustrations are used in Aletta linen sets.

Ranforce sets were added by new patterns. Suzena, Lea Line and Mendi linen sets are made of trendy colors and trendy patterns.  Their packaging were also re-designed to attract interest. Sarev collection have motives of flowers, butterfly, birds on them.

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Homedeco Kazakhstan opens with new trends

Organized by Turkel Fair Inc., 8th International Home Textile, Houseware and Interior Design Trade Fair opens at Atakent Exhibition Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 29-31 March 2014.

As the only true business platform in Almaty-Kazakhstan focusing on Home Textile, Houseware and Interior Design industries,”Homedeco” will open its doors for the eight time to the industry professionals and the general public on 29-31 March, 2014 at Atakent Exhibition Center, Pavilion 10 and 9.

During three days of exhibition, over 60 local and international direct exhibitors will showcase their latest trends in home textile, houseware and interior design industries on a net exhibition area of 2,000 sqm to an audience of more than 7,000 industry professionals and the general public.

In 2013, Homedeco hosted exhibitors from 7 different countries including Kazakhstan, Turkey, Italy, China, Turkmenistan, Belarus and Russia. The focus was more on the following product groups: Tulles, curtains, pillows, carpets, bathroom textiles, bedroom textiles, kitchen utensils and other interior design products.

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