Counting Down For Mood 2012

MoOD has a habit to offer unexpected and original surprises withdeep m e a ningand interpretations. The venue of kick off the announcement of those surprises is Como where and when Proposte Fair is held. MoOD’s General Manager Patric Geysels made his traditional presentation in Como again this year and furnished international press members with what MoOD has in store for this year’s edition. Following is his presentation: “MoOD believes in a gradual reindustrialization of Europe. Bringing industry back to Europe is not just possible, it’s necessary.
Textile has everything it needs to be the first to flourish again, provided it is carried along by groundbreaking innovations. MoOD wants to play a role in this, by giving exhibitors a platform and showing visitors the way to innovative  textiles. We are not newbies: in 2004 already MoOD started the first innovation platform in the world where innovative flexible creations for the interior were displayed. Today, MoOD took the next step: we are choosing innovations as the theme of the trade show and thereby opening the doors to a new range that small initiatives and startups will be happy to call their own in the future as well. Many ground-breaking innovations are incubated and grow with small starters. They are the entrepreneurs of the future.”

Compact and international – tailored to the specialist

“MoOD is a trade show of specialists for specialists. Producers of upholstery,
window and wall coverings offer their unique creations. Eighty percent of
the exhibitors at MoOD come from Europe (including Turkey

MoOD, with exhibitors from 25 countries, finds itself in a unique position,
and this is still met with appreciation on the part of visitors. This hunt for “Original Designs” is on the upsurge. MoOD wants to give these buyers the chance to find their way to the “right collection” within a compact, well-structured trade show. For three days, in three large halls, MoOD will focus on innovations and thus send out an important signal for the future of
textile enterprise.” Each hall with its own focus “MoOD has a place in halls 11, 7 and 9 of the Brussels Expo. Upholstery fabrics are grouped mainly in Hall 11, while sheers and curtain specialists can be found in Hall 7. The contract fabrics are offered together in Hall 9, where Trevira CS will have a strong representation this year.

Contract grows with Trevira CS – Hall 9 “The contract platform has seen strong growth with Trevira CS. An innovative growth, with 11 exhibitors (including 9 new) : Pugi RG Srl, Verotex AG, Création Baumann SA-NV, Velours Blafo, Müller Zell GmbH, Lodetex SpA, Dina/Vanelli Tekstil SA.TIC.A.S., Fidivi Tessitura Vergnano S.p.A., AB Ludvig  Svensson, Rohleder GmbH, Spandauer Velours GmbH & CO KG. “Here the focus is on innovations. Trevira developed the standard for fire-resistant products. Today they are not standing still
either.” Outdoor – outdoor, between Hall 7 and Hall 11 “As a result of innovations, today you see vibrant, colorful fabrics outside as well. Yet even now not all suppliers of exterior furnishings have found their way to the right quality. That is why MoOD is grouping the “real” outdoor products in a true outdoor setting. In addition, MoOD will also highlight the innovations in outdoor happenings.” Experiencing trends in the Fluxus Trend Café – Hall 11 “MoOD makes one big experience from trends.
For the first time, the trend forum will not be a stand-alone item, but an interactive place where visitors can come browse and enjoy a creative breather. Fluxus Trend Café will be under the spell of three trend themes. It will be a transit zone that takes you away to three destinations. The trend colors will also be a lively part of the café.”

Discovery Zone – Hall 7

“The crown jewel is undoubtedly the Discovery Zone in Hall 7. 630 square meters of pure inspiration! MoOD pulls it all together here:  the Blue Drop Exhibition: an inspiring overview of the “best of the best” of what you can find at MoOD. The Blue Drops and Blue Drop Awards are selected from creations submitted by exhibitors. A Blue Drop Award is given out in each category. That the accent will be on innovation this year goes without saying. – MoOD Yarns is expanding by 10 exhibitors to become an interesting place to discover. This growth is not entirely unexpected. Especially not if you know the value of innovations and also understand that quite some of the new functionalities of textiles start with the yarns. – The Innovation Platform: imbued entirely with the theme of innovations. Together with various partners, including MateriO, approximately 150 innovative samples from exhibitors and nonexhibitors will be on display. This year, MoOD is also selecting two strong innovative ideas from startups. A call is being sent out to the world (see below).  These little companies that could are getting the opportunity to introduce their innovation to the broader public.” For the love of innovation – seminar on Wednesday, 12

September “MoOD loves innovations! MoOD was the first to set up an innovation platform back in the day where innovative creations got the attention they deserved. Today, the interest in innovations has only increased and MoOD is exploring the domain of innovations in the world of textiles in architecture. Near the world-seasoned innovation platform, MoOD is organizing a seminar on Wednesday, 12 September about innovations and
the role textiles can play. A series of exciting speakers will open your eyes to new opportunities in brief snapshots. Follow us at, we will gradually announce the program.” Call for innovative ideas “The Discovery Zone offers startups the chance to introduce “their” thing to the broad public. MoOD is sending out a call to startups to send in their submissions.
A NDA (non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement) will be signed
upon receipt. A small group of experts will offer the two coolest/most exciting/most surprising innovations the opportunity to present their product
to the world at MoOD. They will receive a booth at the Innovation Platform. They also will receive the opportunity to briefly introduce their product during the seminar.” Indigo – sister salon with added value “MoOD is pleased to announce the continued cooperation with Indigo. Indigo brings creative talent when it comes to design. With over 100 exhibitors, Indigo exerts significant influence on the future interior collections.”

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