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MoOD & Indigo Brussels: tour, taxi and take off!

MoOD, the Boutique Show with a Heart for Fabrics, presents the most complete and largest collection of specialists in upholstery fabrics, window textiles and wool covering.

MoOD, Meet only Original Design show of Brussels made its traditional Como press meeting and introduced the latest developments about MoOD. Patrick Geysels, general manager of the event said they would continue with the same excitement despite some negative happenings in Brussels and in the European and global economy. “What is good is that we have not faced one single cancellation after the terror attack happened in Brussels and we have already signed contracts for 80% of the venue. I believe we will be sold out soon,” Geysels noted. “We have the same potential, better hopes and more excitement. At the heart of Brussels, in Tour & Taxi venue, we will record another success with our own specialties such as Blue Drop, Trends, Innovation Platform and more.”

Famous designer Jennifer Castoldi of Trendease International, introduced the new trends from a European and contemporary perspective striking as “Wood and stone, worn and aged, these trends all still very ‘hot’.”

But the style is far more eclectic than we have seen for many years. Classic patterns with exotic accents, aquarelle or intense colors, everything is possible. Even the often-dominant ethnic patterns are back again. It would be a sign of the cultural mix populating the mega cities of today. The trend concentration of MoOD is all about the large diversity of styles and colors. Contradictions even, because they show up in a strikingly high number and they are particularly outspoken.

MoOD is preparing us for the future. A future in which fabrics take the center stage: upholstery, window- and wall coverings. Together with Indigo Brussels Home Edition, MoOD Yarns and the Innovation Platform, this compact exhibition forms an ecosystem you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

As a visitor you can find anything to put together a collection or develop a personalized product. From design to finish… You could practically arrive empty handed and leave for home with your personal collection, finalized to the last detail. New smaller players and start-ups were first introduced to the visitor in the last edition. In September 2016 the offer will be strengthened with new materials, new techniques and services.

Even the face of MoOD is changing. As a boutique show MoOD is preparing a special ambiance. Expect an open atmosphere with a contemporary look in an architecturally stunning surrounding. The exhibition will be peppered with inspiration islands and themed bistros. Everything is present for a fulfilled community experience and new business plans.

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Proposte stands for excellence!

As an attendee to 23-year old Proposte for 11 years I know a lot about this specialty show but I wanted to have the most accurate information for our readers. For this purpose I interviewed Mr. Massimo Mosiello, general manager of Proposte, on Friday 2016, the last of the show this year.

What makes Proposte unique when compared with other fairs?

There are many factors which differ Proposte from other shows. First of all we are very strict on accepting a company as an exhibitor.

What are your criteria for accepting exhibitors?

First of all, it has to be a manufacturer. No matter how quality sample they submit, we don’t accept importers or traders. Secondly we take their samples and check for quality. We care for their capacity, manufacturing facilities, number of employees and their customer portfolio and profile.

Is it important to know their clientele?

Yes, it is a factor for us to know if they are selling to prestigious companies. Their clientele shows us their quality and respectfulness.

As a European-only show you wouldn’t accept any other companies to the show but since last year you have some none-European exhibitors including three Turkish brands? How has this happened?

In fact those three Turkish brands are the only non-European exhibitors but we made this decision last year. When you look at those three names, Vanelli is a world brand. It has many innovation awards from even European organizations. Marteks has an excellent collection. Penelope is the same. We may accept companies from other countries, too. There is a Moroccan fabric manufacturer who makes very quality products. There are some Indian and Turkish manufacturers that can comply with the criteria of Proposte. If we have place, we may accept them in our show, however, there is already a waiting list. But the general rule is that a Proposte exhibitor should comply with our standards.

What about the International Observatory scattered around?

They are very good for Proposte too. They add more value. Everything is for visitors and buyers. When they come for Proposte, they have more choices because there are some high-end companies among them and there are middle level quality manufacturers. Some of the buyers need middle level rather than top level quality. So, this is very good for everybody. There is another important factor: having many companies at International Observatory section gives us the opportunity to evaluate for having them inside Proposte in the future. We see their collection, we know the company better and we make our decision easier in accepting or refusing their application.

Do you have a plan to open the show to the world? A Proposte Shanghai or New York or Istanbul, for instance?

That could be in the future. We have similar organisations in my other profession at a Milan-based exhibition company. We make apparel shows in Shanghai and New York. Proposte may also consider similar openings in the future but it is not on our closer agenda.

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Dina Vanelli at the heart of Proposte

Proposte is a unique European-only show annually held in Cernobbio town of Italy. It is unique for its attendance, concept and venue. It is held where ancient Villa Erba is. Situated at the lakeside of Como Lake, this villa is famous for many aspects including Hollywood movies.

Proposte never accepts non-European companies inside the event but Dina Vanelli, along with two other Turkish brands, has managed to go inside because of its European prestige and quality. It has many awards from European organizations for its innovative and high-end fabrics.

Mr. Erol Turkun, Chairman of the Board of Turkun Holding, to which Dina Vanelli belongs, said that their quality was approved by Europe and that’s why they were accepted as a Proposte exhibitor. “This is a pride for our company as well as our industry,” Turkun says. “We have to be innovative, quality and professional in our business. We are part of Europe anyways but we should feel the responsibility of this identity and act accordingly.”

Erol Turkun said they would continue to focus on R&D studies to innovate new products and they would have many novelties in the near future for the fabrics industry.

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Turkish businesses to organize trade fairs in China,” daily Sabah

* Interviewed by Sabah, Ceyda Erem, President of CNR Holding, said Chinese officials asked them to organize shows in China in various sectors including home textiles, furniture, marble, construction materials, elevators, electronics and paints.

CNR Holding President Ceyda Erem said in an exclusive interview with Sabah daily that Turkey needs to invest in organizing trade fairs in order to balance the trade deficit with China. Erem, who participated in the business people group that accompanied Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on his China visit, stressed that the trade deficit with China was $1.24 billion in 2000 but it climbed up to $22 billion to the favor of China this year.

When asked about the China visit, Erem said they had been welcomed with a greater regard than ever, and meetings with their Chinese counterparts, especially the CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) sector unions, were finalized with numerous agreements. “The First steps have been taken to organize fairs in five different sectors,” she said, detailing that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s presence alongside Erdoğan had great impact on the attention they received from Chinese business organizations.

“They want us to take the Boat Show over there,” Erem said, then listed home textiles, furniture, marble, construction materials, elevators, electronics and paints as the sectors in which the Chinese want Turkey to organize fairs. Erem added that they are planning to take the Boat Show there along with home textiles, marble, rubber and plastics sector fairs. On investing in China, Erem said at an international fair organizers meeting in Switzerland 12 years ago, it was said that in 20 years’ time, they would all be working for China and the European fairs would come to an end. “English and German fair organizing firms have foreseen the decreasing returns in European markets and established their position in China without waiting for 20 years,” Erem said, and highlighted that they had been taking advantage of Turkey’s economic consistency over the last 12 years. Stressing that Chinese business owners do not know English, Erem said they are investing in human resources that will enhance trade with China, and the number of employees who are proficient in Chinese is increasing day-by-day.

When asked about her opinion on the fairground expansion decision of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Erem underlined that the size of the fairs in terms of area is not as important as it is thought to be in Turkey, indicating that the true parameter of success in fairs is the volume of business and the added-value provided to the economy. Erem claimed that the amount of participants and the number of interested visitors should increase in order for fairs to grow, pointing to the Premiere Vision Fair, which was conducted with French partners, as a notable example. She said they have sold 5,500 square meters at fairly high prices and attracted 8,000 suitable visitors. “But the French objected when they planned to double the area of the fair next year,” Erem said, the reason being purposeful expansion, as the French estimated that they could only manage to increase the amount of suitable visitors that would correspond to 1,000 square meters of additional space. Erem then explained that attracting appropriate visitors who are potential customers to the participant firms is more important than expanding the fairgrounds of Istanbul. She added that bringing Chinese visitors to a fair in Turkey is easy, while attracting Chinese buyers is more difficult to do. “That’s why we believe that it is more efficient to invest in organizing fairs in China rather than bringing Chinese buyers over here,” Erem said.

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Armes Home, a reliable and competitive name in home textiles

Established in 1985, Armes Home, a Bursa-based company is a respectful company operating in the home textile sector. Ozgur Ozdemir, Chairman of the board, Armes Home dowry products company, introduced his company and its activities.

On the history of Armes Home company

Our business, Ozgur Ceyiz, was a small shop, a retailer-producer of dowry products in Inegol market district in Bursa, founded by Ibrahim and Semra Ozdemir in 1985. The foundation of business actually was started when she began to produce hand-made embroideries for dowry textiles at her young age. Since then for 28 years both Semra and Ibrahim Ozdemir have been producing with the same enthusiasm and dedication they felt at their first day in business.

The company has produced for other sellers between 1985 and 2010. In 2010 ther took a radical decision to produce under their own brand name, Armes Home. Then the second generation of the family entered the scene as part of the company who look for a future full of hope and success.

On products and production capacities

We make embroidered bed sets, pique sets, bride sets, and bed covers in home textile branch. We can produce 200 hundred thousands sets in our facilities that is equipped with automated machinery operated by professional staff. Since we are self-sufficient, we have an advantage for provided quality products on time.

On production facility

Our factory is on Visne road in Bursa, has 2.000 sqm of closed area. Fabrics enter in factory and are out as packaged items.

On export markets and target markets

Presently we export our products to markets in Europe, North Africa, Arabian Peninsula and Middle East. Our target markets are North and South America and the Far East.

On customer satisfaction

Despite some sales and production problems in textile markets, our company keeps its growth successfully. We are aware of the importance of customer satisfaction. Trust of our customers comes from our integrated efforts to adapt our offers to the needs and desires of buyers, our prudence, productivity, quality, economic prices, timely delivery and our respect to our customers.

On fairs, targets for 2015 and general comments

We participate in or visit to fairs and exhibition held in the country and abroad. They are all valuable activities to expand ofr vision and to find new markets and customer segments. In 2015 we will watch developments in the markets and increase our capacity and markets we have been in. We aimed to get more share in the market by expanding our product portfolio.

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Home&Tex opens in Istanbul to host the home textile and decoration world

Held for the third time by CNR Holding, Home&Tex fair opens in CNR Istanbul Expo, October 28 – 31, 2015 with support of Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TETSIAD).

Held in cooperation with CNR Holding and Association of Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen, one of Turkey’s most important home textile trade fairs, Home&Tex fair will open its doors for  the third time this year. Featuring all kinds of home textile and decoration, Home&Tex will host wholesalers, retailers and decorators from Russia, the Middle East, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, North Africa as well as Turkey. About 600 participants and 40 thousand of domestic or foreign visitors will take part in the fair in an area of 40 thousand square meters. Pointing out importance of the fairs to the sector, Yasar Kucukcalik, the Chairman of Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TETSİAD) said, “Home&Tex is very valuable for us as second largest in Turkey and fourth largest home textiles fair in the world. When considered where we stand now in just three years, it is possible to see the paramount
importance of the home textile industry for our country.”

Attached great importance by TETSİAD management and members, carried out adverts by various organizations and domestic and foreign publications, Home&Tex fair plays an important role in the growth of exports in the Turkish home textile industry. Recording that the fair has the greatest importance to grow export and build foreign relations, TETSİAD contributes the revival in the domestic market as well.

All types of home textiles in this Expo
Tulle, curtain, cotton, linen, upholstery fabric, curtain accessories, curtain mechanisms, sleep and bedroom products, kitchen and dining room linens, towels and bath products, decorative products, wall coverings, floor coverings and types of yarn will be presented to visitors at the fair. Designed and produced for participating firm’s desire, fair stands of Home&Tex fair meet needs of national and international
buyers. Providing to meet national and international buyers, receive their orders directly and follow closely sectorial developments, the fair brings all components of the expanding market under the same roof.

Influx of visitors from Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East
Many visitors from some countries including ones which have great trading volume in home textiles such as Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Iran and China will be a guest to Turkey which becomes “Home Textile Center of the world” in order to follow the latest developments and trends in the world of home textiles and decoration.

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Home textile to be more colorful this year

Tetsiad, Turkish association of home textile industrialists and businessmen, unveiled the new trends in home textiles for the year 2016. Contrasts will be the new styles

Watching the pulse of home textile industry in Turkey, Tetsiad, unveiled the trendy colors, designs, fabrics and structures for those who want to renew their homes completely. The trend for the year emphasizes on the comfortable live style supported and enriched by contrasting colors and joyful designs. Leading the way for its member companies, Tetsiad signals sincere, original and minimalist designs and a year of aesthetics. Yasar Kucukcalik, President of Tetsiad, said, “We will see forms and products that make customers feel comfortable and safe. Every item, from bed covers to draperies, from tulles, to bathrobes all will have contrasting aesthetic tones and designs. The year 2016 will be a period of change and transformation for the people who want to get a complete aesthetic revival in their lives.Turkey has been setting the direction of home textile fashion for many years. We are continuously increasing our prestige, our competitive power in exports by having value added products and emphasizing on R&D, innovation and design.”


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Turkish home textile industry aims to new markets

In order to balance the slowdown of sales in EU markets,TETSIAD, association of home textile industrialists and businessmen seeks now targets in new market. Representing 98 % of the Turkish home textile industry, the association goes to far eastern, African and South African markets Half of the industry’s exports goes to Europe and sales to these markets have been growing 12 to 13 percent annually, Turkish home textile industry attempt to improve its competitiveness in global markets by entering new markets, by emphasizing on high value added products instead of price based competition. With this intention, the member companies of Tetsiad, have increased their promotional and selling efforts in domestic market as well as in the markets abroad. Tetsiad seeks new opportunities in Japan, China, Mexico, Chili, Brazil, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and South Africa. On the occasion Yasar Kucukcalik, president of the association, said, “While improving its position in world trade, Turkish home textile industry is setting trends in Europe, the largest importer for Turkey. Turkey is one of the leaders in this field and improving its brand value. Domestic market is also important however there are serious amount of export potential for our industry. We have to find new markets. We, as Tetsiad, decided to improve and expand our activities in far eastern, African and South American countries.”

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Spring wind blows at furniture sector

MOSDER, which keeps its finger on the pulse of the furniture sector in Turkey, presented the 2015 spring-summer trends in furniture. Furniture for this spring-summer season is fashioned in colors of nature such as shades of green and hues of blue sky with floral patterns adorning couches and armchairs.

* The spontaneity of town life reflected in furniture in 2015

Fashion and trends in fashion are shaped by the spirit of the time and are also reflected in home decoration designs. People wishing to keep abreast of the trends in furniture design are very particular in their choice of combination furniture and the reflection of their tastes in the style of their homes. Well-known furniture manufacturer brands on the other hand, respond to consumers wishes and introduce furniture designs that address different tastes and in a manner that would allow different combinations. These manufacturers that also choose to increase the number of accessory options they provide follow fashion and keep their fingers on the pulse of consumers in home decoration.

MOSDER, which lends direction to the furniture sector in Turkey, presented this year’s spring-summer furniture trends. In these early days of spring we have started to feel the joy of the season in furniture designs. The furniture designs that fashion natural colors in combination with floral designs with touches of wood veneer offer varieties to decorate the homes of every taste and style.

Country style will be dominating our homes

The furniture designs adorned with peacefully natural and pastel shades, detailed with floral and plaid patterns fashioning wood veneer details made of spruce and fir trees aged in time provide country style reflections. Those preferring to experience the artlessness of town life in their homes as reflected in the country style adopted in the furniture trends of 2015 spring-summer season, can do so now. The country style that generally offers refreshing environments, thanks to the earthy tones it fashions, also adds a different flare in these months of spring and summer to homes with wooden details that match this season’s furniture pieces. This style, which is formerly recognized to be nostalgic, is being reshaped as modern country in new furniture designs.

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Sarev ready for the summer

Sarev starts the season with new collections of its design team that carry anti-bacterial fabrics with chirpy patterns enriched by trendy colors

The product portfolio has been expanded by additional 10 new imprinted bed covers that are made of 100 percent of cotton. Products are designed for double functions, both for sleeping on and covering bed. Bogazici bed sets are embellished with original city themes and bring the coolness of the Bosphorous.

Upon growing demand for last year’s bamboo satin 100 cotton linens new models were added. Classical patterns are used in Buena linens, while roses with modern illustrations are used in Aletta linen sets.

Ranforce sets were added by new patterns. Suzena, Lea Line and Mendi linen sets are made of trendy colors and trendy patterns.  Their packaging were also re-designed to attract interest. Sarev collection have motives of flowers, butterfly, birds on them.

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